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One of the most well

systems to manage workflows

is Taverna which has
been created by the myGrid team.

Taverna Workbench is an open source WMS which “enabling scientists to orchestrate
bioinformatics Web services and existing
bioinformatics applications in workflows”.
(Oin et al, 2004).

Taverna workflows are considered to be graphs

which are consisted
of connected processors

. Each processor takes a list of input data and generates
output data.

Taverna is based on the
Scufl language. Each workflow is represented in this
language which is a high
level, XML based conceptual language.
Furthermore, e
processing step represents a single task (Oin et al, 2004).

The whole system is written in Java, thus is platform indepen
dent. Moreover, it
includes the Taverna Engine used for executing workflows under both the Taverna
Workbench (graphic user interface) and the Taverna Server (remote execution).

it provides a Command Line Tool for simple command line execution of work

One key feature that Taverna provides is the RShell service which enables the
execution of an R script inside a workflow. Another significant feature is that there
exist tasks which allow file manipulation to store the output results.

features we will use

Rshell service
: A service that allows the calling of R scripts on an R server

Taverna server