Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs


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With more than 23 years of experience in the pest control industry, we help you for Bed Bug Heat Treatment and Removal in NYC. Call us at 1-888-919-3687.

Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs

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Bedbugs are a problem for many residents and businesses in the Tri
state area. The small insects
infect furniture, get into the walls and
easily travel from one location to the next without giving any indication
that they are present until much later. Due to the problems that the
insects present, extensive research has been conducted to find

that eliminate the bedbugs through a thermal heating system.

Years of Experience

With more than 23 years of experience in the pest control industry, we
can help residents in the Tri
state area overcome the most obnoxious
and elusive insects. While we par
ticularly specialize in bedbugs, we
have worked in pest control for several years and are capable of finding
the right solution based on the pests that are infesting a home, office,
school or medical facility.

How the System Works

After 23 years of workin
g in the pest control industry, we realized that
bedbugs remained elusive and difficult to kill. Unlike other pests, it was
hard to guarantee that bedbugs would not return to a building because
the pest control measures might not have reached the insects.

Due to that resistance, we researched and developed new ways to fight
against the bothersome pests. During out research, we discovered an
unexpected and pleasant surprise. Bedbugs cannot survive if the
temperature exceeds 123 degrees Fahrenheit.

We develop
ed a thermal heating system that works in most buildings
so that we can guarantee that our customers will no longer be bitten or
bothered by bedbugs that creep into couches, beds or even the walls.

The thermal bedbug heat system increases the temperature o
f the
space until it exceeds the 123 degree limit by a wide margin. The heat
remains on for an extended period of time until there is no possibility
of bedbugs staying hidden and alive. Our results have shown that the
system works and has gained in popular
ity among hospitals, schools,
office buildings, apartment complexes and private residences.

Benefits of the System

Our research has discovered a way to eliminate bedbugs from a
building without taking unnecessary risks. Due to our heating system,
we can o
ffer advantages over alternative pest control measures.

The benefits of the system include:

Eliminating all of the bedbugs in the walls and furniture

Reducing the risks to human health

Avoiding unnecessary chemical proc

Reducing the amount of time required to eliminate the insects

Guaranteed results

The thermal heating system kills bedbugs, even when they are hidden
deep in a mattress or in small crevices in the walls. By heating up the
whole building to a temperat
ure that easily kills in the insects, it is not
possible to hide and come back later. The bedbugs that are currently in
the building will no longer bite family members, leave painful allergic
reactions behind or cause general discomfort. The house will be
of the pests so that it is possible to enjoy a restful night of sleep.

It is not necessary to put up with the annoyance of bedbugs or
repeated treatments to eliminate the insects. A heating solution is
available that will kill the insects before th
ey can cause more harm to
residents in a home, clients in a business or children in a school. Call
today to learn more about how the system works and to get a quote for
treatment in a residence or business.

About Us

Only professional bedbug exterminators
using thermal bedbug heat
techniques can rid enclosed areas of bedbug infestations. With their
tiny, flat bodies, ability to survive one year without feeding on blood
and propensity to reproduce exponentially, bedbugs represent an
insect pest that may be t
he most difficult to eliminate. In addition,
bedbugs are equipped with superior senses that can immediately
detect the presence of pesticide odors. Scurrying away from chemical
odors at lightning speed means that pesticides are useless against these

biting bugs.

Signs of a Bedbug Infestation

Bites that have red spots in the center of them. Painless at first, they
quickly begin to itch intensely, developing a welt
like appearance.

Bedclothes spotted with tiny pinpoints of blood or dark spots indicat

A musty, disagreeable odor in the areas that are infested. Bedbugs have
scent glands that release a foul
smelling chemical similar to moldy clothing
or decaying raspberries.

Waking up in the morning with itchy spots on your skin where no itc
existed before you went to bed.

Don’t waste time with pesticides that do absolutely nothing to kill bedbugs. Only
extreme heat has been proven to eradicate a bedbug infestation in one visit from
a professional bedbug exterminator using a heating devic
e that raises the
temperature in the infested area to 120°F for about 90 minutes. Benefits of
thermal bedbug heat for bedbug extermination purposes include:

Kills bedbugs at all life stages, from egg to adult


presents no danger to children or pets

Heat reaches into the tiniest crevices where bedbugs hide and lay eggs

No need to wash and dry all items exposed to the infestation. Our thermal
bedbug heat techniques use no pesticides or chemicals

just saf
e, clean

Thermal Bedbug Heat uses K
9′s that are certified by the National Entomology
Scent Detection Canine Association and have been trained to detect bedbug
infestations in residential homes, commercial establishments, hospitals, nursing
homes and

any enclosed areas where a bedbug infestation is suspected.

Attempting to eliminate bedbugs without professional assistance will result in a
worsening infestation. Get rid of biting, itching, smelly bedbugs today with safe
and effective thermal bedbug he
at techniques.

Heat Treatments

Bed bugs remain one of the most difficult pests, both to detect and to treat. Not
only can they easily spread to new locations via luggage, clothing, briefcases and
other objects, but many people don’t have any reaction to a

bed bug bite, which
can make detection difficult. Throw in the fact that bed bugs are millimeters in
length and expert hiders and, often times, residences and businesses don’t even
realize that they have a bed bug problem until the infestation spreads to
noticeable and dangerous levels.

However, just because bed bugs are
difficult to detect and treat doesn’t
mean that they can’t be successfully
remediated. Historically, the main
method of exterminating th
ese pesky
critters was with chemicals. But what
chemicals offer in affordability, they lack in effectiveness. Not only are
chemicals potentially hazardous to a location’s indoor environment

and occupant health

but it can often take several return trip
s to

completely rid of the entire bed bug infestation when they’re used. As we already
noted, bed bugs are expert hiders and can also scurry easily from one household
location to the next, making it highly unlikely that the problem is solved in one

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