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Microsoft® Mobile Development Handbook
By Andy Wigley, Daniel Moth, Peter Foot
Microsoft® Mobile Development Handbook Details:
Get practical information for developing applications with the Microsoft .NET Compact
Framework 2.0straight from mobile-development experts. This definitive guide delivers
the proven techniques, real-world insights, and extensive code samples you need to bring
information access to any Windows-based mobile device.
Discover how to:
Design a user interface that is optimized for smart devices
Add functionality by using Windows® Mobile APIs
Organize and persist data stored on a device
Establish network connections and respond to changes in network state
Synchronize mobile devices with data stored on backend servers
Implement authentication, symmetric encryption, and asymmetric encryption
Optimize application performance for resource-constrained devices
Interoperate with native code by using PInvoke and COM interop
PLUSGet an introduction to .NET Compact Framework 3.5 and Microsoft Visual
Studio® code name Orcas
PLUSGet Microsoft Visual C#® and Visual Basic® code samples on the Web
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Microsoft® Mobile Development Handbook
Microsoft® Mobile Development Handbook By Andy Wigley, Daniel Moth, Peter Foot
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