SASKATCHEWAN MUNICIPAL ASSET MANAGEMENT MEETING BY CONFERENCE CALL DECEMBER 6, 2011, 9:00 A.M. TO 11:00 A.M. PARTICIPANTS: City of Humboldt Steve Brown, Director of Finance James Moller, City Manager City of Regina Teresa Florizone, Controller


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DECEMBER 6, 2011, 9:00 A.M. TO 11:00 A.M.


City of Humboldt

Steve Brown,
Director of

James Moller,
City Manager

City of Regina

Teresa Florizone, Controller

City of Saskatoon

, Infrastructure Strategic Services

City of Saskatoon

Stephen Wood, Infrastructure Strategic Services

Town of Rosthern

Nicole Lerat, CAO

Town of Macklin

Kim Gartner, Administrator

Town of Shellbrook

George Tomporowski, Mayor

wn of Dalmeny

Shelley Funk, Administrator

R.M. of Buckland

Wendy Gowda, Administrator

.M. of Hillsdale

Janet Black, Administrator

R.M. of Wilton

Darren Elder, CAO; Jordan Schof


Sean McEachern,
Policy A



, Policy

Municipal Affairs

Ryan Cossit, Jennifer Fink

Call to Order

Steve Brown moderated the meeting ,and called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


the agenda was approved by consensus, with no additions.

Minutes from October 20/11



reviewed and approved by consensus


Sean McEachern indicated that a final financial statement for the October 2011 workshop was not
available at this time, but would be circulated when available.

3. Group Charter/Terms of Reference:



consensus that chair, vice chair & secretary/treasurer positions be established



Kim Gartner accepted the nomination


Vice Chair

Shelley Funk accepted the nomination (Teresa Florizone indicated that she would assist if



Steve Brown accepted the nomination


Wendy Gowda indicated that at this time her involvement on behalf of RMAAS is as an observer, and
that once the
RMAAS is more familiar with the organization they would revisit the status.

4. Group Structure:


Sean McEachern recommended that the title of the group refer to “municipal” to distinguish from
other asset management groups that may exist or be formed in the province.


the group consensus was to use “Saskatchewan Municipal Asset Management” for th
e name of the


the group consensus was to use the pdf Terms of Reference, with the positions of vice chair and
secretary treasurer added

5. Group Communication:


on line communication is the best method to communicate. A new web site can
be set up within one


Sean recommended that the new site be connected to the existing tca website, that the TCA site would
continue at present due to demand.


Steve Brown offered that Wally Wells from BC would be available to assist in setting up
of the site.


Wendy Gowda moved that the website be arranged as soon as possible. There was no opposition from
the group, so the motion was passed.


Suggestions from the group for communication included group emails using existing organizations,
, newsletters, and any other method that would be efficient & cost effective.



it was agreed that an education document be prepared for distribution by the end of
January, 2012, in time for the SUMA convention. Kim Gartner suggested using W
ally Wells for
assistance, since he has written a number of articles that are posted on
Asset Management BC.

6. Group Funding:


Sean McEachern indicated that initial funding for this group was available from the $10,000 seed
funding that had been provide
d by Municipal Affairs for asset management. The fund would pay for the
website and communication costs.


Gordon Sparks had applied on behalf of the group for funding through a University of Saskatchewan
fund. To date there is no word on the status of t
he application.

7. Group Advisor:


Wally Wells from BC offered his assist
ance for any work going forward
for the short term


Group will revisit the advisor role in January

8. 2011 Asset Management Workshop Followup:


Feedback from participants was generally good. Some administrators thought that they would have a
complete AM plan by the end of the workshop. Other comments were to have a “made in Sask.”
workshop going forward.


Consensus that more workshops are e
ssential, and that education of elected is most important.

9. 2012 Actions:


Education sessions already arranged

SUMA Convention (end of January)

City of Humboldt will
present; SARM Convention (March)

RM of Wilton will present


Other Actions needed:

Education Paper for Elected

Communications to communities

electronic newsletter

Training for Administrators

both basic & strategic

Education workshops for Elected

Letter from Chair to municipal Affairs

to show

capacity building

10. Go Forward Discussion:


participants discussed ways to efficiently promote AM message to communities. City of Saskatoon
indicated they already had much of the AM plan identified

from a technical perspective
, but still had
es in gaining elected officials support and understanding of its importance. All agreed that it
was very important to spread the message of AM value.

11. Next Meeting:


January 16/12, at 8:00 a.m.

conference call