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2010 Heckerling Report
Report No. 16 - Final Report - Part 2
As we have done in January for the last thirteen years, and again with the permission of the University
of Miami School of Law Center for Continuing Legal Education, we will be posting daily Reports to this
list containing highlights of the proceedings of the 44th Annual Philip E. Heckerling Institute on Estate
Planning that is being held January 25-29, 2010 at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort and
Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, a new venue for the Institute starting in 2007. A complete listing
of the proceedings and speakers was published here in Introduction Parts I and II and is also available on
the Institute's Web site at http://www.law.miami.edu/heckerling
Part 1 of Report #16 included a tribute to Lloyd Leva Plaine plus a few updates from prior Reports on
the President's Budget Proposals, the McGuireWoods White Page on Repeal, news about the February
repeats of the popular ACTEC/ALI-ABA January Telecast on Repeal, the Probate Practice Reporter
January 2010 issue on Repeal, and the ABA-PTL List informal survey as to if we will see any estate tax
roposals in 2010. This Part 2 and the next Part 3 of Report #16 contains a compiled version of all the
Technology Tidbits from all of the prior Reports (Nos. 1 through 15) with the vendors sorted by function
in alpha order and with a little bit of additional commentary thrown in for good measure.? This should
make it easier for those of you who are involved with such technology to find the information you need.
Technology Tidbits - A Summary
This Summary contains all of the Technology Tidbits that were published as part of Reports 1 through
15 with those tidbits organized by function and alphabetically to make it easier for the reader to find
specific information on a particular product.? In some cases, additional comments and locator
information has been added.
A. Estate and Trust Administration Software
1. Estate Works (Report #4)
Estate Works is a data and workflow management program for estate planning and probate. The
software consists of three modules. 1) True Plan - which is used to help design an estate plan. 2) True
Settlement - which is used in the probate process and also allows users to import and export various data
from appraisal and taxation preparation programs. 3) Probate Plus - which is a lighter version of True
Settlement with fewer options, but it uses a nearly identical interface to the True Settlement module.
Probate Plus is also used with the Lawgic drafting system to allow users to transfer common data
between the programs. Estate Works also includes probate forms for a limited number of states.
ew for 2010, they are enhancing the reporting functions of the program by allowing users to search the
data for specific information such as children's birth dates. They have also done a lot behind the scenes
to make the pro
ram operate quicker and reduce the number of user clicks that are required.
The pricing for Estate Works depends on the module that is purchased. The probate plus software is
$995 per year. True Settlement software tends to be used with transactional pricing and the cost is $300
er case. The True Planning module starts as $50 per plan. Estate Works is also providing a 25%
Heckerling discount. They can be contacted at info@estateworks.com or by telephone at (978) 461-
2. GEMS Fiduciary Accounting & Tax Software (Report #1)
Gillett Publishing made a number of improvements to GEMS during 2009. Perhaps the most significant
was an enhancement to GEMAcct that permits users to easily fund pecuniary bequests (including
formula pecuniary bequests) and pick and choose fractional bequests. They also added modules for the
Connecticut and Maryland estate tax returns and Connecticut gift tax returns.
Mark Gillett also completed work on a fiduciary accounting guide. The book which he co-authored with
Katheleen Guzman and Kelly Bruns, covers the 1997 Uniform Principal and Income Act and portions of
the Uniform Prudent Investor Act.? It summarizes that Act and details allocations that need to be made
between principal and income. It analyzes all categories of receipts and disbursement and provides
guidance regarding how they should be apportioned between income and principal. It will be published
by ALI-ABA later this spring. It should be a very good reference for trustees. We do not know of any
book that discusses the UPIA in detail. The best current reference is probably the comments.
GEMS is going to continue to support the product, including the 706 format. This is necessary because
they now prepare a number of state returns that have decoupled. If the estate tax repeal continues, they
will change the product for the reporting of the carryover basis calculations. However, they are going to
wait and see what happens with the estate tax before they proceed with updates for carryover basis
They do have a show discount for new users. A single user license is discounted by $650 and a network
license is discounted by $1,000.
3. Lackner 6 in 1 Fiduciary Accounting Software (Report #7)
This program is a complete accounting and tax system used to prepare the inventory and accounting for
a fiduciary, and a 706 1041's needed for the trust or estate. The program has been around for quite a
while and has matured into a very stable and complete program. The program is in the process of
undergoing a facelift. Vince Lackner retained a consultant last year to research the interface with the
rogram and update it to make it more efficient and friendly. The consultant interviewed a number of the
existing clients and made a number of recommendations which are being implemented.
The program has several levels - basic, intermediate and advanced. This allows the entry screens to
streamlined for many tasks, eliminating many of the features that are not currently needed. At any time,
the user can switch to advanced to get the more advanced features. The following is a summary prepared
by Vince:

:ince its initial release in January 2003, 6-in-1 for Windows and Macintosh has been based on
FileMaker Pro 6.

Scheduled for release during the week of February 8, 2010. Based on FileMaker Pro 10. In this
phase, 6-in-1 will behave almost exactly like Version 6, and all existing customer data will be
converted to the new version. It contains the 709, 1041, and 12 state fiduciary income tax returns
(CT, DE, IL, IN, MA, NC, NJ, NY, OH,PA, VA, and WI) for 2009. It also contains 12 versions
of the 706 (1997 - 1999, 2001 - 2009), the 709 for 2003 - 2008, the 1041 for 2002 - 2008, an
various state fiduciary income returns for 2002 - 2008.

This version will involve a significant interaction redesign of 6-in-1. Work has already begun on
this phase, and announcements will be made when it is closer to release.
Also,The Lackner Group is celebrating its 25th anniversary year during 2010 (congratulations to Vince
and his entire crew).
With one entry of data, 6-in-1 allows a user to produce the following documents:


State inheritance tax/estate tax returns


State fiduciary income tax returns

State Inventories

State Fiduciary Accountings
6-in-1 also includes the 709, DecoupleCruncher, and a robust set of probate forms for PA and NC.
For more information, go to The Lackner group Web site at http://www.lacknergroup.com
or call 800-
709-1041 (sales).
4. Onesource Trust and Estate Administration (Report #3)
One Source Trust and Estate Administration is a small division of Thomson Reuters. One Source was
formerly known as Fast Tax, but their name recently changed. They focus on fiduciary accounting
software and the preparation of the Forms 706, 709, and 1041. They recently also added the Form 990.
Their estate planning software that is part of the package is what many of us knew' as the popular Z-calc
ackage. Additionally, they emphasize their one step valuation process. Instead of having to paste your
data and import this information into a separate program, their software allows all valuations to be done
with the click of a button.
Early next month, they also plan on adding a calendar function which will automatically insert the due
dates once a date of death is entered. Additionally, this January they rolled out a data analysis program
that can be used to analyze various tax years. They also provide outsourcing services for court
accounting preparation.
Here is what Onesource has to say about its Court Accounting Preparation Service "ONESOURCE
Trust & Estate Administration, formerly Fast-Tax FPS, offers comprehensive Trust & Estate court
accounting preparation services. Regardless of size or condition of the records, we can prepare the
matter for you and return your copy electronically or in a print format. Our staff has over 30 years
experience in trust and estate preparation. We are dedicated to providing your firm with impeccable
accountings in a timely manner, all while focusing on confidentiality and security for you and your
clients. Partnering with ONESOURCE preparation services, you will be taking advantage of an
excellent opportunity to free up valuable resources for other revenue generating business. With the
elimination of tedious data entry, your staff will be available to focus on more pressing matters. To learn
more about our services or to schedule a meeting at your firm, please contact one of our Preparation
Consultants at 800-331-2533, option 1. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may
have about the opportunities that our preparation services present for
ou." Your reporters are interested
to know what our readers thing of such a service given that most of us prefer to maintain control over
such matters within the confines of our own offices.
For more information, go to http://onesource.thomsonreuters.com/trusttax
5. TEdec Fiduciary Accounting Software (Report #1)
TEdec is a dedicated fiduciary accounting program. It is quite sophisticated. The TEdec programs use
the Lacerte tax programs to produce the 1041 and 706. The transfer of information from the TEdec
rogram to the Lacerte program has been improved. After the fiduciary accounting is completed, the
user can transfer the information to the 706 program and complete the 706 in short order. Also, the same
accounting can later create the 1041?s from the TEdec data.? They have added a K-1 reconciliation
rogram that quickly reconciles the fiduciary accounting to the 1041 K-1.
TEdec has a number of improvements and enhancements. Training can now be done by webinar. Also,
TEdec University is an online collection of videos describing how to handle various transactions and
how to enter the transaction in the software and training on demand. There are also videos describing
various features of the program.
TEdec now has two plan options. You can buy the program for unlimited use (single user = $795; 2-5
network users = $995). For the user that does not have a lot of fiduciary accountings, you can license the
full program for $345 per year plus $65 per fiduciary accounting. This way allows the accounting
rovider (the accountant o
attorney) to easily allocate part of the cost to the fiduciary. There is a 10%
discount for purchases made during Heckerling.
B. Calculation & Illustration Charts
1. BNA Estate and Income Tax Planning Calculation Software (Report #1)
The BNA software products (estate tax planner and income tax planner) now integrate with the BNA
ortfolios to allow the user to research an issue arising when working with a plan in the spreadsheet
roducts. For example, a user with a question while working in the estate tax planning program can
instantly link to the estate and gift tax portfolios online to research the answer. If the user has a question
that can be answered quickly, this is a great tool. If the question is more extensive, the user would
robably exit the estate tax planner and go into the portfolios.
RIA Checkpoint can now access the BNA portfolios. A search in Checkpoint will also search the BNA
ortfolios if the user selects this option. For this to occur, the user has to sign up for the portfolios with
RIA. This shortens the time to search both databases. The cost is presumably the same, but the user
should check both ways. Also, if the user needs the research tool from the spreadsheet programs, the
subscription must be through BNA.
Until January 31, 2010, if you subscribe to the portfolios, you get 18 months of access for the cost of a
one-year contract. However, notice that this offer expires this week.
2. Brentmark Software (Report #2)
Brentmark still has the Kugler Estate Analyzer, the Estate Planning Tools and Estate Planning
Quickview to determine taxes and planning for estates, as well as all of the other tools and programs that
they have had for
number of years, including Charitable Financial Planner and Savings Bon
However, the Roth IRA conversion and Roth IRA conversion with Social Security are the hot programs
at the time. They have had the Roth conversion program available for a number of years, but due to the
ability of people with high incomes to convert to a Roth IRA in 2010, there is much more demand for
the program.
The conversion program allows planning for Roth IRA conversions and the calculation of taxes, and
compares up to 4 cases at a time. The program follows the law and informs the user of the taxes. One
situation that the program illustrates is the accelerated tax if the taxpayer pays the tax from the IRA
roceeds rather than investing the entire amount taken from the IRA. This calculation has surprised
some users and helps to accurately plan for the withdrawal.
3. CharitablePlanning.com (Report #11)
This is the single best source for daily highlights and updates on what is going on in the Charitable
Sector. This service provides charitable planning services for professionals that include Commentary on
the latest charitable, estate and financial planning tools and techniques, a Library with valuable and
easy-to-use tools for further research and Calculations to allow implementation of the knowledge and
information gained from the website. The cost is partial access CPC Lite for $60/year (well worth it) or
full access CPC Professional for $550/year. You can even have a free month-long trial so you can see if
you like it. For more information, go to https://www.charitableplanning.com
4. Crescendo - Crescendo Interactive, Inc. (Report #12)
If you are looking for affordable and user friendly charitable calculation and illustration software for
doing planned giving work, you need to look at the lower-end products that are offered by Crescendo
and compare them to those offered by Brentmark and Leimberg.
While Crescendo's flagship industrial heavy program is Crescendo Pro, Crescendo has wisely created
some simpler and more affordable products for estate planning professionals. Those include Crescendo
Lite, Crescendo Presents and Crescendo Estate. Crescendo Lite is a selection of popular gift plan
scenarios. It is ideal for a charity's "on-the-road" staff, a charity just starting a planned gifts program and
allied professionals needing the reliable calculation and client presentation tools of Crescendo. Price:
$300.00 ($150 Software + $150 Annual Service). Crescendo Presents gives gift planning professionals
the ability to easily and quickly create presentations. Users simply enter basic donor information and
Crescendo Presents creates an on-screen gift proposal presentation complete with dynamic charts and
audio explanations. Price: $300.00 ($150 Software + $150 Annual Service). Crescendo Estate focuses
on the charitable tax planning concerns of the advisor, i.e. Attorney, CPA, Financial Planner or
Underwriter. The 25 planning and presentation programs are backed by over 20 years of Crescendo
time-tested leadership in the planned giving Industry. Price: $600.00 ($300 Software + $300 Annual
For more information, go to their Web site at http://www.crescendointeractive.com/products.jsp
or call
5. Intuitive Estate Planner - Thomson West (Report #8)
This software application allows you to perform estate planning calculations for both one person and
spousal situations, to collect and to organize client data and to prepare presentations for clients,
including graphs and charts. It computes federal and all state estate taxes. The Intuitive Estate Planner
does calculations and schedules for pension plans, installment sales, GRATs/GRUTs, SCINs, IDITs and
charitable trusts and integrates them with the federal and state estate tax calculations. It also facilitates
basic retirement planning. Its flexible alternative tax calculations and Help topics assist with analysis of
the various possible alternatives of Congressional estate tax action. Enhancements and additions include,
among others: State estate tax calculations have been updated for changes during 2009; joint property
owner contributions may now be identified for U.S. citizen and nonresident/noncitizen spouses; the
retirement analysis now reflects the exact annual payments from pension plans, installment sales and
nontaxable trusts; computation of Shark-Fin trusts has been added; and optimization has been added for
charitable annuity trusts.
For your convenience, an update for Intuitive Estate Planner is now available on West's electronic
software distribution site. To download this software, visit http://west.thomson.com/software/iep
. This
update includes the Version 13.1 upgrade.
For more information see http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/4369/17215017/productdetail.aspx
6. InKnowVision - ILIT Analysis Software (Report #11)
Don Kelley reported in a January 13, 2010 article in his Technology Column in Trusts & Estates that
InKnowVision has a new software product called ILIT Software that performs cost/benefit analyses for
irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs) in Excel. The software includes the basic analysis of the estate
tax benefits of conventional credit shelter trusts, family trusts and retirement planning. Templates for
married couple and individuals are available. The software is updated periodically. Don says
competitive programs to this are The Estate Planner (formerly zCalc) and Wealthtec's Wealthmaster.
The software is available for free for download until July 1, 2010 from the publisher's Web site, which is
For more information, call 630-596-5090.
7. IRA to ROTH IRA Conversions - CLE and Tools (Report #15)
As we all know, the $100,000 income limitation on doing an IRA to a Roth IRA conversion is no longer
there starting in 2010, so even our wealthiest clients can now give consideration to doing one of these.
Unfortunately, the issues are many and require careful analysis as well as some heavy duty number
crunching. Listed here are some helpful resources along these lines that popped up in January as we
were preparing for our coverage of the 2010 Heckerling Institute, and we are passing them along to you
for your consideration. Caution that these are not the only CLE and software solutions that are or might
soon become available, just the ones we have either heard about or actually experienced.
Roth Conversion Analyses with Social Security using the Brentmark Software hosted by The IRA
Channel was conducted as a one hour Webinar on January 12 and 19, 2010 (Introduction) and January
14 and 21, 2010 (Advanced) using Brentmark's Retirement Plan Analyzer software for a cost of only
$59.95 per seat. It was presented by Diana Davis, CFP and Jane Schuck, a principal with Brentmark.
Each participant received a copy of the Brentmark Data Input Guide for this session, which is quite
helpful, as is was not always easy following the presenter's live presentation using the software on the
screen. What this session shows is the power of doing these sort of CLE presentations via a Webinar
where the listener can not only hear the presentation but actually see the software in action. For further
information, see the Brentmark IRA web site at http://www.rothira.com
or call 800-879-6665 or 800-
694-7624.? We assume further sessions will be held in 2010. The analyzer software currently costs
100+ Roth IRA Examples & Flowcharts (2010) created by Robert S. Keebler and Technical Editor
Barry G. Picker. This new book represents an extensive set of examples pertaining to Roth IRAs and
includes 11 chapters. For more information, call 800-809-0015.
The Rebirth of Roth, a guide from the AICPA. This new book leads you through a host of client and
ortfolio management considerations to help you make the right decisions about Roth IRA's. For more
information, call 888-777-7077 or visit www.cpa2biz.com
and enter product code 017133 or Roth in the
yellow search box.
The Big IRA Book, Who Should be the Beneficiary of Your IRA. This book is packed full of colorful
charts and illustrations and the two accompanying CDs with PowerPoint help make this an invaluable
tool. For more information call 800-955-0554 or go to www.bigirabook.com
The Ultimate Roth IRA Training Teleconference Series (6 sessions). While this series has already
begun, with the first two sessions having taken place on January 26 and 27, 2010, there are still four
sessions to go on February 3, 11, 16 and 18. All the sessions are one hour long. The next four sessions
deal with actually crunching the numbers (2/3), special estate planning for Roth IRAs (2/11), Trusts and
Roth IRA Beneficiaries (2/16) and Technical Checklist for Drafting Standalone IRA Beneficiary Trusts
(2/18). For more information or registration, go to www.ultimateiratraining.com/rothtraining.html
Steve Leimberg's Employee Benefits and Retirement Planning Email Newsletter - Archive Message
#510 - The Roth Conversion Trap (January 12, 2010). This Newsletter by Rob Keebler and John Corn
reminds subscribers of the issues they need to consider when contemplating an IRA to Roth IRA
conversion. For more information see http://www.leimbergservices.com
. This is a fee based subscription
service that currently costs $28 per month ($336 annual).
CCH Roth Conversion Expert (tm). This new software will allow the user to quickly calculate and
evaluate a variety of IRA conversion scenarios. This software was developed with CPAs Robert S.
Keebler and Stephen J, Biggs or Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP. A free trial copy of this software can
be downloaded from the Baker Tilly Web site at http://www.bakertilly.com
or the CCH Web site at
. Price is currently unknown.
Roth vs Traditional IRA Calculator from Denver Tax Software, PO Box 632285, Littleton, CO 80163-
2285, Voice: 800-326-6686 Fax: 888-326-6686 (toll-free), Product Information at http://denvertax.com
Special discounted price for orders before 2/6/2010 $119. Regular Price $149.
Roth Conversion 2010 Package from Advisors Trusted Advisor (ATA). This package is available via an
on-line portal. The cost for 12 months of access to this portal is $1,495 for up to 5 users. Access to just
the Optomizer can be purchased for $595 for one user. Don Kelley did a review of this program in the
December issue of Trusts & Estates Magazine. For more information, call 888-580-9473 or go to
C. Books and Publications
1. The Insurance Advisor.com (Report #11)
Have you dialed into TheInsuranceAdvisor.com yet?? If not, you ought to. They have a Newsletter that
comes from Barry Flagg that they push out to their subscribers periodically. In the January 2010 issue
(Volume 10, Issue 3) they covered the highlights of the American Institute for Certified Public
Accountants (AICPA
Conference hi
hts. In addition, the
participants to visit
them at Boot 301 to enter a drawing for a chance to win a R/C Hummer (a 1:6 scale model that is - who
did win it anyway?) and to find out how they related to four of the presentations that were given,
including the Charting New Paths and the Q&A.
2. McGuireWoods 1/10 White Paper for Clients and Their Advisors (Report #16, Part 1)
Under date of January 1, 2010 the law firm of McGuireWoods LLP has placed a White Paper for Clients
and Their Advisors on their firm's Web site entitled "Estate Planning in Uncertain Times: The Impact of
the Repeal of the Estate Tax and What You Need to Consider." This 26 page White Paper was prepared
by the Private Wealth Services Group of the firm, which group includes several of the 2010 Heckerling
speakers, including Ron Aucutt, Dennis Belcher, and Charles D. "Skip" Fox IV. It comes with the usual
disclaimers as to its use and reliance on it for tax advice, but it is an excellent summary of the Repeal
changes and the issues they present and is well worth the read. To obtain a PDF copy, go to the
McGuireWoods Web site at www.mcguirewoods.com
and click on Legal Updates and Articles, then
click on Articles & Publications.
3. Practical Estate Planning in 2010 - Thomson Reuters (Report #11)
Thomson Reuters announced at Heckerling that Howard Zaritsky is coming out with a new book this
coming spring entitled Practical Estate Planning in 2010. He will provide practical advice and guidance
on what can and should be done in light of Repeal. He will provide strategies that preserve the greatest
flexibility to deal with what is currently an unknown future for estate, generation-skipping and gift
taxes. He will also provide sample forms to assist in implementing these strategies. Presumably those
forms will also come on a CD that comes with the book. No pricing information is currently available.
4. Probate Practice Reporter(tm) (Report #16, Part 1)
The January 2010 issue of Probate Practice Reporter contains a special feature article by Howard
Zaritsky and Jonathan Blattmachr entitled "Congressional Inaction Yields One-Year Repeal of Estate
and GST Taxes: Hiatus Planning for Draftres and Fiduciaries." This publication is published by The
Law center in Columbia, SC, phone 803-777-7465.
5. Trusts & Estates Magazine - The Electronic Practice (Report #8)
The Electronic Practice is a hard copy book with accompanying software (word searchable and with
electronic table of contents) that includes the text of the book. Addressed are basic "how to"materials on
computer technology and Internet-based research for trusts and estates practitioners with information
and tips to ease and enhance computer usage in the Trusts and Estates setting. This book includes
numerous and detailed reviews of software and web-based applications appropriate to the trusts and
estates practice, including flow diagrams, as well as information and checklists to help you evaluate
such packages. It serves as a "front-end" or index to the Internet, with live links, for trust and estate
ractitioners to conveniently reach the vast resources of the web. The Electronic Practice software is
regularly updated by automated download and beginning in 2010 is available as a web-based facility. It
is available from Trusts & Estates magazine at
6. US TRUST Practical Drafting - Bank of America Private Wealth Management (Report #4)
US Trust is continuing to offer Practical Drafting written by Covey and Hastings as a resource for estate
s. The materials are available in CD-ROM or in print or both. The product is update
The CD-ROM version of Practical Drafting contains all Practical Drafting Quarterly Commentaries
since April 1982, a Trust and Will provisions manual, research on nearly any topic, clauses and
rovisions for drafting, an
hyperlinks to the IRC and Treasury regulations. This CD-ROM is available
urchase for a standalone user at a cost of $650 for a year or $750 a year for a single site license. For
more information you can contact them at praticaldrafting@ustrust.com or by telephone at (212) 852-
7. WealthCounsel Annual Industrial Trends Survey (Report #14)
WealthCounsel released at Heckerling the results of its 3rd Annual Industrial Trends Survey that was
done in cooperation with Trusts & Estates Magazine.? This Survey is also available from their Web site
at www.wealthcounsel.com
. Key findings from the survey indicate that the biggest challenge facing
ractitioners today is getting clients in the door. The top three reasons clients plan are (1) to avoid
robate, (2) to minimize taxes, and (3) to prevent familial problems associated with not having an estate
lan. We won't spoil you
fun by revealing any more of the results here - read the survey.
D. Valuations
1. Evaluation Services, Inc. (Appraise) (Report #6)
Appraise is a program used for the valuation of securities. The program is online (a cloud application)
but the data is maintained on the user's machine. The user can either enter the data and have the
securities valued, or can send the brokerage statements to them and they will enter the data and send
back the reports. The data can be imported into either Profx or GEMS to prepare the 706, 709 or
The database they use allows the user to obtain US or foreign securities. If the security is valued in
another currency, it converts the data to US dollars using the exchange rate on the valuation date.
There are two pricing options. If the user wants to enter the data, there is a $75.00 up front fee and the
valuations are $1.60 per security. If they prepare the reports, the cost is about $4.00 per security.
For further information go to their Web site at http://www.appraisenj.com/ESI/homepage.html
or call
2. EVP Estate Valuations & Pricing Systems, Inc. (Report #6)
EVP, a competitor of Appraise, claims it provides more ready-to-file securities valuations for estate and
gift taxes (Form 706, Schedules B and G) than anyone else in the world.
Using their Windows software -- EVP Office, including EstateVal, CostBasis and CapWatch -- you can
generate ready-to-file reports on millions of different securities, right from your own computer, within
minutes. More banks, trust departments, accounting firms and lawyers rely on EVP Office to value
stocks and bonds for estate tax purposes than any other application in the industry. So does the IRS since
They also provide a complete security evaluation service, so you can outsource your Schedule B and G
valuations too and they'll do all the work,returning a complete and accurate report, usually within a day.
They claim thei
staff is friendly and knowledgeable and can do everything you need, from CUSIP loo
up to research on difficult-to-price issues.
Their Sales Department would be happy to answer any questions you might have or provide you with
more information. They can be reached at (800) 323-7750, or at http://www.evpsys.com
. At one time
there was a one-time fee of $100 to get their software. We were unable to verify from their Web site if
they still charge this fee.
E. REPEAL CLE Webinars, Webcasts and Telecasts (Report #15)
These are presented here in no particular order and will require follow up to confirm the details.
Dynasty Trusts in 2010: Multi-Generational Tax & Estate Planning Techniques Telecast February 18,
2010 1:00 - 2:00 ET featuring Steven G. Segel. Presented by Audio Conferences. Cost $199. Register at
How the New Tax Legislation Affects Elder Law Planning Webinar February 4, 2010 1:00 ET featuring
Vincent J. Russo Esq. Presented by ElderCounsel, a division of WealthCounsel. Cost Free. Register at
888-789-9908, Ext. 81.
ACTEC/ALI-ABA Estate Tax Repeal Telecast held on January 13, 15 and 22, 2010. Transcripts are
available to those who participated in this Telecast as are the answers to the questions that were
submitted to the panel, which consisted of Ron Aucutt, Skip Fox, Mil Hatcher, and Diana Zeydel.
Recent Developments: Government Instructions for a Wave of New Laws Telecast presented January
12, 2010 by Roy M. Adams and Charles A. Redd. Sponsored by Cannon Financial Institute, Inc.
ow What Practical Solutions for Estate Tax Planning in 2010 and Beyond Webinar presented in two
arts on January 20th and 21st, 2010 for free and open to nonmembers. Part One was presented by Lew
Dymond and Tom Ray and focuses on testamentary planning. Part II was presented by Stan Miler and
Carl Waldman and focused on lifetime transfers. The sponsor was WealthCounsel. This outline was
showcased as part of the two session REPEAL presentation entitled "The Clock Struck Midnight: Now
What Do We Do?" that was moderated by Bruce Stone on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.
Recordings of these two sessions and the handouts are available for downloading on the public part of
the WealthCounsel Web site at www.wealthcounsel.com
(see right side of page).
ALI-ABA Estate Tax Repeal: In-Depth Analysis of Impact on Estate & Small Business Planning
Webcast February 16, 2010 12 noon to 6 PM ET.? Cost is $499 until 2/9/10 then $699.? See the ALI-
ABA Web site at http://www.ali
for more details.
Major Change in Estate Tax and Capital Gains Newsletter issued on January 14, 2010 by the
Our on-site local reporters who will be present in Orlando this year are Gene Zuspann Esq. of Zuspann
& Zuspann in Denver, Colorado; Joanne Hindel Esq. of Fifth Third Bank in Cleveland, Ohio; Kimon
Karas Esq. of McCarth
, Lebit,? Cr
stal and Liffman Co.LPA in Cleveland, Ohio; Bruce Stone Esq. of?
Goldman, Felcoski & Stone PA in Coral Gables, Florida; Craig Dreyer Esq., Attorney At Law, in Stuart,
Florida; Carol Sobczak (Hood) Esq. of The Law Offices of Carol A. Sobczak in St. Helena, California;
Mike Stiff Esq. of Stiff & Associates LLC, in Denver, Colorado; Herb Braverman Esq., Attorney At
Law, in Orange Village, Ohio; John Warnick Esq. of Family Wealth Transitions & Solutions in Denver,
Colorado; and L. Paul Hood Jr. Esq. of Napa, CA.? The editor again this year will be Joseph G. Hodges
Jr. Esq, a solo practitioner in Denver, Colorado, who also is the Chief Moderator of the ABA-PTL List.
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