Review your Knowledge:


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Kinematics Intro: Basic Kinematics Review NAME: _____________

Review your Knowledge:


A person wants to measure the height of a tree. The person throws a ball straight up to the top of the
tree. He then catches the ball. The person c
ounts for 3 seconds until the ball lands back into his
hands. How tall is the tree?


Two Vehicles with bodies in the trunks are drag racing. Vehicle 1 takes 9 seconds to accelerate to 45
m/s then travels at this constant velocity. Vehicle 2 takes
4 seconds to accelerate to 40 m/s, and then
travels at this constant velocity. The drag race track is 500 m long. Which car will win?

3. A swimmer attempts to swim across a 150 m wide river. The person starts swimming directly toward
the shor
e on the opposite side of the river. However, there is a current pushing the swimmer downstream.
It takes the person 2.5 minutes to cross the river. When the swimmer crosses, he notices that he has been
swept 70 m downstream.


What is the velocity of the

river current?


What was the velocity of the swimmer in the direction of the shore?

C) What was the resultant velocity of the swimmer?