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Mainframe computer stolen from local TVCC campus
The Palestine Herald
PALESTINE July 13, 2009 09:45 pm

— A “mainframe computer” containing confidential student information was stolen over the weekend from
the Palestine campus of Trinity Valley Community College, according to local authorities.
Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor told the Herald-Press Monday that the computer was stolen from an
office inside the Anderson Building at the rear of the campus which is located on Texas 19, north of the
Palestine city limits. The building houses the college’s EMT, cosmotology and nursing classes, he added.
The sheriff said the break-in apparently occurred sometime between 10 a.m. Friday and 8 a.m. Monday
when it was discovered by a school employee.
Taylor said the computer included student and class information, including grades.
“Unfortunately, there’s personal information on there,” the sheriff said.
Also reported stolen from a separate office in the same building was $30 cash and a $200 check, according
to Taylor.
Additionally, a glass container filled with urine was discovered in the office where the money was stolen,
according to the sheriff.
The suspect(s) gained entry into the Anderson Building by prying open a back door, according to Taylor.
“There was some evidence removed at the scene,” Taylor said. “We don’t have any named suspects at this
Estimated amount of damage was unknown as of mid-afternoon Monday.
“Of course, they cut a lot of wires (to take the mainframe computer),” the sheriff said. “There will be a lot of
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