Leveraging your v/blog:

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Leveraging your v/blog:

Build your online reputation
and become

a search engine darling!

Making your posts highly visible
on the Internet

A presentation by
Jared Evans

Copyright © 2008

Your online reputation:

Why bother?

Many hours spent creating posts on your blog

You want people to easily find your posts

Making a good impression on your visitors can lead to new
opportunities down the road.

In my case:

Landed programming contracts ($$$!).

Made new friends as well as rekindled long
lost friendships!

Interviewed for several media outlets, including Washington Post &
Wall Street Journal (twice).

Made an impact by being involved in groundbreaking events, (i.e.
first NAD conference blog, helped establish several well
blogs, co
founded DeafRead to bring together many Deaf
blogs/vlogs, behind
scenes during the 2006 Unity for Gallaudet
protest, etc).

Your online reputation:

Why bother?

Bloggers/vloggers who want to make a change to better the lives of all
deaf people.

Cultivating your online reputation will increase the odds that your posts
will get high visibility on the Internet.


Spread positive messages about ASL throughout the Internet!

Especially in this time and age when cochlear implants are presented
to months
old babies, hearing parents of deaf children can search
and find posts about the benefits of ASL for their family.

85% of deaf children are getting implanted now. CI/AVT
has been relentlessly promoted and championed. Who
will champion for ASL???

What is your online reputation?

First time visitors: First impressions of your
blog. The first few seconds are the most
important and should hook them!

Repeat visitors: What they can expect to
see when they come back to visit your

What is your online reputation?

Why visitors may like your blog
(few examples) :

Interesting information/discussion?

(Joey Baer Deafhood discourse)

Useful and solves a problem?

(Jared Evans

technical solutions/tips/advice from the perspective of a Deaf

Original and creative?

(Jon Savage

special effects video editing)

Exclusive or hard to get information?

(MiskaZena & RidorLive

both have extensive networks)


(Amy Cohen Efron

posts vlog quickly about events

PepsiCo Super Bowl Ad
and recent death of James Sorenson)

What is your online reputation?

Have a special focus and become well known for it!

Posting your knowledge on your blog will increase your
respectability in the chosen area of focus.

Example: Deafhood! Which blog comes to mind
immediately? And why?

Clear mission, ASL supporter, promotes elevated discourse,
analysis, clear and large video clips, small amount of text.

Perfectly alright to blog about things not in your area of
focus. Keeps your blog varied and interesting!

What is your online reputation?

How well does your blog present the

Will the visitors stay long enough to
read/watch the whole post or vlog?

Or will they just click and leave within few

The catch!

Reputation varies for each visitor!

Some visitors may think blogger is an
trustworthy authority.

Other visitors may think the blogger is a

Example of how reputation varies

Osama bin Laden


Hate him




“Bring his head
back on a platter”

Al Qaeda


Look up to him


Has Allah’s

Is there a reputation authority?

Now we have a question!

Is there an authority that can take an accurate
measure of our reputation and how we compare
to others on the Internet?

i.e. “If I have a better reputation, people should be
able to easily discover my blog posts over

The reputation authority

The #1 search engine

66% (2/3) of all searching on the Internet!

It’s Google’s Internet.

If a website isn’t found on Google, it may as well
not exist. (who would be able to visit?)

Life on Google’s Internet

If you can convince Google that you deserve
a high reputation, you are likely to show up
on the first page of search results.

More traffic from people who are interested
in your content or area of focus.

Life on Google’s Internet

How to convince Google?

Craft your blog posts to make it easier for
Google to determine how high up your
content should appear in search results.

Welcome to search engine optimization!

Search Engine Optimization


Reputation is not built overnight.

Takes some time for Google to accurately
assess your reputation on the Internet.

Work with Google and you will be

Examples on Google’s Internet

Searching for “jared” you will find:

Jared, the jewelry store chain

The Subway Jared

Actor Jared Leto

But no “Jared Evans”

Despite the blow to my
ego, most people probably aren’t searching
for me in particular. They are more likely
looking for the above results.

Examples on Google’s Internet

Searching for “jared evans” you will find:

I nearly monopolize the entire first page of search results!

Here’s my life in the public eye:

My current blog

My former blog

DeafRead blog posts

The 2006 NAD conference blog

A photo of me on a blog

Recent vlog by someone asking me a question

My old internet website, now empty

Note how almost all of these results involves a blog!

Google and You

To put it as simple as possible:

Google asks: “Is your blog contributing to the
greater good?”

If your blog answers “Yes” to this question,
Google will rank you highly.

Their search algorithms may change over time
but “Content is King” always.

Climbing up

the search results

Continue to post excellent material in your
area of focus.

Submit your blog to Google so they can
start to track it.

Next step: Exposing your blog to more
people and websites.

Becoming well known

Example: If someone asks about a problem on a
forum or a blog, reply with a link to your blog
post that solves the problem. Aim for reputable
sites only.

But do not post a link to your blog anywhere you
can! Some sites have a low rank on Google. If
your link is found on these “spam” sites, your
Google reputation can suffer.

Becoming well known

Google will monitor the Internet to see which sites are
linking to your blog.

If you have a number of reputable sites linking to your
blog, your blog posts will start to climb up the search

Getting large and famous sites to link to your blog is a
huge plus! Examples would be Gallaudet University or
NAD which are very highly ranked on Google.

This is very difficult feat to accomplish!

DeafRead can help in this regard by displaying your blog
posts to a large audience.

Staying well known

Google tracks how often visitors click on
your link in the search results.

Clicked often? The higher your link will
climb in the search results.

How do you get people to click on links to
your blog?

Attracting the clicks

catching title and attractive summary quickly tell
potential visitors why they should visit.

Search results only show the title and a short summary
so make the best use of these valuable pieces of text!

Vlogs should provide a transcript or at a minimum, a
short text summary for Google to analyze.

Example: search “Paddy Ladd”, find Joey Baer vlog.

not find Joey Baer vlog about Paddy Ladd when
searching “deafhood video”).

Attracting the clicks

Before you craft a post, think of the possible
keywords that a person interested in your
material would likely type into Google. Try to
use these keywords in your blog post and
especially in the title!

Example: “subtitling” or “captioning”

keyword would get more hits? (answer: subtitling
due to more familiarity and ease of spelling)

What to NOT do!

Avoid trying to cheat Google and take
seedy SEO shortcuts. Smart folks work
over at Google and they will catch up with
you! You will move lower in search

Avoid linkbaiting (short
lived burst of
traffic), trading/selling links, overusing
keywords, hiding keywords.

Last two tips!

Continue posting to your blog on a regular basis
to maintain your brand and Google reputation.

Why? The more out
dated your blog becomes,
the lower you appear in search results.

Use traffic analysis on your blog to see which
posts get the most hits. Do more posts or vlogs
to expand upon these topics.

Contribute to the greater good and you’ll be a
search engine darling!