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Africa’s premier web & software development company
Tel: +264 61 245 884 Cell: +264 811 242484 Fax: +264 61 249 775 P.O. Box 25525 Windhoek Namibia
Database and Software Development Projects
Student Management Database Information System
Internet Service Provider Management System
Property Management System
We have an impressive portfolio of websites, intranet and software
solutions we have developed for a broad range of clients e.g. law firms,
educational institutions, banking institutions, non-governmental
organizations, individuals and government agencies.
AZAFRICA.COM is a fully Namibian owned web and software development company
whose main business objective is to capacity-build local and international companies
and institutions with cost-effective, world-class internet related applications.

We have an impressive portfolio of content management system, intranet and soft-
ware solutions we have developed for a broad range of clients e.g. law firms, private
institutions, educational institutions, banking institutions, non-governmental organiza-
tions, individuals and government agencies
We have been awarded 5 star by the prestigious SA Web Awards for the design of
some of our websites.

AZAFRICA.COM provides pre-packaged and custom developed websites for various
AZAFRICA.COM has in depth experience at coming up with web based solutions for
any business. Most of our clients have realized that there are cost saving by moving
applications to the web so they can be accessed anywhere from a browser.

AZAFRICA.COM staff has a wide range of experience in developing crossing plat-
form, software application, gaming, database and intranets. Our project managers
and developers are some of the best in the industry.
Customised Software, Databases and Intranet is an empowerment tool of real signifi-
cance. These will be a key component for a companys competitive strategy. A well
designed and maintained Software, Databases or Intranet saves people time, pro-
vides for better communications, and boost output.


AZAFRICA.COM hosting plans, rated #1 by Web Host Directory are ideal for most
individuals and small , medium as well as large businesses. We're the affordable,
reliable place to host your site -- with no ad banners or pop-ups, 99,99 uptime guar-
anteed and 24/7 support.

AZAFRICA.COM provides website management and maintenance services for busi-
ness websites. Our team of professional website designers, content developers and
web and software developers strongly believe in the evolution of business websites.

"The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am." Dennis Waitley
"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." Les Brown
Website maintenance services may include:
Essential HTML and image management
Database and content management for dynamic web-
Web sever administration and hosting services
Distribution of email marketing campaigns
Website development updates using a wide variety of
web technologies

AZAFRICA designs strategic online marketing solutions
for websites.
Without online marketing services such as database
marketing, search engine registration and optimization,
or other effective traffic strategies, the visitor count is
usually very low. And the truth is, if no one sees a web-
site, there really is no point in having one!

A Content Management System or CMS offers the abil-
ity for you or your employees to update information on
your website without having to learn HTML or complex
programming languages. All content can be updated via
a series of easy-to-use forms and then served dynami-
cally out of a database to your site.

In addition, a CMS will help to control the cost of main-
taining your website, as much of the day-to-day upkeep
can be handled in-house.

AZAFRICA knows that the best software or web site is
not good enough unless it is presented well.
AZAFRICA.COM has evolved its custom graphics de-
partment to keep up with the more and more compli-
cated elements that web sites and application require to
be competitive. Web Site Art, Application Graphics,
Flash Presentation, Logo, Business Cards, Letter Head
& Brochures.


AZAFRICA.COM offers affordable domain registration.


AZAFRICA.COM offers the small, medium
and large business with a wide range of
products and services that address the
most demanding of needs. Whether your
company requires a single point connec-
tivity solution or a complex multi point net-
work solution, AZAFRICA.COM is able to
provide your business with a internet con-
nection solution best suited for your needs.


We provide a wide range of Customized
Information Technology Training Courses.


Programming/Scripting: C, C++, Java, VB,
VBScript, Python, Perl, XML, PHP, ASP
Database: Oracle, Sybase, Postgres, MS
SQL Server, MySQL
Framework: Visual Studio, .Net, InterDev,
Zend Studio, ColdFusion
Platforms: Linux, Solaris, Windows NT,
Windows 2000


We have an impressive portfolio of web-
sites, intranet and software solutions we
have developed for a broad range of clients
e.g. law firms, private institutions, educa-
tional institutions, banking institutions, non-
governmental organizations, individuals
and government agencies.


Student Management Database Informa-
tion System
Internet Service Provider Management
Property Management System.