MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PAPER - II (For both objective and conventional type papers)


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1. Thermodynamics.

Thermody namics, Cy cles and IC Engines, Basic concepts, Open and Closed sy stems. Heat and work. Zeroth, First and Second Law,
Application to
Flow and Flow processes. Entropy, Av ailability, Irrev ersibility and Tds relations.
Clapery ron and real gas equations, Properties of ideal gases and
v apours. Standard v apour, Gas power and Ref rigeration cy cles. Two stage compressor. C
I and S.I. Engines. Pre
ignition, Detonation and Diesel
knock, Fuel injection and Carburation, Supercharg
ing. Turbo
prop and Rocket engines, Engine Cooling, Emission & Control, Flue gas analy sis,
Measurement of Calorif ic v alues. Conventional and Nuclear f uels, Elements of Nuclear power production.

2. Heat Transfer and Refrigeration and Air


Heat Transf er and Ref rigeration and Air

conditioning. Modes of heat transf er. One dimensional steady and unsteady conduction. Composite slab and
Equiv alent Resistance. Heat dissipation f rom extended surf aces, Heat exchangers, Ov erall heat transf er coef f ici
ent, Empirical correlations f or heat
transf er in laminar and turbulent f lows and f or f ree and f orced Conv ection, Thermal boundary lay er ov er a f lat plate. Fundame
ntals of dif f usive and
connectiv e mass transf er, Black body and basic concepts in Radiation, E
nclosure theory, Shape f actor, Net work analy sis. Heat pump and
Ref rigeration cy cles and sy stems, Refrigerants. Condensers, Ev aporates and Expansion dev ices, Psy chrometry, Charts and applic
ation to air
conditioning, Sensible heating and cooling, Ef f ective
temperature, comf ort indices, Load calculations, Solar ref rigeration, controls, Duct design.

3. Fluid Mechanics.

Properties and classif ication of f luids, Manometry, forces on immersed surf aces, Center of pressure, Buoy ancy, Elements of st
ability of f l
oating bodies.
Kinematics and Dy namics. Irrotational and incompressible. Inv iscid f low. Velocity potential, Pressure f ield and Forces on imm
ersed bodies. Bernoulli's
equation, Fully dev eloped f low through pipes, Pressure drop calculations, Measurement of f
low rate and Pressure drop. Elements of boundary lay er
theory, Integral approach, Laminar and tubulent f lows, Separations. Flow ov er weirs and notches. Open channel f low, Hy draulic

jump. Dimensionless
numbers, Dimensional analy sis, Similitude and modelling
. One
dimensional isentropic f low, Normal shock wav e, Flow through conv ergent

div ergent
ducts, Oblique shock
wav e, Ray leigh and Fanno lines.

4. Fluid Machinery and Steam Generators.

Perf ormance, Operation and control of hy draulic Pump and impulse
and reaction Turbines, Specif ic speed, Classif ication. Energy transfer, Coupling,
Power transmission, Steam generators Fire
tube and water
tube boilers. Flow of steam through Nozzles and Dif f users, Wetness and condensation.
Various ty pes of steam and gas T
urbines, Velocity diagrams. Partial admission. Reciprocating, Centrif ugal and axial f low Compressors, Multistage
compression, role of Mach Number, Reheat, Regeneration, Ef f iciency, Governance.


II (For both objective and
conventional type papers)


Kinematic and dy namic analy sis of planer mechanisms. Cams. Gears and gear trains. Fly wheels. Gov ernors. Balancing of rigid ro
tors and f ield
balancing. Balancing of single and multicy linder

engines, Linear v ibration analy sis of mechanical sy stems. Critical speeds and whirling of shaf ts
Automatic controls.


Design of Joints : cotters, key s, splines
, welded joints, threaded f asteners, joints f ormed by interf erence fits. Design of friction driv es : couplings and
clutches, belt and chain driv es, power screws. Design of Power transmission sy stems : gears and gear driv es shaf t and axle, w
ire ropes. Desig
n of
bearings : hy drody namics bearings and rolling element bearings.


Stress and strain in two dimensions, Principal stresses and strains, Mohr's construction, linear elastic materials, isotropy
and anisotropy, stress
relations, uniaxial loading, thermal stresses. Beams : Bending moment and shear f orce diagram, bendin
g stresses and def lection of beams. Shear
stress distribution. Torsion of shaf ts, helical springs. Combined stresses, thick
and thin
walled pressure v essels. Struts and columns. Strain energy
concepts and theories of f ailure.


Basic concepts on structure of solids. Cry stalline maf erials. Detects in cry stalline materials. Alloy s and binary phase diagr
ams. Structure and properties
of common engineering materials. Heat treatment of steels. Plastics, Ceramics and composite materia
ls. Common applications of v arious materials.


Metal Forming : Basic Principles of f orging, drawing and extrusion; High energy rate f orming; Powder metallurgy.

Metal Casting : Die casting, inv estment casting, Shall Moulding
, Centrif ugal Casting, Gating & Riser design; melting f urnaces. Fabrication Processes :
Principles of Gas, Arc, Shielded arc Welding; Adv anced Welding Processes, Weldability: Metallurgy of Welding.

Metal Cutting : Turning, Methods of Screw Production, Dril
ling, Boring, Milling, Gear Manuf acturing, Production of f lat surf aces, Grinding & Finishing
Processes. Computer Controlled Manuf acturing Sy stems
CNC, DNC, FMS, Automation and Robotics.

Cutting Tools Materials, Tool Geometry, Mechanism of Tool Wear, Tool L
if e & Machinability; Measurement of cutting f orces. Economicsof Machining.
Unconv entional Machining Processes. Jigs and Fixtures. Fits and tolerances, Measurement of surf ace texture, Comparators Align
ment tests and
reconditioning of Machine Tools.


Production Planning and Control : Forecasting

Mov ing av erage, exponential smoothing, Operations, scheduling; assembly line balancing, Product
dev elopment, Break
ev en analy sis, Capacity planning, PERT and CPM.

Control Operations
: Inv entory control ABC analy sis, EOQ model, Materials requirement planning. Job design, Job standards, Work measurement,
Quality Management

Quality analy sis and control. Operations Research : Linear Programming

Graphical and Simplex methods, Transport
ation and
assignment models. Single serv er queueing model. Value Engineering : Value analy sis f or cost/value.


Computer Organisation, Flow charting, Features of Common computer Languages

FORTRAN, d Base III, Lotus 1

C and elementary