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Sharing Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) with our


Internet Marketing Overview

SEO How it works

Organic Search Marketing

Closing Remarks

Jonathan Moser is the president and
founder of finalsite and is responsible for the day to
day operations. Since 1998, Mr. Moser has been
bringing interactive web design and web software to
leading independent schools and organizations
around the world. finalsite currently serves over 250
independent schools and a total of nearly 800
schools and educational organizations around the


Take 5 minutes and talk to your neighbor about what you
would like to get out of this presentation!

Be Social.

4 Forms of Internet

Email Marketing

Organic / Paid Search Marketing

Social Media





Benefits of Internet

Easy to measure effectiveness and track

Easier to segment and target market

Niche marketing creates high ROI

Interactive opportunities

conversion rates

mail Marketing

Advertise Products & Services to Existing Client

Cost Effective Way to Advertise Online

Promote Website or your school

Automated Signup & Opt
Out Functionality

Newsletter from Avon Old Farms Site.
You can track who opened the e
plus check on what links we’re clicked
the most.

Social Media

Setup Accounts at your local Social Networking

Push/Share News from your site with popular
Social Media Sites

Links help SEO

Make sure you have a sustainable plan

Paid Search Marketing /
Sponsored Links

Listed Within 15 Minutes

Listing Based On Bids

Larger Budget = More Traffic

Easily Geo
target Visitors

Organic Search Engine

Millions of Searches Done Every Day

Receives 80% Of Search Engine Clicks

Reaches Searchers Looking for Your
School / Services

Reach Applicants Throughout The Entire
Buying Cycle

Higher ROI Than Any Other

Form of Internet Marketing!

Example: Top Rankings
Drive Qualified Traffic

#7 Ranking: Independent
School New York City


#1 Paid Sponsored AD:
NYC Christian Education

Higher ROI Than Any Other

Form of Internet Marketing!

SEO Before

Very Little Organic Rankings
ExistedMinimal Organic TrafficLow ROI
From Website Visibility

Higher ROI Than Any Other

Form of Internet Marketing!

SEO After

Dramatically Increased Overall Visibility Obtained Over 162
Top Rankings Increased Website Visitors by 187.50% Google
Traffic Increased Over 100% Increased ROI

How search Engines Work

Spiders (Bots)

Find you via links to your site (no need to submit)

They index (make a copy) of all your pages that they can find

They come back sometimes daily, definitely monthly to keep their indexes current

Robots can be kept off certain pages using your robots.txt file

Robots are like a regular web surfer, but they don’t hold cookies, no session variables

Most robots ignore javascript, and can’t see flash.

Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS)

Based on complex algorithm (mathematical formula)

We’ll review the basics of Google’s algorithm under inbound link development section

Goals of Search Engines

Accuracy & Relevancy


Make money while upholding integrity of their search results

Google Adwords, Yahoo’s Overture (pay per click) primary revenue sources.

SEO Basics

Keyword Research

Baseline Ranking Report

Page Optimization

SEO Copywriting

Understanding Keyword Research

Helps Define Targeted Search Phrases

Reaches Visitors Throughout The Buying

Phrases are Selected Based on



Competition Level

Example: Effective Keyword Research

A Question On Every Potential Website
Owners Mind

Highly Converting Search Term

Closer to
the End of the Buying Cycle

Competitive Term With a High ROI

Understanding On
Page Optimization

Inclusion of Targeted
Keywords Within the
Website Source Code

Most Importantly

Title Tags

Meta Keywords &

Image Alt Attributes

Understanding On
Page Optimization

Revising Copy to Include Targeted Keywords

Improves Website Relevancy For Targeted

Helps Increase Website Rankings

Additional Copy to Existing Pages

Understanding On
Page Optimization

List WebPages Available Within a Site

Contains Priority Of Page

Tells Engines When Pages Have Been Added

Replaces Manually Submitting Webpages


Understanding Link Building

When a Website Links to Your Site

Helps Increase Popularity to Your Site

Drives Traffic to Your Website

Helps Increase Search Engine Rankings

Sharing Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) with our