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Referred/Deferred Assignment




July 2011

VAD, Visual Application Development 2010/11

Referred coursework

Please note also that if passed the coursework component of this unit, but failed the test
component you be required

to do a resit test in early September based on your original
oursework 2 submission. If you failed the coursework component but passed the test, you
will be required

to do the referred coursework as given here. If you failed both the
coursework component and the test you will need to do this referred coursework


the resit
test in early September based on this referred coursework submission.

In this coursework you are asked to implement a prototype for part of a CD player on a PC. The
user interface will allow the user to play a track from a list of named trac
ks from a CD. As the
track is playing the playing time in seconds is continuously updated on the screen until the user
chooses to Stop the track. No sound generation of the track being played is required in the
prototype. Buttons are present for increasing

and decreasing the volume. The current track being
played and the current volume level will be displayed on the screen.

You are asked to design and implement this prototype (using NetBeans), using as a starting point
the software structure of the stopwat
ch artifact used in the course material for the unit. You need
not necessarily base your user
interface design on an existing CD player application but should
consider (initially at least) using easily available Java user interface components to do the job

Extra credit will be given if you manage to have an application layer class for the storage of the
titles, but you should
of all try to get a version working in which the list of titles is set up in
the Java code of the presentation layer.

lly you may decide to use text rather than icons for the for the volume control buttons, and
you may also wish initially to have a digital display for volume level (say between 1 and 10)
rather than a graphical display. A partially functioning version of t
he prototype will be given
more credit than one which doesn’t compile or run.


(10% of mark) A screenshot (or sketch it this is not possible) of the prototype, and a brief
user guide for using it.


(20% of mark) A state
transition diagram of the prototype'
s operation.


(20% of mark) A layout management diagram indicating all components used.


(10% of mark) A class diagram showing the three layer model.


(40% of mark) an implementation in Java of the prototype, based on your software design.
You should provide

a complete readable listing of your code as output from NetBeans.
Ensure that the code is well laid out, proper indentations, white space and appropriate
comments summarizing each class and each method.

The NetBeans project for the prototype should be z
ipped into a .zip file (using Winzip) and
submitted to the electronic hand in form provided on the VAD Blackboard site. Another copy of
the zipped file should be sent as an enclosure to

Both electronic submission of code and hard copy
submission of your full report (at the faculty
office) must be carried out by the deadline specified on the referred coursework web page.