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946 εμφανίσεις Titan Fuel Tanks engineers and manufacturers ultra-durable, extra-capacity aftermarket fuel tanks made from advanced, military-grade, cross-linked polyethylene.

Welcome To Titan Fuel Tanks

Titan Fuel Tanks engineers and manufacturers ultra
durable, extra
capacity aftermarket fuel
tanks made from advanced, military
grade, cross

Titan offers a broad selection of replacement fuel tanks, designed to seamlessly integrate with
and extend the fuel capacity and driving reach of a broad range of diesel truck models, including
Ford, GMC, Chevrolet and Dodge vehicles. Titan s
erves the aftermarket fuel tank needs of the
United States, Canada and Australia, and is recognized as an innovator in aftermarket fuel tank

Titan also manufactures transportable polyethylene refueling tanks, as well as a variety of
based a
utomotive parts and accessories.

Titan’s engineering staff employs the latest technology in its design process including 3D
computer aided design, finite element analysis (FEA), and 3D scanning.

Titan Fuel Tanks are Compliant with the

Air Resources Boa
rd of the California Environmental
Protection Agency(CARB)

TITAN´s Mission

To offer our customers the finest and most practical solutions for extending the range and
economic viability of their vehicles.

To manufacture innovative products for diesel picku
p trucks that help drivers feel more
secure and safer on the open road or off

To provide our customers with unparalleled “world
class” service and support.

The Birth of TITAN Fuel Tanks

TITAN Fuel Tanks launched in 2003 to answer the frustration
experienced by diesel truck
owners, who, buying the latest and greatest diesel trucks found themselves spending too much
time searching for the next diesel stop

and limited as to destination. For those towing trailers or
traveling long distances, this mean
t frequent stops and buying fuel from the closest and oft
dollar stations.

Searching for the Ideal Fuel Tank

From the start, the developers of TITAN Fuel Tanks wanted a lightweight tank that would fit
perfectly and, at the least, double the vehi
cle’s fuel range

without taking up valuable cargo
space in the bed, interfering with hitches or accessories, and without detracting from the
vehicle’s beauty. The first TITAN Fuel Tanks were made of standard Linear Polyethylene
similar to the original eq
uipment tanks they would replace. Despite the fact that these early tanks
were difficult to install and required a high degree of expertise as well as vehicle modifications
(cutting and welding), customers came from far and wide to buy them.

Bigger, bett
er, faster…

The TITAN Tank

Double Fuel Capacity and Superior Impact Resistance

Two years later, when a chemical engineer suggested High
Density Cross
Linked Polyethylene
(XLHDPE), the folks at TITAN jumped right on it. A space
age material that bonds on
molecular level, XLHDPE is chemical resistant and extremely durable. It made the TITAN Tank
nearly indestructible, doubled fuel capacity, and extended vehicle range. It also made TITAN’s
year limited warranty possible.

Why We Are #1

Why TITAN Tanks A
re the Best You Can Buy

The bodies of all TITAN Fuel Tanks are made of one remarkable material: High
Density Cross
Linked Polyethylene (XLHDPE).

XLHDPE is one of those space
age materials which performs amazing feats, such as superior
performance in any we
ather, in extreme hot or cold temperatures. With its seamless design, the
TITAN Fuel Tank is one piece

and very tough.

The Difference Is Molecular Bond

The term “Cross
Linked” means that the molecular “chains” that make up the polymer are
chemically bond
ed together, or “bridged,” to form a continuous three
dimensional structure. This
allows impact energy to be dissipated throughout the chain of molecules

TITAN (Cross
Linked) vs. OEM (Linear)

20 times the environmental stress crack resistance

10 times the

molecular weight

5 times the impact strength

Superior Chemical and Impact Resistance

Compared to commonly used materials like Linear Polyethylene and many grades of stainless
steel tanks, Cross
Linked Polyethylene has the widest range of chemical resistan
ce and superior
impact strength. TITAN Tanks won’t corrode, are especially well
suited for bio
applications, and are much less subject to the formation of condensation.

U.S. Department of Defense Standards

On the battlefield performance isn’t a luxu
ry, it’s a necessity. That’s why the U.S. Department of
Defense uses the very same processes and materials as TITAN for fuel tanks in some of the U.S.
Military’s combat vehicles.

TITAN has hundreds of dealers across the United States. TITAN Diesel Tanks
are sold
throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia, wherever American diesel trucks roll.

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