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Study Guide for Chapter 10

Genetic Engineering

1. For the following techniques/procedures know why they are used, the mechanics of
how they work, and how the results are interpreted (if it is an analytical technique).

Standard Gene Cloning

DNA Sequen
ce Analysis

Southern Hybridization

Polymerase chain Reaction

Gel electrophoresis

Restriction endonuclease digestion

microarray analysis

2. Be able to name 4 commercial products that are a result of genetic engineering of

3. What is a general

pathway to get a commercial drug overexpressed in bacteria.

4. What is a GMO?

5. Be able to name 4 GMO’s that include a bacterium, a plant, and an animal.

6. How are plant GMO’s made?

7. How are animal GMO’s made?

8. What is the difference and s
imilarities between gene therapy, antisense RNA, and
triplex DNA?

9. Why is the combination of genome mapping and microarray analysis such a powerful
technique with so much promise?

10. Know four products that are made through recombinant DNA technolo

11. Words to know:

Reverse transcriptase