Getting Started Guide


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Getting Started Guide
Kerio MailServer VMware Appliance
Kerio MailServer VMware Appliance includes the CentOS 5.3 operating system and a 30-day
trial version of Kerio MailServer 6.7.The trial version of Kerio MailServer is not limited in
functionality,it only expires after a certain period of time.After 30 days fromthe installation
the product stops working.
Kerio MailServer VMware Appliance is compressed to a le of 700 MB;10 GB free disk space is
needed for its usage.
Kerio MailServer VMware Appliance can be run on:
• VMware ESX server 3.x —rst,the image must be converted by running a special script
which is included in the installation package (for the conversion guidance,see VMware
ESX Server Installation Instructions).
• VMware Server
• VMware Workstation
• VMware Player
Upon startup of VMware Virtual Appliance,username and password for the CentOS operating
systemis required.Use the following login data:
• Name:root
• Password:kerio
Installation and basic conguration of Kerio MailServer
First startup of VMware Virtual Appliance automatically runs a special script for installation
and basic conguration of Kerio MailServer.First,the script connects to the Kerio Technologies
download server and checks for Kerio MailServer updates.If the connection fails,network for
VMware is not set properly.This should not be a problem unless it is desirable to run Kerio
MailServer in the Internet.VMware Virtual Appliance will simply not include the up-to-date
version of Kerio MailServer.
If the update check is completed successfully or if installation of the current version is se-
lected,the installation gets started.First,the installation script opens the license agreement
(to go to the end of this page,hold Enter).Then,the installation process is started that can
take several minutes.
Once the installation is completed successfully,the scripts continues by oering the basic
conguration wizard.Conrmthe action.This opens the wizard where you can browse by the
Tab key and conrmsettings by Enter:
1.On the rst page,create an email domain and specify Internet name of the server.If you
keep the default settings,the server will not work in the Internet.However,it will be
possible to use this conguration locally.
2.In the next step of the wizard,create an administration account.Keep the Admin as name
and enter password.Memorize the name and password dened in this dialog well since
they will be later used for authentication to theKerio MailServer’s administration console.
3.The next dialog of the wizard allows setting of location of the data store.In this directory,
all user accounts and server logs will be stored.
Starting the Kerio Administration Console
After successful installation of Kerio MailServer,a Kerio Administration Console icon is dis-
played on the VMware Virtual Appliance desktop.This opens the login dialog.Enter username
and password dened in the conguration wizard within the Kerio MailServer’s installation
Kerio WebMail startup
After successful installation of Kerio MailServer,a Kerio WebMail icon is displayed on the
VMware Virtual Appliance desktop.Clicking on the icon opens the Kerio WebMail’s login page.
Enter username and password (if no user has been created yet,enter username and pass-
word of the user created in the conguration wizard within the Kerio MailServer’s installation