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August 201

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Attached are


I would greatly appreciate your time to read, sign and date the first 5 items. Please have your child
return the forms to me on the second day of school.

Letter to the

Course Description

Core Science Classroom/Laboratory Safety Rules and Regulations

Science Department: Honor System Pledge

Londonderry High School: Academic Code of Integrity

Competencies: Londonderry High School Biotechnology Course

One o
f my goals is to make this year a successful one for your child.
If you have any questions or
comments, please feel free to contact me at school by phone or email.

Thank you for your time and effort.


Patricia Lawson

Londonderry High School

Science Department



College Preparatory Biotechnology

Email Address

Phone Number

(603) 432

Extension: 2813

Your child needs to read, sign and date
the following:

Course Description

Core Science Classroom/Laboratory Safety Rules and Regulations

Science Department: Honor System Pledge

Londonderry High School: Academic Code of Integrity

**Please complete and return this packet in its entirety

electronic copy of this document is

available in the “document” section of my school
web page.

August 2012

Dear Parent/Guardian,

In order to better provide you with information concerning your child’s progress in my class and to make it
er for you to contact me at any given
, I am providing my email address here at school as well as my
phone extension.

Email Address

Phone Number

(603) 432

Extension: 2

I would also appreciate a phone number(s) that I could use to contact you with any concerns that I may have
about your child’s progress.

Name of Child


Name of Father/Guardian


Name of Mother/Guardian
: _______________________________________________

Phone Number(s)

Home Number


What is the best time to call?


Work Number for Father/Guardian:



What is the best time to call?


Work Number for Mother/Guardian:



What is the best time to call?


I do recommend that your child set up a system for organizing his/her papers and notes for this class.
encourage the use of a three ring binder

used only for science

A hole punch is provided in class for
his/her use.

During class time, using cell phones/pagers,
etc. is not perm
itted. Students cannot be make calls,
answer voice mails, text
, etc. It is a disruption/distraction for everyone concerned. If an emergency
arises, please call the school directly.

I wou
ld also encourage and appreciate your keeping in contact with me.
You can access your child’s
grades, assignments and attendance information at any time through the
X2 school management
In addition, I periodically post computerized grade sheets in
my class. These are great ways for you
and your child to know where he/she stands and for you to keep up with his/her progress.
I also post
assignments on a daily basis on my teacher web page which can be accessed through the website.

LHS Mission Statement

“Londonderry High School, in partnership with parents and the community, provides a safe and nurturing
environment with varied opportunities promoting good character, academic excellence, and responsible
citizenship necessary for fut
ure success in the local and global community.” One of the goals included in the
school’s mission statement under

Academic Expectations

is that students

function as self
learners in a variety of learning and working environments”.
With this in
mind, I respectfully expect that
your child will be keeping track of his/her grades, etc. and that you will be monitoring your child’s
progress and will contact me with any concerns that you might have


Your email address is important.

I will be able to

communicate with you more efficiently since our
schedules may be different. Thank you.

Email Address(es):



Email Address(es):




Patricia Lawson

Science Department

I am looking forward to a very successful year for everyone involved.

Parent/Guardian’s Signatur






Ms. Lawson

ext. 2813

Class Description:

Biotechnology is a lab

intensive science course. This course will cover fundamental concepts of life science and
microbiology and then incorporate current technology into their application. This course will expose students to
cutting edge technology like cloning and gene ther
apy, current and controversial issues, people, practices and future
ideals. The techniques and knowledge gained in this course will allow students to venture off into many different
fields such as medicine, genetics, microbiology, virology and forensics.

This is not a traditional science course, as
students will spend almost every day discovering, experimenting and inventing. Every student’s talents, creativity,
logic and abilities will be utilized towards the success of this class.

Biotechnology is a
leveled class. Students can choose to follow the Project Running Start

in which 4
credits from Manchester Community
College in Microbiology are received with a minimum grade of “C” (the
Manchester Community College description and Project R
unning Start presentation will provide more information on
this level option within the Biotechnology course).

Grading Criteria:

All grading will be done according to a point system. A specific amount of points will be assigned to all work. A

and letter grade will be determined by calculating earned points out of total points.

Each quarter is worth two fifths of the semester grade. The final exam is worth one fifth of the semester grade.


Project Running Start seniors will take the Sem
ester I final exam.


Project Running Start seniors will take the Semester II final exam during the last two days of classes in June

Senior Activity Week.



Class Participation

Daily involvement in class


contain all notes, diagrams, and activities in the format
given to you. Binders will be graded several times during
the year

Dry labs

Computer based or paper based activities when labs cannot
be done

Lab Practicals

These are assessments based on what you learned in the lab

Lab Reports

Formal lab reports in the format given to you will occur
several times during the year

Laboratory Activities + Other Homework

These will occur often during the week

ratory Notebooks

Must be kept up to date in the format given to you. Lab
notebooks will be graded frequently.

Large projects

No more that 2 per year


Will occur periodically and are usually group projects

Mock trials

Exciting remakes of
actual science court cases


Sometimes open notebook, sometimes closed


Fun and sometimes controversial discussions


Sometimes open notebook, sometimes closed


A percentage of the grade for each written activity will reflect your

technical writing ability.

X2 Grading Codes


Absent (counts as a zero)


Student is excused (counts as no score)


Missing (counts as a zero)



(counts as no score)


Student is excused (counts as no score)


Optional (counts as no score)


No s
how (did not make up within allotted time; counts as a zero)





Course Expectations

In order to make this class a positive, fun and valuable experience, a high degree of dedication,
initiative and
independence is required. While I facilitate the learning process, it is your role to take responsibility to ensure that
your own time and energy devoted to this class are well spent. In order to make learning a valuable and enjoyable
rience, it is important that you respect everyone in the classroom.

The following is a list of guidelines that need to be followed while you are in Biotechnology

Attendance and Make

Daily attendance is necessary in order to keep up with the class. If

you are absent,
make sure you obtain all the information given during your absence (assignments,
handouts, notes, etc.)
on the day you return to school
Keeping the mission
statement in mind, it is the student’s responsibility to schedule makeup
ra help within the time frames allowed
. There will be a minimum of one
school make
up day per week

please check my school web page. You must
plan to make
up missed laboratory activities on the first make
up day provided after
an excused absence

ll make
up work must be completed within 5 days after
returning to school.


Unfortunately, many labs cannot be done for make
up due to cost and time
involved in the lab (this is especially true for all DNA based lab activities) and
therefore an alter

will be given.

(Generally the
alternative assignment will be 1.5 research pages per missed laboratory period).

Since notification of large quizzes is given well in advance, you will be expected to take the
quiz on the assigned d
ay. Also, there will not be any extensions on long
term projects due to
absences, except in cases involving medical or family emergencies. You will also be expected
to take unannounced quizzes upon your return from an absence providing the quiz does not
ntain information that you have missed.


See student handbook for general policies on school attendance and make
up work.


Project Running Start Students

see additional attendance policy


You must be present in class by the second

Extra Help

Because this course will be built on connections, material not understood in one unit will lead to frustration and
confusion in following units. Therefore, if you are having difficulty and need extra help, make an after school
ent immediately.

**See my teacher web page for after school days.

**Additionally, you may stop by room 532 between 7:00 am and 7:15 am(on most days) to get extra help.

When coming for extra help, please come to room 532.

Homework Policy

Homework is de
signed to supplement and further enhance class work, to stimulate critical thinking to reinforce newly
acquired skills or recent learning, to complete assignments and to foster student responsibility. When written or
reading homework is not assigned,
have a daily standing assignment to review all previous science work
Homework will be evaluated either directly with a number grade (in some instances, a completion grade) or indirectly
with a quiz/test.

Late Work

Written homework must be presented o
n the assigned date (at the beginning of the class period) in order to obtain

maximum credit.


In order to receive partial credit for an assignment, homework must be presented within 5 days of the due date
for a maximum of 60% credit.


If you hav
e an excused absence, homework will be accepted the day you return to school for maximum credit.


Homework assignments used in classroom activities on their due date cannot be presented for partial credit.


term projects will not be accepted f
or late credit and must be submitted on their due dates.

Quality of Work

Students are expected to hand in work that is complete, legible and understandable. Because students may have
received mixed messages about what constitutes a quality product, stu
dents will be allowed to redo any assignment
that is not deemed acceptable. During the first quarter of the year, assignments may be redone and handed in the
following day for full credit. At the conclusion of the first quarter, work that does not meet st
andard may be redone
and handed in the following day to earn 60% of its value.


Safety in the biotechnology lab is of primary concern and is taken seriously as many of the
agents we use can be dangerous. Refer to the safety contract and rule
summary. Students
must follow the safety rules at all times. Students found practicing unsafe activities will be
subjected to disqualification from the laboratory and/or course. Safety Violation Cards will be
given for any infraction, no matter how minor
, and the accumulation of 3 Safety Violation
Cards will result in the permanent dismissal of the student from the lab and financial
reimbursement of broken equipment.

**All students are required to have a signed safety contract on file. Additionally all s
must pass a safety quiz with a 70% or better prior to participating in any laboratory activities.

Classroom Behavior

You are expected to act responsible and in a mature manner. Students are to respect
themselves, other students, the teacher and

any visitors. Those participating in disrespectful
behavior will be subject to severe consequences.

Cell Phones

, iPods, etc.

The following is taken from the Londonderry High School Student Handbook.

The use of cell phones and pagers is not permitted. Students who use or display

these items will be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to,

confiscation of the devices.”

Tips for Success

Take advantage of the faciliti
es and opportunities offered to you. Additionally, teachers, the library personnel and
other students are partners in your education. Utilize their abilities and willingness to help you. You will find that they
are reservoirs of knowledge, of ideas and s
hare a common interest in your success. To survive in this course

be nice,
stay positive, be proud, and work hard.

Items Needed for Biotechnology


3” hard cover loose
leaf binder (standard, approximately 8.5" x 11")

**You will probably fill 3 binders with lab procedures during the year

Hard cover composition notebook

**You will probably need 2 for the year

Pencil and black pen

Fluorescent highlighter

30 loose
leaf dividers with tabs



All collected work must be typed (or done in black pen on some assignments) on standard size paper.


Put your name, period and date on collected work

Put a title on the assignment

Format using 1" margins, double spacing, 12 font, and Times Ne
w Roman (or similar font)


All items must be brought to class every day (the Microbiology textbook should be used as a reference at
home and will only be needed in class periodically).




Parent/Guardian’s Signature: _________________________

Date: __________

Student’s Signature: ________________________________

Date: __________

Science Department


Londonderry High School

Trust is necessary
for the healthy functioning of any civilization. While we cannot change human nature, we
shall endeavor in our class to promote, as best we can, the principles of trust, honesty and integrity. The
commitment to a code of honor comes with the assumption t
hat dishonesty has no place in the development
of one's personal and intellectual potential. It is important for everyone involved in the educational
experience to clearly understand the behavioral expectations involved.

It is essential above all else th
at the work you produce in this class is your own original product. You must
pay special attention to this when you are working in groups; it is important to ensure that each person is
doing his/her fair share of the work and contributing to the work prod
uct. Although students collaborating
while performing laboratory experiments obtain data that is shared and discussed during the process, it is
essential that each individual take notes and produce his or her own individual lab report with unique

The assessment of the lab report is meant to reflect the performance of the individual's technical
writing and analytical skills, not those of the group.

There is nothing more precious or valuable than your good name. It takes effort and thought to pro
duce and
nurture it. Small indiscretions can have lasting consequences. True friends never ask you to jeopardize your
reputation or academic integrity. These are precious gifts

guard them jealously.

An offense against the honor system is an intention
al act of lying, cheating, stealing, or gaining unfair
advantage over other students that has the tendency to undermine the trust between teacher and student, as
well as between student and student.

Honor Violations include:


copying another student's h
omework or lending one's homework to be copied


copying another student's work during class or during a test/quiz or allowing a

fellow student to do such


using unauthorized notes during a test or quiz


resubmitting work that was used for another
class without express permission to

do so


fabricating excuses for not handing in an assignment


obtaining, discussing, and/or copying exams or quizzes without authorization


plagiarism of another student's or author's ideas or words

i.e. passing
off the ideas of others
as one's own

I will approach a student who is reported or suspected of having committed an honor violation. If the student
denies the accusation, the assistant principal, any and all other interested parties, and I will determine
if a
violation has occurred and then, if warranted, apply an appropriate consequence.

The Pledge: "on my honor as a student, I will not give or receive unauthorized aid on any assignment or

Student Signature:




Parent/Guardian Signature:




Londonderry High School: Academic Code of Integrity

Academic Integrity is at the foundation of any community of learners. Londonderry High School

follows our Academic Code of Integrity created by students, which states:

We, as members of the Londonderry High School community, value personal integrity and
believe that all forms of cheating and/or plagiarism are not socially acceptable and will not

Any violation of this Academic Code of Integrity is a failure to follow the reasonable rules of the
school and will result in the following:


A zero for the assignment for all parties involved.


Parental notification via email or phone call.


A Saturday detention for all parties involved.


Revocation/denial of membership in any honor society for that year.

In addition, students need to understand that technology, including but not limited to translators, cell phones,
graphing calculators, and
the Internet are resources and should be used responsibly. Listed below are some
examples that would be considered violating our Academic Code of Integrity (these include but are not
limited to):

Copying or using other’s work (homework, labs, etc) as “you
r” work when instructed or
the expectation is to do the assignment by yourself (Both parties would be guilty).

Discussing test material with students who have not yet taken the test.

Using any type of illegal aide during tests and quizzes (i.e. “cheat shee
ts” or using a
graphing calculator without permission).

Using a translator to write your work in a foreign language.

Parent/Guardian’s Signature: _________________________

Date: __________

Student’s Signature: ________________________________

: __________


Competency Assessments will not change existing LHS grading practices. Student performance on initial
competency assessments will be factored into quarter grades. If a student fails the competency assessment
(59% or below), th
e student will be given multiple opportunities to earn the passing grade (60 % or higher),
but the initial grade will be the one used in quarter average calculations. Students and parents will be able to
track their success at competency assessments throug
h X2. Students must pass the class and pass all
competency assessments in order to gain credit for the class. Students who fail to successfully complete any
course competencies will have a 3 week window which ends the last day of final exams to make up fai
competencies as long as their average grade is 60% or higher. In the case of graduating seniors, we expect
makeup opportunities to occur throughout the semester ending with the final day of "senior week". If any
senior is not graduating and has to make

up course competencies to complete all LHS graduation
requirements, these students will be able to access summer study through summer school and Extended
Learning Opportunities, as pre
approved by the Principal or designee, as long as their average grade
is 60%
or higher. Staff will not administer competency assessments two weeks prior to the end of Quarters 2 and 4.
During Quarters 1 and 3, teachers may administer competency assessments because the student remains in
the course.

Biotechnology Competencie

Competencies are mandated by the state.

As it has always been, a student must pass the course work in his/her particular level of
biotechnology to pass and receive credit for the course.

In addition, a student must also pass all of the biotechnology com
petencies to receive credit for the
course regardless of the level of biotechnology.

The four biotechnology competencies are based on the district benchmarks for biotechnology. The
district benchmarks for biotechnology are based on the state standards and
outline the information
that a student should know before leaving high school. These are minimum standards.

These minimum standards are covered by specific assignments that a student will be given in
Biotechnology this year.

If the student passes the
assignment(s) associated with that competency, he/she will pass the

If the student does

pass the specified test(s), he/she will be given a make
up assignment(s)
specific to the competency material.


Successful completion of the makeup assign
ment(s) will allow the student to

receive credit for the competencies and the course if and only if he/she

also passes the coursework.


Successful completion of the makeup assignment(s) will

change the

grade the student received on the test


The makeup assignment(s) will

be averaged into the quarter grade.

The following is a list of competencies for the Londonderry High School Biotechnology Course. They will
be assessed throughout the year using various tools including, but not limit
ed to, tests, quizzes, lab work,
project, etc.

Students will demonstrate the ability to culture a microbe.

Students will demonstrate the ability to identify a microbe by the use of a stain

or biochemical test

Students will demonstrate the abili
ty to per
form DNA analysis of

a microbe.

Students will demonstrate the ability to perform a simulated diagnostic test for a
genetic or
microbial disease.

Core Science Classroom/Laboratory Safety Rules and Regulations

Science is a hands
on discipline. When performing experiments, you must always perform your work in a safe manner. To ensure a
safe laboratory, the following rules and procedures must be followed at all times. Study them thoroughly. Dress appropriately


laboratory work/activities. Before any student can enter the laboratory, this safety contract must be read and the student an
parent/guardian must sign the agreement.
A copy is posted in the classroom/lab area as a reminder

Core Science Classroom and L
aboratory Rules, Procedures and Regulations



Conduct yourself in a

manner at all times. Horseplay, pranks, etc. are dangerous and prohibited.


Never perform any unauthorized experiments. Perform only those experiments authorized by the teacher.


Students are not permitted in the science storage rooms/preparation areas.


Do not sit on laboratory tables.


Removing chemicals/equipment from the labo
ratory/classroom is prohibited.


No food, gum chewing or drink of any kind is allowed in the classroom/laboratory area. Any food or drink that is not able to
be placed inside of your backpack, bag, etc. will be placed in a designated location until you are

dismissed from class.
Medical issues will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


Applying cosmetics (including lotions), manipulating contact lenses and other unsafe activities are not permitted in the
classroom/laboratory area.

General Work Practices


Never work alone while in the classroom/laboratory. A teacher must be present at all times.


Monitor your experiments/activities at all times. Do not wander around the room, distract other students or interfere with
the laboratory experiments/activities an
d work of others.


Prior to performing the investigation/activity, carefully read the rules, procedures and regulations and follow directions,
both written and oral. If you do not understand a direction or procedure, ask the teacher before proceeding.


erve all signs, labels and directions around the classroom/laboratory area. Pay special attention to safety precautions.


Know the location of the safety equipment in the room. This includes the fire extinguisher, fire blanket, eyewash station,
shower, disposal areas and fume hood (if applicable), fire alarms, emergency master electric and gas shut offs and


Do not touch any equipment, chemicals, or other materials in the laboratory area until instructed to do so. Use the
ls/materials only as intended. When in doubt, ask your teacher.


Do not lift any solutions, glassware or other types of apparatus above eye level unless it is part of the lab procedure.


Keep your work area, including sinks, clean and tidy at all times. Wo
rk surfaces are to be cleaned at the end of each
classroom/laboratory investigation or activity. No student is to leave class until the lab is clean and safe. Dismissal is by

the teacher, not by the bell.


Glassware is to be washed per teacher instruction.


Never leave a hot plate, Bunsen burner, electrical equipment or any other hot objects unattended. Use proper equipment
to move hot objects. Make sure the area around these materials is free of things that might catch fire.


Turn off all electrical equ
ipment, Bunsen burners and water when not in use and at the end of the class period.


Never use glassware that is chipped or cracked.


Never handle broken glass with your bare hands. Use a dustpan/brush and dispose of the broken glass in the proper



Safety goggles/glasses must be worn at all times in the laboratory including during cleanup and hand washing unless the
teacher specifically states that the activity does not require the use of safety goggles/glasses.


Lab aprons are provided
for your protection and must be worn and remain tied throughout the investigation/activity unless
the teacher specifically states that the activity does not require the use of lab aprons.


Immediately report any accident, spill or injury to the teacher no
matter how trivial it may seem.


Dispose of all materials in their proper containers as instructed by the teacher.


Notify your teacher of any unsafe conditions (i.e., chipped or broken glassware, frayed electrical cords, etc.).


When removing an electrical plug from a socket, grasp the plug and not the cord. Your hands must be completely dry
before touching any electrical equipment.


Wash your hands thoroughly after performing experiments.

Apparel/Personal Items


Only items nece
ssary for the lab are allowed in the lab area.


Closed toe shoes must be worn while doing lab work as appropriate.


Long hair must be properly tied back and must be tucked into the collar for all labs involving fire.


Do not wear dangling jewelry, loose
tting sleeves, bulky coats and sweaters.


When an activity or investigation requires the use of laboratory gloves for hand protection, the gloves shall be appropriate
for the hazard and worn throughout the activity.

Emergency Procedures


During an emerge
ncy, remain quiet and orderly and follow the directions given by the teacher.


Know what to do if there is a fire drill/lockdown or other emergency evacuation during a classroom/laboratory period.
Close all containers, turn off running water and Bunsen bu
rners, disconnect electrical equipment and exit the room as

Addendum: Biotechnology

Laboratory Activities



Avoid directly breathing fumes of chemicals, particularly acids. Use the technique called


Always read the reagent
bottle labels twice before you use the reagent and replace the top on any reagent bottle as soon
as you have finished using it and return it to the designated location.

Specific Safety Precautions Involving Microorganisms


Always wear gloves when handling
microorganisms or potentially hazardous materials. Follow the directions for proper
removal and disposal of gloves given by your instructor.


Sterilize the lab bench before and after a lab using microorganisms as directed by your instructor.

Even though
the microorganisms studied in a high school will not cause harm, all microorganisms should be treated as potential

*Biosafety Level 1 (BSL
1), as classified by the Center for Disease Control (CDC, BSL 1
4) are well
characterized strains of
ng microorganisms that are not known to cause disease in healthy adult humans.

*Untreated human blood and tissue products are classified as BSL
2 and are excluded from the use in the high school classroom.

Science Classroom/Laboratory

Safety Rules and Regulations


Student Name (Please print.)

I, ___________________________________________________, have read and agree to follow all of the safety rules and
regulations set forth in this document. I realize that I must obey these rules to ensure my own safety and that of my fellow
and teac
hers. I will cooperate to the fullest extent with my teacher and fellow students to maintain a safe classroom/laboratory
environment. I will also closely follow written/oral instructions provided by the teacher. I understand that the teacher may
ional safety instructions and procedures in certain situations and I will also follow them. I understand that I may ask the t
at any time about the rules, procedures and regulations if they are not clear to me.

I am aware that any violation of this

safety document that results in unsafe conduct in the classroom/laboratory or misbehavior on
my part may result, but is not limited to, being removed from the classroom/laboratory, being given a detention, receiving a
grade or a failing grade and/
or dismissal from the course.

_______________________________________ ________________

Student Signature Date

Dear Parent/Guardian:

You should be informed of the school’s effort to create and maintain a safe science classroom/laboratory environment.

You should be aware of the safety rules, procedures, regulations and instructions your son or daughter will receive before en
in a
ny laboratory work. Please read the list of safety rules and regulations. No student will be permitted to perform
classroom/laboratory activities unless this document is signed by both the student and parent/guardian and is on file with th


signature on this document indicates that you have read the safety rules and regulations, are aware of the measures taken to
ensure the safety of your son/daughter in the science classroom/laboratory and will instruct your son/daughter to uphold his/
greement to follow these rules, procedures, regulations and instructions in the classroom/laboratory.

_______________________________________ _______________________________________ ________________

Parent/Guardian Name (Please print.)

Parent/Guardian Signature Date

Safety Violation Card


Name of Student in Violation:

Incident Number:

Description of Incident:

Date of Incident:



Safety Violation Card


Name of Student in Violation:

Incident Number:

Description of Incident:

Date of Incident:

Instructor’s Signature:

Safety Violation Card


Name of Student in Violation:

Incident Number:

Description of Incident:

Date of Incident:

Instructor’s Signature:

Safety Violation Card


Name of Student in Violation:

Incident Number:

Description of Incident:

Date of Incident:

Instructor’s Signature: