Oracle Applications – OAF , MSCA, MA and ADF

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Oracle Applications –OAF, MSCA, MA and ADF
May 06, 2011
Agenda •Oracle Applications Framework(OAF)
•Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications
•Oracle Mobile Applications
•Oracle OAF, Mobile Apps and MSCA Summary
•Oracle Application Development Framework
OA Framework
OA Framework •Uses J2EE Model, View and Controller (MVC) Architecture o
Model implements business logic
View formats and presents data from model to the user
Controller handles user interaction, responds
to user actions & directs application flow
OA Framework •OA Framework architecture is based on Model-View-Controller
(MVC) design pattern
OA Framework
•Java components are on Application tier or Middle tier
•AOL/J validates user access to the page; Provide EBS features such as menus,
functions, messages, profiles, flex fields and attachments …
•The page definition (metadata UI definition) is loaded from the metadata
repository on the database tier into the application tier.
•The Business components for Java (BC4J) objects that contain the application
logic and access the database are instantiated.
•The Java Controller programmatically manipulates the page definition as
necessary, based on dynamic UI rules.
•UIX (HTML UI Generator) interprets the page definition, creates the
corresponding HTML in accordance with UI standards, and sends the page to
the browser.
Oracle Applications Framework examples •View Object package;
import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.server.OAViewObjectImpl;
•Application Modulepackage;
import oracle.apps.fnd.framework.server.OAApplicationModuleImpl;
public class xxItemMasterAMImplextends OAApplicationModuleImpl
/** This is the default constructor (do not remove) */
public xxItemMasterAMImpl() { }
OAF Summary •
Enterprise-Grade Performance and Scalability

Improved End User Productivity

Highly extensible architecture

Browser Look and Feel (BLAF terminology) for all applications

Open industry Standards such as XML, HTML, Java, JSP, SQL and
Web Services.
Oracle Mobile Supply Chain (MSCA)
Oracle MSCA •MSCA is based on Java Event Listener model
•Provide EBS features such as menus, functions, messages, profiles
and flex fields
•Function class : Java class registered as function in Application
Object Library
•Page class : For Page initialization; creates page and adds beans to
the page
•Listener class : Event listener class; Listens to evens on each bean
and calls appropriate method to handle that event
Oracle MSCA
•Same application for all certified devices
•Automatically adapts to any form factor
•No mobility software (oracle lite …) required
Oracle MSCA •Telnet version; Need
telnet on mobile
•GUI version is available
•Need J2ME JVM on
Oracle MSCA •Telnet version•GUI Version
Oracle MSCA •In GUI version oRead-only and required fields are more visible with a different
background color unlike in the character-mode client
oEasier navigation and using mouse can jump to desired fields
oNetwork access requirements are same as that of character-mode
oNo additional MWA middle-tier requirements
Oracle MSCA examples •
Listener class
package oracle.apps.inv.rcv.server;
import java.sql.*;
import java.util.*;
import oracle.apps.fnd.common.VersionInfo;
import oracle.apps.inv.lov.server.*;
import oracle.apps.inv.utilities.InvResourceTable;
import oracle.apps.inv.utilities.server.*;
import oracle.apps.mwa.beans.*;
import oracle.apps.mwa.container.*;
import oracle.apps.mwa.eventmodel.*;
import oracle.apps.mwa.presentation.telnet.TelnetSession;
import oracle.jdbc.driver.*;// Referenced classes of package oracle.apps.inv.rcv.server:
// RcvFListener, RcptGenPage, RcvConstants, RcvPage
public class RcptGenFListenerextends RcvFListener {
public RcptGenFListener() {
invItemID= "";
calledFromLPNBean= false;
mOrigLPNValue= "";
Oracle MSCA •Proven architecture for supply chain applications
•Oracle MSCA framework designed for Mobile devices
•Network access requirements are same as that of character-mode
•No additional MWA middle-tier requirements
•Java ME compatible JVM should be installed on Mobile Device
Oracle Mobile Applications (MA)
Oracle Mobile Applications •The Mobile Server Repository in the Applications database
•The Oracle9i Lite Mobile Server
•For laptops, A local Oracle Lite database and a local Web-to-go
•For Palm devices, A local Oracle Lite database and mSync clients on
each Palm device
Oracle Mobile Applications •Well suited for disconnected applications; e.g.: Field Service
•Oracle Lite server needs to be installed on Mobile Device; may work
on only some devices
Summary of OAF, MA, MSCA •Oracle Applications Framework oFramework developed by Oracle
•Oracle MSCA oProven architecture for Supply Chain applications
oFramework developed by Oracle; Designed for Mobile devices
oNeed JME compatible JVM on mobile device
•Mobile Applications oWell suited for disconnected applications; Disconnected not in scope
oAdditional configuration steps needed; Need Oracle lite on mobile device
Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)
OAF and ADF Comparison
Has Oracle Apps specificfeaturesYesNo