Search Engine Rank Placement (SERP)

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Search Engine Rank Placement (SERP)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engines & Webmaster Tools

Automated Submissions & Metadata Creation

Content Management System to fit your needs

Website & Email Hosting

Lead Capture (
forms using MailChimp

Follow up and follow through (
html email &

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Page Titles

Metadata (Keywords, Phrases and Description)

Body copy (text)

Image Alt tags, title, description and file name

Be repetitive: use same keywords in all of the

Check data monthly and make adjustments

Update content frequently

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Organic Search (

Referral Traffic (
direct links

Social Networks (
use them all > reciprocal links

Blogs & Forums (
must be within context > reciprocal

Direct Traffic (
print advertising, business cards, email

Campaign Traffic (
Online Ads and AdWords

Google Analyitics & Webmaster Tools

Website Verification (Google, Bing & Yahoo)

Sitemap Submission

XML Sitemaps


Top Content

301 Redirects

404 Errors

Review & Correct

Content Management System

Usability (
customized to meet your needs

Performance (c
ompression, servers & files, load

Extensibility (

Custom content types (
Forms & Fields

Edit and update existing content using RTE

When you shouldn't use an RTE (

Automation (
SEO, backups, emails, RSS, sitemap, image
manipulation, meta data generation)

Secure (
process [dev, alpha, beta, rc1], system, mollom

Website & Email Hosting

Coud Sites

Cloud Files

Cloud Servers

Load Balancers

Email (webmail, storage, MS exchange)

IP Reputation

Reliability, Reachability & Responsibility