What is Joomple?

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What is Joomple?

Joomple.com is a Local Search Engine for the
Mobile and Smart Phone Market

Simple, Fast
loading, and Accurate Search
Engine for Those on the Go

What Devices?

PC's and Laptops

Smart Phones





Local Search Facts

40% of All Smart Phone and Mobile Device
Searches are for Local Businesses

78% are Looking for a Product or Service They
are Going to Purchase

61% Consider Local Search Results to be More

Advantages for Businesses

Get Found on Mobile Devices, Smart Phones
When People Perform Local Searches

People Living in Towns You Service Can Find
Your Business Faster

Paid Inclusion Search Engine: Only Your Type of
Business is Allowed; Each is Hand

Advantages for Businesses, Cont.

Never Fear Algorithm Updates Again!

Algorithms are computer programs that determine where your
website ranks in search engine results.

When updated, your front
page listing can drop to page 5, 10, or

eliminated completely!

Google's Panda update in 2012 crushed numerous top listings.

Joomple results are hand
edited and paid inclusion.

Joomple does not rely on algorithms to process results.

Advantages for Businesses, Cont.

Forget About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO = Website Information Overload

No more writing tons of website content.

No more pay
click headaches.

No more keyword studies, no more confusion.

Keep a basic, informative website that excites your potential

not bore them.

Advantages for Businesses, Cont.

Forget About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Stop Throwing Money at the Problem

Start budgeting a solution.

You don't need page after page of content on your website in an
attempt to impress search engines.

You don't need excessive social networking.

Simply pay one low rate for consistent top
page results.

Advantages for Businesses, Cont.

Monopolize Your Market

Your Website Can Appear in All Areas (Towns & Cities)

ecure top
page results for up to 10 years!

For example: A plumbing business who services 15 towns can
purchase a top spot on all 15 town pages for keyword “plumbers”.

Advantages for Businesses, Cont.

No Damaging Reviews

1 Negative Review Can Kill Your Business

Always at least one person you can't satisfy.

No options for reviewing on Joomple.com.

Advantages for Businesses, Cont.

No Physical Address Required

Is Your Home Your Business?

No business address is required to be listed on Joomple.

Advantages for Businesses, Cont.

Consumers Search While in Stores

Provide Quick Access to Your Website.

79% use smart phone while in stores.

74% make a purchase as a result.

Looking for help with purchasing decisions.

Advantages for Businesses, Cont.

The Future is Mobile, On

Joomple provides quick, relevant results for local search.

Minimal graphics = fast load time on Smart Phones, Tablets,
Iphones, Androids, Mobile Devices.

No “eye
candy” = no bandwidth
taxing download.

Advantages for Consumers

Minimal, High
Quality Results

Unlike other search engines with hundreds of pages of
results, Joomple shows only 1 page.

Studies show 90% of click
thru's come from first page.

Legitimate, high
quality listings.

No “sponsored” ads. No pay
click ads.

No confusion. Just the results you want.

Advantages for Consumers, Cont.

Simple, Fast, Accurate

Leading search engines are crowded with information.

Average small town has slow connection speeds.

You want only relevant info to load quickly.

You want info now... on

Joomple solves these problems.

Advantages for Consumers, Cont.

Just the Facts, Please

You want quick access to the most important local business

What's their phone number?

Can I click to call?

What's their address?

What's their website?

Advantages for Consumers, Cont.

Find a Particular Business or Get a List

You may already know the business you want.

And, you may not.

Half of local searches are done with a particular business in
mind, while half are for business “types”.

Advantages for Consumers, Cont.

Search Locally, and/or When on the Go

Joomple is for people “on the go”.

Use your mobile device, smart phone, tablet, iPad, etc.

Quickly find local business information .

Advantages for Consumers, Cont.

edited Search Engine

More reliable search results.

generated algorithmic search attempts to mimic
human desires to provide intended information.

Joomple does not function by algorithm!

All listings are manually entered to the most appropriate

Getting Listed is Simple

Free Listing

Bottom of page.

One town or city.

Getting Listed is Simple, Cont.

Premium Listing

Just $9 month, per town.

Secure your market for up to 10 years.

Getting Listed is Simple, Cont.

Complete Listing Form on Website

Provide business information.

Click “Submit” button.

We take it from there!