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problems with import in jsp file
Asked by
Caio Lima
on 2013-04-17T22:18:07-04:00
sorry for my english.
i just publish my web site made with java, jsp, and i'm stuck with a

my ".class" files is in the directory "WEB-INF/classes/..."
and i have the class Diversos in

when i use a import comand like
and the jsp file is in the same level of WEB-INF the comand works fine.

but when i try to use the excatly same import and the jsp file is in a
subfolder, the import is not working.
then when i try to use the class Diversos throws me the execption

An error occurred at line: 11 in the jsp file: /acessos.jsp
Diversos cannot be resolved to a type

i don't know what to do anymore, already spent a lot a time trying to solve
didn't find anything that can help me.

i publish my site in

and in my local machine this error is not happen

maybe there's a problem with tomcat's configuration.

thank's for any help...
Apr 17, 2013
Week 16, 2013
April, 2013
Year 2013
All Answers
Answer by
Konstantin Kolinko
on 2013-04-18T05:10:32-04:00
2013/4/18 caio lima caiorenam [ at ]

How do you deploy your webapp?

(A common newbie's error is placing one's files into webapps/ROOT/myappname.
The proper place for a web application is webapps/myappname or
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problems with import in jsp file

The ROOT is just another web application. You cannot nest web
applications into each other.
Answer by
Caio Lima
on 2013-04-18T09:20:33-04:00

my index.jsp is inside webapps/ROOT

i have the same folder structure in my local machine and it works.

2013/4/18 Konstantin Kolinko knst.kolinko [ at ]
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