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J2EE Syllabus

Session 1: Integrated Application Development

Introduction to Integrated Application Development

Introduction and use of Eclipse

Web Server Versus Application Server

Session 2: J2EE

Understanding Servlets

MVC Architecture, What is HTTP

What is a Servlet, Servlet life cycle, web application structure

Writing A Simple Hello World Servlet, Understanding web.xml

Distinguish GET and POST, Retrieving parameters from request, sending a reponse

directing a request, using Request Dispatcher

Session management, Handling cookies

Creating war files

Understanding JSP pages

What is JSP?, Understanding JSP elements

declaration, directive, scriplet, expression, and

JSP Architecture, JSP Page life cycle

Page directive attributes, using condi
tional and iterative statements

Understanding JSP implicit variables and objects

Java Beans, JSP Bean tags, Java Bean with an example

Handling exceptions using errorPage and isErrorPage attributes

JSP session handling with an example

JSP Authentication

ow to secure your servlets and JSP pages

JSP Tag libraries

What is JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Library) ?

JSTL Expresssion Language (EL)

Iteration Tags

looping using forEach, forTokens

Logical Tags

using if and choose tags

Database Access Tags

using sql:s
etDataSource, sql:query, sql:update, sql:param etc.

Miscellanious Tags

using c:import, c:redirect, c:param etc

Writing a Custom Tag Library


What is Struts? Struts architecture,


Struts classes

ActionForward, ActionForm, ActionServlet, Action clas

Understanding struts

Understanding Action Mappings

Struts flow with an example application

Struts Tiles

What is a Tile?

Combining Struts and Tiles, Tiles file structure

Building the Layout file and Creating a Tiles template

using tiles:putLi
st, tiles:importAttribute, tiles:useAttribute

Understanding Tiles Definitions and Attributes

Creating a Definition in XML file and deploying

Creating a small application using Tiles

EJB Fundamentals

Enterprise JavaBeans Communication

EJB Details

Session Be

Entity Bean

Message Driven Bean

The Details of Writing Beans

EJB Development Overview

The Enterprise Bean Class

The Remote Interface

The Home Interface

Deployment Descriptors and EJB
JAR files

Writing an EJB Client

Java Message Service (JMS)

The princ
iples of messaging systems

Features of the Java Messaging Service (JMS)

Writing a message driven Bean

Message Driven Bean Clients

Session 3: XML (eXtensible Markup Language)

Concept of XML

Introduction to DTD and XML Schema

Introduction to DOM and SAX. H
ow to choose DOM Vs SAX

Parsing an XML file using DOM and SAX Java programs

Introduction to JAXB

Parsing an XML file and creating Java objects using JAXB

Session 4: Latest Technologies

Introduction to Hibernate with an example

Introduction to Spring fram
ework with an example

Introduction to JSF framework with an example.

Struts Vs. JSF

Introduction to Web services with an example

What is SOA, SOAP, AXIS, WSDL, UDDI, Endpoint, Callback etc.

Introduction to AJAX with an example