2006 Biotechnology Seminar Series - Intertech Science Park


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2006 Biotechnology Seminar Series

11:00 am, Biochemistry Conference Room (7-201)

Aug. 31

Giovanni Ferarra
Managing Director
Burrill and Company

So, You Want to Start a
Biotech Company

Sep. 15

Chad Beyer
Principal Res. Scientist
Wyeth Laboratories

Principals of Small
Molecule Drug Discovery

Sep. 19

Rick Proctor
President and CEO
Glenveigh Pharmaceuticals

A Case Study of a
Biotechnology Company:
Diagnostics &Therapeutics

Sep. 26

Franz Hefti
Executive Vice President
Rinat Pharmaceuticals

NGF: An Old Molecule with
New Functions and
Therapeutic Applications

Oct. 3

Hossein Ghanbari
President and CSO
Panacea Pharmaceuticals

Drug Discovery and
Development of Cancer
and Neurological Agents

Oct. 10

Michael Sallgaller
Senior Associate
Toucan Ventures

Immunotherapies for the
Treatment of Cancers

Oct. 17

Jia Bao Pan
Senior Pharmacologist
Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Animal Models: Behavior,
Imaging and Drug

Oct. 31

Kishena Wadhwani
Director, Div. of Sci. Rev.

Translational Research:
From Bench to Bed Side
and From Clinical to Health
Services Research

Nov. 7

Alan Lewis
President and CEO
Novocell, Inc.

Stem Cell Research: A
New Hope for Disease

Nov. 14

David Smith
City of Hope

Statistics and Powering a
Clinical Trial

With support from the Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana