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Downloading and Installing JDK and Java EE 5 App Server

We will first download JDK, then Java EE 5.

I found and downloaded JDK 6:

Unfortunately, the other bundles are not complete (we want both Netbeans and Java EE,
which is not available as a bu
ndle combined with JDK). We’ll do two installs: JDK, then,
Netbeans + Java EE.

If it asks about reinstalling
a public JRE for Java 6, you may

say “
yes” (or no to keep
existing JRE version).

Java EE 5 Installatio

Google: Search for java ee download. Click on the first link.

Click the third button “Download with Tools” for Java Application Platform SDK Update

Accept the License Agreement. The page will reload (license links will vanish).

Select the

last link for Windows installation EXE file. Don’t click on the checkbox. Don’t
click the Download selected with Sun Download Manager. Just click the
hyperlink I
highlighted below

You should not get this
; JNLP is Web Start file, we are directly dow
nloading the installer

If you click the
link, you should get this:

I would save it to a downloads or installers directory. It is large; best not kept in a temp

After searching for and discovering a Java (JRE)
installation, we get the first page:

I had JRE 6 but not JDK 6 on this machine, so I got this error:

Then it crashes. Ignore and continue.

If it can’t find the JDK, maybe you didn’t install the JDK? If you did, browse and find it:


normally, you should get this instead:

The path to Sun Java EE 5 application server (Sun JSAS) may not have a space character
within (you can’t install under Program Files, for example):

After a long installation proces
s… success!

Next: Try installing and running (deploying) a sample enterprise application… (shown in
another document).