Modernizing a Legacy Application Using JBoss Seam

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Moder ni z i ng a Legac y Appl i c at i on Us i ng
J Bos s S eam
CITYTECH converted a Microsoft Access-based legacy application to a web-based applica
tion using JBoss Seam. This application facilitates the management of employee disci
pline cases to create a more efficient workforce. Additional features, including graphi
cal displays of data, search and sort capacities, and instant validation, increased the
application’s usability.
Modernizing this application using JBoss Seam expedited the conversion process and en
abled a more user-friendly, secure and efficient application to be available to the entire
enterprise as necessary.
The key deliverables of this project were:

A more user-friendly web-based application by including graphical data displays, in
stant validation, and search and sort capabilities

Enhanced multiple tier security model

Better and easier long-term maintenance
Project Summary
CITYTECH developed this web application to modernize an older Microsoft Access-based
proprietary application that tracks employee discipline cases for a large municipality.
The legacy application started as a small departmental application that eventually grew
to a multi-user application that became difficult to maintain and could not handle multi-
user access. The new application creates a more efficient workflow and enhances the
user interface. Usability was enhanced by creating graphical displays of data, incorpo
rating search and sort functions, expanding reporting capabilities, and adding instant
The legacy Microsoft Access-based application was converted to a web-based application
using JBoss Seam. Seam is a powerful open source development platform for building rich
internet applications in Java and was instrumental in swiftly converting the legacy appli
cation to a modern, web-based tool. Seam-gen, an application generator tool that ships
with Seam and is supported by Red Hat, allowed for the automatic creation of various
application artifacts, including common configuration files, a build script, and directories
for source and view code using the existing database. Hibernate was used to auto gener
ate the JPA entities enabling the application to be built on top of the existing database
schema and therefore not requiring a painful legacy data migration.
Seam enabled easy integration with third-party libraries by providing simple tags that
could be dropped onto a web page and then used just like ordinary JSF tags. Similarly,
Seam includes tags to integrate with the JavaMail API for sending mail, the ANTLR API for
displaying rich text, and JFreeChart for creating charts.
This application was developed using the JBoss Developer Studio and deployed to JBoss
Enterprise Application Platform (EAP). Java Persistence API (JPA) and Hiberate were used
for database integration and Maven was used to automate project dependency manage
ment and build management; MySQL was used as the database server.
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CITYTECH leverages an ar
chitecture-first approach to
modernizing enterprise systems
with minimal disruption to the
organization. This case study
is just one example of how we
have migrated a legacy appli
cation to a web-based deploy
ment model while preserving
the business rules and enhanc
ing the end user experience.
JBoss Enterprise
Application Platform

JBoss Seam

JBoss Developer Studio

JBoss Persistence API (JPA)

JBoss Hibernate

MySQL Database v5

Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Moder ni z i ng a Legac y Appl i c at i on Us i ng
J Bos s S eam
MySQL or
Legacy Access
New Database
Modernizing this legacy application created a more efficient workflow and an enhanced
user interface. Using JBoss Seam to convert the Microsoft Access-based application to a
web-based application expedited the modernization process and allowed a more secure
and effectual application to be available to the entire enterprise as necessary.
Copyright 2010 CITYTECH, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
JBoss Enterprise
Application Platform
JBoss Enterprise Application
Platform (JBoss EAP) is the
market-leading, open source
enterprise Java platform for
developing and deploying in
novative and scalable Java
applications. Combining a ro
bust, yet flexible, architecture
with an open source software
license, JBoss EAP has become
the most popular middleware
system for developers, in
dependent software vendors
(ISVs), and enterprises alike.
• We are a certified JBoss
advanced system integration
• We believe in leveraging open
• Specialize in architecting and
developing highly available
and scalable enterprise
• Agile iterative approach to
conquering large application
development initiatives.
Moder ni z i ng a Legac y Appl i c at i on Us i ng
J Bos s S eam
CITYTECH is an IT consultancy specializing in the development of highly available and
scalable enterprise applications. We believe the best enterprise solutions are created
by technical architects who understand business-related issues and possess the expert
knowledge of top software development platforms like Java Enterprise Edition and
Microsoft .NET. CITYTECH consultants’ grasp of both business and technology ensures
that the systems we design won’t constrain your organization, but can adapt to meet
ever-changing business needs.
CITYTECH is located in the heart of downtown Chicago. Our success is attributed to
executing projects in an agile, but methodical way using a small team of experienced
full-time consultants. We achieve our number one priority, client satisfaction, by mir
roring our agenda to that of our client. We establish long-term relationships through
partnerships with our clients and vendors in order to consistently provide the most up
to date, best practices and best fit services.
Let us share our methodologies, practices, and experiences
to help you achieve your business goals today. CITYTECH
believes in leveraging technology to help you with today’s
challenges and prepare you for tomorrow’s opportunities.
211 W. Wacker Drive
Suite 1300
Chicago, Illinois 60606
(312) 673-6433
Matt Van Bergen
(312) 673-6433 x111
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