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The Case for Mobile for Development Intelligence (MDI)
The number of active SIM cards has now reached 5.7 billion and the developing world accounts for over 70% of
those connections. The mobile phone’s ubiquity means it is uniquely well-placed to drive economic, environmental
and social development in emerging markets. Investments in the mobile for development sector are rising quickly,
and yet there is limited data on which to base these decisions. MDI is designed to bridge this gap.

GSMA will host the definitive source for data and analysis for successful business planning and impact
measurement within the Mobile for Development sector via a public online platform
In addition it will create a community for information, insights, innovation and collaboration
Mobile for Development
MDI Current Status
GSMA has been funding the development of MDI internally, with input from key stakeholders.

A beta prototype site has been built and can be visited at The
prototype has been built using the Wireless Intelligence platform. Wireless Intelligence is the definitive source of
mobile operator data, analysis and forecasts, delivering the most accurate and complete set of industry metrics
This first MDI Interest Group meeting was held at Mobile World Congress (February 2011) and the second is
scheduled for December, 2011 where the results of our impact analysis and site development will be shared
Two key partners are supporting the development of MDI; PricewaterhouseCoopers is engaged to assist with
data analytics and ThoughtWorks for platform and user experience development
MDI’s public launched is planned for the Spring of 2012
MDI seeks to provide a structure and common ground for all groups that have an interest or role in mobile for
development. By providing a central communication hub, additional connections will be made and new
partnerships formed. The audiences that MDI will both serve and convene include:

supporting internal business cases; ability to connect
through the community platform to practitioners; a source of empirical evidence for the socio-economic impact
of mobile for public advocacy and regulatory discussions

quantification of impact of MFD activities, improved project planning
through access to shared experiences and lessons learned; a platform for sharing best practices; improved data
collection and standardised impact measurement; greater visibility to funders and mobile industry players

a tool to support investment decisions, a forum to
showcase innovative ideas, and a place to connect to capital and investment opportunities

visibility of the scale and impact of mobile & m-enabled services
improved research data; opportunity to publish their own research and analysis
Data & Analytics
Collation of market,
data across the Mobile
for Development
MDI’s Vision for Growth
An interactive
platform designed to
allow users to
manipulate, visualise
and export data
Online Community
An online global
community platform for
contacts, information,
insights, innovation and
A bi-annual Interest Group
comprised of representatives
from the mobile,
development, entrepreneurial,
investment and academic
About the GSMA & Mobile for
Development Intelligence
The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators
worldwide. The GSMA’s membership includes nearly 800
network operators, who provide mobile communications services
across more than 200 countries, reaching 5.2 billion consumers.*
The GSMA Foundation, a donor-funded, non-profit arm of the
GSMA, runs a series of programmes that use mobile technology
to improve the lives of low-income customers.
MDI will be the definitive source of data and analysis for successful
business planning and impact measurement within the Mobile for
Development sector, via a public, online platform. It will create a
community for information, insights, innovation and collaboration.
*5.2 billion of the 5.7 billion connections are within the GSM family of technologies
For more information please contact
or David Taverner (
or Corina Gardner (
Mobile for Development