It's Sweet Sixteen for Oasis Group Holdings


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It’s Sweet Sixteen for Oasis Group Holdings

Cape Town

June is always a special month for Oasis as it marks the

month for
the company. This year, Oasis will be celebrating its 16th birthday. The

celebration is m
ade even
sweeter when the

PlexCrown Fund Management Survey
was released
in which Oasis is ranked as the
top Offshore Collective Investment Scheme Manager. As further testimony to this outstanding
performance and management, Oasis is also the only South Afr
ican fund manager to sustain its S&P
gold star status for

global equity funds.

“As we celebrate our 1

birthday, we look back at
over a

decade and a

half of pioneering work. We
first opened our doors in 1997 and we’ve been providing
investors a

ah and
alternative”, says Adam Ebrahim, CEO
Oasis Group Holdings.

The earliest of the

Group’s pioneering

was the launch of the Oasis Crescent Equity Fund in August 1998. Not only was this Oasis’s first
retail investment fund offe
ring, but it was also the first Shari’ah compliant equity fund launched in
South Africa. The launch of the world’s first Islamic Real Estate Investment Trust and the first Islamic
income funds in both Europe and South Africa have also since followed.

In 2
the launch of
Crescent Insurance Limited
the Group’s

work when it became
South Africa’s
first provider of Islamic Annuity and Endowment products.

e thank the Almighty for granting us this privilege to be of service to our clients and the community
at large.

ability to continue to deliver on our commitment to protect and grow the wealth of our
clients is what we are celebrating today
says Adam


He continues, “We also look forward
to the upcoming 15

birthday of our flagship fund, the Oasis Crescent Equity Fund. This is certainly
another celebration worthy of this same spirit of reflection and gratitude”.

There will certainly be som
e cake to celebrate
this sweet achievement.



For more information please contact:

Nazeem Ebrahim

Deputy Chairperson

Oasis Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Tel. +27 (021) 413 7860


Notes to editors:

Oasis Group Holdings

Oasis Group Holdings was established in Cape Town in 1997 with asset management as its
core business. Its investment range is inclusive of a Shari’ah compliant product offering that is
managed in accordance with Islamic principles for ethical and religious
ly astute investors. A
conventional product offering is also available for the discerning and socially responsible
investor who seeks greater exposure for their investment.

Since its formation, the Group has always been empowered in the conventional and legal
sense and it continues to be majority black
owned, managed and staffed. As such, it meets

and often exceeds

all conventional BEE codes and guidelines. Furthermore, O
asis Group
Holdings is a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment initiative; an investor
initiative in partnership with the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative and the UN
Global Compact.