SQL server Network utility

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Juan Salazar

Please right click the symbol in the lower right corner, and then
press preview, to hear the presentation for each page.

SQL Server

This is a relational database management system.

This assists with encryption, analysis, reporting, among
other areas.


Structured Query Language

A database querying language.

Used in requesting and modifying data in a database.

With the installation of the SQL Server

Client Network Utility is also installed.

Client Network Utility

Automatically installed on each of the Windows
operating systems, starting with Windows 2000.

This is the client
based counterpart to SQL Server
Network Utility.

Changes the way that the client machines
communicate with the SQL Server.

Ex. Telling ADO (Active X Data Objects) which
network protocols to use in connecting to SQL Server.


The executable for the network utility.

Tabs for the Client Network Utility window.



Lists enabled (by order) and disabled protocols.

Can force the use of protocol encryption and enable
shared protocol memory.

Use to set Net Libraries used.


Use to create aliases, or view the existing ones.

Register server instances and aliases.

In its window, can see server alias configuration and
add, remove, or edit.

Library Options

Acts as interface DLL to SQL Server.

Included in window:

Lists libraries and set limited options on preferences

Information on the libraries.

Able to change between ANSI characters to OEM.

Set to get date/time from system, or from hardcoded

Need to keep aware of DB
Library values to update as server
changes are made.

Stopped enhancements to this with server version 6.5.

Network Libraries

Set the network libraries properties.

View names, paths, and file information. See the DLL files.

Allows one to see when libraries are out of date and need to

Some issues for people using the tool with
older OS’s. Since the tools creation the possible
actions one can take on systems has expanded

When using the Client Network Utility to add a
new client configuration entry, which uses the

IPX/SPX network library, an invalid
port address format is allowed.

Activation of the tool:



Microsoft SQL Server

Network Utility.




I hope this has been informative.