Unit 10

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I. Unit Design: Unit 10

The learner will develop an understanding of DC electric circuits.

Unit Objectives:
Unit 10 has three major objectives.

1. The learner will understand and analyze the relationships between potential

difference, curr
ent, and resistance in DC circuits.

2. The student will be able to analyze and understand the relationships between

current, voltage, and resistance in series and parallel circuits.

3. The student will be able to measure and analyze the nature of power

as it relates to

a DC circuit.

Student Understandings

The main concepts to be learned for:

objective 1:

direct current circuit, volt (potential difference), ampere (current),

ohm (resistance)

objective 2:


law, series circuits, parallel circuits

objective 3:

watts (power)

Final Assessments:


objectives 1
3: Circuits Lab


depending on available time before the EOC

test objective 1 and then 2 and 3

together, or if time is short all thr
ee could be tested together.




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