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Investor Fact Sheet
Vringo, Inc. (NYSE Amex: VRNG) is a leading provider
of software platforms for mobile social and mobile video
services. With its award-winning Video Ringtones
application and other mobile software platforms -
including Facetones™, Video ReMix and Fan Loyalty -
Vringo transforms the basic act of making and receiving
mobile phone calls into highly visual, social experiences.
Since its inception in 2006, Vringo’s core Video Ringtones
application has enabled users to create or take video, images
and slideshows from virtually anywhere and turn it into
their visual call signature. Vringo’s patented VringForward™
technology allows users to share video clips with friends
using a simple call, a first for the mobile industry.
To provide a size of the market, a recent study by the
United Nations estimates there are 5 billion global
mobile subscribers in 2011. The mobile video industry
is expected to grow to 534 million global subscribers in
2014, representing $16 billion in revenues in the United
States alone. Mobile video data usage, according to Cisco,
will grow at a 131% compound annual growth rate from
2009 to 2014.
Vringo intends to capitalize on the sizable market
opportunity for mobile social and video technology with
its array of products.
Supplying the World with
Industry Leading Mobile
Video Technology
Its flagship Video Ringtones platform allows users to
create, download and share mobile entertainment content
in the form of video clips and video ringtones on over 400
mobile handsets. As part of providing a complete end-to-
end mobile video platform, Vringo has amassed a library
of over 12,000 video clips and ringtones that are provided
for users in various territories, and its VringFoward
technology allows users to enjoy a rich social experience
by sharing video content and sending it directly to another
user’s phone when dialed. The Vringo solution also
provides business partners with a consumer-friendly and
easy-to-integrate monetization platform.
In addition to its Video Ringtones technology, Vringo has
recently developed three new mobile application product
platforms: Facetones™, Video ReMix and Fan Loyalty.
Facetones™ initially connects with Facebook®, the
world’s leading social media site. Vringo’s Video ReMix
application allows users to create their own music video
by tapping on a Smartphone or tablet, in partnership
with music artists and brands. Lastly, Fan Loyalty is a
platform that lets users interact, vote and communicate
with contestants in reality TV series and even set their
performances as video ringtones.
Through all of its various technologies and platforms,
Vringo is constantly strengthening its intellectual property
portfolio, with 22 patent applications filed for the Vringo
platform to date, two of which have been issued.
In July 2011, prominent venture capital firms Benchmark
Capital and DAG Ventures’ led a $2.5 million financing in
Vringo. These leading Silicon Valley venture capital firms
previously invested in leading technology companies
such as eBay (EBAY), Twitter, Zipcar (ZIP), AdMob
(acquired by Google), Segway, and Yelp. This investment
not only leverages Vringo’s strong portfolio of mobile
social and video applications, but also validates Vringo as
a new leader in the mobile social arena.
In connection with the investment, Vringo also announced
a Letter of Intent to acquire and merge operations with
Zlango Ltd., a mobile messaging company. Zlango’s
progressive media messaging services can effortlessly
add icons, themes and images to standard text messages,
creating an interactive social messaging experience
for users. The combined company intends to leverage
Zlango’s rich media messaging services with Vringo’s
strong portfolio of mobile social and video applications
to create a new leader in the mobile social arena.
Vringo’s commercial Video Ringtones service has already
seen substantial milestones, with its service having
exceeded over 325,000 subscribers. The Company is in
ongoing discussions with several other mobile carriers
and will continue to pursue new agreements over the
coming quarters.
Investor Fact Sheet
Vringo’s other platforms are seeing success as well. In July
2011, Vringo’s Facetones™ application was launched
with BlueVia, the global developer platform for
Telefonica, the largest Spanish-speaking mobile operator
in the world, which has more than 290 million customers.
In addition, Facetones™ was recently launched in Japan
for Android users through the docomo market, a mobile
internet portal operated by NTT DOCOMO, INC., the
largest mobile phone operator in Japan, with more than
50 million customers.
Vringo also recently launched the first application of its
new Fan Loyalty platform via an ad-supported service
on Nokia mobile devices in partnership with Rotana, the
world’s largest producer of music and music television
in the Middle East. The application features exclusive
content and fully integrated live voting capabilities for
the blockbuster “Star Academy” reality music show, which
reaches over 300 million viewers in over 10 countries in
the region. Vringo intends to integrate its Fan Loyalty
platform for various other reality TV shows in the future.
However, one of Vringo’s most significant future growth
drivers involves the launch of its service in India, one of
the world’s fastest-growing mobile markets with over 750
million mobile subscribers. Vringo’s partner in this market,
Hungama, is the largest source of digitally available
Bollywood and South-Asian entertainment content in
the world. This service with Hungama is available to 500
million mobile subscribers on 15 different Indian mobile
carriers including Reliance, BhartiAirtel and Tata.
With a highly experienced management team, strong
growth drivers in the mobile social and video industry, and
technology that has been heralded by The New York Times
as “the next big thing in ringtones” and USA Today as
having “to be seen to be believed,” Vringo is positioned to
capitalize on the extraordinary demand for video ringtone
technologies, with an unequivocal commitment to building
long-term shareholder value.
Market Drivers

There are 5 billion mobile subscribers globally in 2011.

Mobile social networking is growing exponentially
is estimated to reach $11.8 billion in 2013,
according to Juniper Research.

User generated content continues to grow and
orms like YouTube are only the beginning of the
technologies that will be created to enable new types
of user generated content.

Consumers are no longer afraid of mobile applications.
Corporate Drivers

Vringo allows the user to engage in a cutting-edge,
taining, and easy-to-use social video ringtone

Subscription-based model creates an opportunity for
ringo to build a strong source of recurring revenue.

22 patent applications filed for the Vringo platform
wo of which have been issued to date) and
continuing to create new intellectual property.

40 different licensing agreements for content to be
for the Video Ringtones as well as for the Video
ReMix platform.

12,000+ video ringtones and mobile video content,
h Vringo believes is has one of the largest
commercial mobile video libraries in the world.

Vringo received $2.5 million investment led by
ominent venture capital firms Benchmark Capital
and DAG Ventures

LOI to acquire Zlango and leverage its rich media
services with Vringo’s strong portfolio of
mobile social and video applications.

Facetones™ platform recently launched on Spain’s
elefonica, with 290+ million customers and Japan’s
NTT DOCOMO, with 50+ million customers.

Fan Loyalty platform launched with live voting
apabilities for blockbuster “Star Academy” reality
music show, with over 300 million viewers.

Expanding into high-growth markets such as India
through Bollywood-aggregator Hungama, with 500
million mobile subscribers.
Investor Fact Sheet
Jonathan Medved
CEO and Director
Mr. Medved co-founded Vringo and has
served as Chief Executive Officer and a
director since April 2006. Mr. Medved brings
more than 26 years of technology start-ups. He
co-founded Israel Seed Partners and acted as
a co-manager of the fund from January 1995
to January 2006. Mr. Medved was a member
of the founding management team of Accent
Software International Ltd., or Accent, which
developed multilingual internet publishing,
browsing and email software, and served as
its executive vice president of marketing and
sales from April 1992 to October 1994. From
June 1982 to June 1991, Mr. Medved was
a founder of and served as Executive Vice
President of Marketing and Sales of MERET
Optical Communications, Inc., which was an
early pioneer in fiber optic communication
systems for video transmission and was
acquired by Amoco Corporation (NYSE:BP)
in 1990. Mr. Medved serves on the boards of
directors of various non-profit organizations,
including Ma’aleh and the Jerusalem College
of Technology. Mr. Medved studied history at
the University of California, Berkeley.
Andrew Perlman
President and Director
Mr. Perlman has served as a director since
September 2009 and as President since April
2010. He also served as General Manager
of Vringo’s U.S. operations and Senior Vice
President of content and community from
2007 to 2009. From February 2009 to March
2010, Mr. Perlman served as Vice President of
global digital business development at EMI
Music Group, where he was responsible for
leading distribution deals with digital partners
for EMI’s music and video content. Prior to
this Mr. Perlman was Vice President of digital
media at Classic Media, Inc., a global media
company with a portfolio of kids, family and
pop-culture entertainment brands. Prior
to Classic Media he was General Manger
of Rights Group, LLC where he developed
and negotiated relationships with technology
vendors and was also responsible for selling
and executing mobile products including the
Britney Spears mobile fan club and Justin
Timberlake and American Idol branded
karaoke. Mr. Perlman holds a Bachelor of
Arts in Business Administration from the
School of Business and Public Management
at George Washington University.
Seth M. Siegel
Chairman of the Board
Mr. Siegel has served as a director since May
2006 and as chairman of the board since
March 2010. Mr. Siegel has been working
in the corporate and entertainment licensing
industry since 1982. Mr. Siegel is a co-
founder of The Beanstalk Group, a leading
brand licensing agency and consultancy and a
part of Omnicon Group Inc. (NYSE:OMC).
He is also, since 2007, co-founder and
co-CEO of Sixpoint Partners, a broker/
dealer investment banking boutique and
provider of financial advisory and alternative
investment solutions for private equity funds
and middle market companies. Mr. Siegel
has advised many Fortune 500 companies in
the proper secondary use of their trademarks,
trade dress and copyrights, and has served
as an adviser and/or as the licensing agent
for such leading brand owners as AT&T,
IBM, Harley- Davidson, The Stanley
Works, Unilever, Ford Motor Company,
Chrysler, Hershey Foods, Campbell Soup,
The Rubbermaid Group, and Dr. Scholl’s.
Mr. Siegel has also served as an adviser to
and licensing agent for Hanna-Barbera.
Vital Statistics
As of September 13, 2011
Share Price:$1.35
52-Week Range:$1.00 - $3.60
Shares Outstanding:
(as of September 7, 2011)
6.1 million
Market Cap:
$8.2 million
Investor Fact Sheet
Legal Notice and Safe Harbor Statement
This summary contains “forward-looking statements”
within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities
Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange
Act of 1934. All statements, other than statements of
historical fact, including, without limitation, those with
respect to the objectives, plans and strategies of the
Company set forth herein and those preceded by or that
include the words “believes,” “expects,” “given,” “targets,”
“intends,” “anticipates,” “plans,” “projects,” “forecasts” or
similar expressions, are “forward-looking statements.”
Although the Company’s management believes that
such forward-looking statements are reasonable, it
cannot guarantee that such expectations are, or will
be, correct. These forward-looking statements involve
a number of risks and uncertainties, which could
cause the Company’s future results to differ materially
from those anticipated. The Company disclaims any
obligation to update any of the information contained
or referenced in this summary.
Company Contact:
Vringo, Inc.
Aaron Godfrey,
Director of Communications
646-525-4319 x 2547
Skype: agodfrey_vringo
Twitter: @vringo
Financial Communications:
Trilogy Capital Partners, Inc.
Darren Minton, President
Toll-free: 800-592-6067