ICT Networking Module Introduction - Chakarov

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ICT Principles




Module introduction


Ivailo Chakarov

Module leader/tutor/Cisco Academy


Module content

Network fundamentals

Routing concepts and protocols

Living in a network centric world

Introduction to routing and packet

Communicating over the network

Static routing

Application layer functionality and

Introduction to dynamic routing protocols

OSI transport layer

Distance vector routing protocols

OSI network layer

Rip version 1

Addressing the network IPv4


Data link layer

RIP version 2

OSI physical layer

The routing table a closer look



Planning and cabling networks

Link state routing protocols

Configuring and testing your network


Module assessment

The assessment for this module is based on three parts
weighted as detailed below:

Skills test (30%)

Case Study (40%)

Log book (30%)

Grades for all parts deliver the grade for this module

To pass the module you need to get an average of 40%

and you must score a minimum of 40% for each
independent assessment

The two skills tests and case study also count towards the Network
Fundamentals and Routing Protocols and Concepts

Module assessment

Skills test

Completion of a skills test which will be based on content from both
Networking Fundamentals and Routing Protocols and Concepts

(1 hour and 30 minutes Duration)

This assessment is closed book

This skills test is an individual exercise


Completion of a case study in the form of a report


Consists of 12 questions

To be completed parallel with the module delivery

Cisco certification

All of the work which you have done for the module
counts towards the Cisco training part of the course

You need to pass a number of online chapter tests

Network Fundamentals = 11 Chapter Tests

Routing Protocols and Concepts = 11 Chapter Tests

Online final exams

Complete the course feedback

To graduate the Cisco training you must:

score >= 70% on the online final exam

score >= 40% on the skills exam

have an overall score >= 70% on the weighted percentage


You will be given specific tutorials to work through

These will help you to understand the material from the
lecture and put it into practical use

The tutorials are taken from the official Cisco tutorial

There are too many to do in class, so specific ones have
been selected for you

The tutorials all work towards the skills assessment so
completing these exercises is important

You should also complete as many activities via Packet
Tracer as possible

Effective learning

The lectures give you the framework

The tutorials let you put that framework into practice

In order to pass the module you need the theoretical
knowledge AND practical skills

Time is short on the module so please ensure that you
attend ALL lectures and tutorials

You will need to read the Cisco online material outside class

You will be looking to spend about 8.5 hours
per week
your own time working on the module outside the taught
sessions (that’s about 1.2 hours per day)


...are there any?