Typing Test Plan

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Typing Test Plan


Pool of words

(initially start with arbitrary words). Eventually, maintained by

database for both myself (as the programmer) and client (learning support).


Words displayed in an ordered and capped line above input section. Input attempts to
replicate source word and when space is entered (to denote an answer and simulate real
typing as opposed to pressing enter) (see below) a counter increments allowing the list to
progress updating via the



The input intended corresponds to the word directly above. Upon entering the word
(incorrect or correct) and pressing space, the word is checked with the corresponding source


An incorrect input highlights the source word in red, and a correct input highlights the
source word in green


User Interface

The typing test itself shall be console
based, with a series of options:

1. Random, unordered words

2. Classic Fairy Tales leading onto another menu:

1. Rumpelstiltskin by Brothers Grimm (2 minute)

2. Princess and the pea by Hans Christian Andersen (1 minute)

3. Hansel and Gretel by Brothers Grimm (2 minute)


3. Custom set (user
defined, ordered)

Selecting 1 (i.e. Random, unordered words) will allow the user to enter the time they wish the
test to run.

Reaching the end of a classic tale will return (show) the time took and words per minute
). Usually, however, one would not type the fairy tale in the time
given unless they are extremely competent and fast typists.

When the database (
) is implemented, the interface shall attempt to be more user
friendly and helpful for entering data relating to a custom


: Unordered,
arbitrary selection of words. Needs own,

and utilising these words
must be in a random way. This procedure
assigns these words.

Procedure: (
)Preset. Contains ordered
selection of words for each fairy tale

Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel and Gretel and
princess and the pea.