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Visit Mozilla.orgBrown Bag PresentationsPageDiscussionEditHistoryMoveWatchSearch Go SearchPersonal toolsJboriss@mozilla.comMy talkMy preferencesMy watchlistMy contributionsLog outNavigationMain pageRecent changesRandom pageForumPhonebookPTO notificationToolboxWhat links hereRelated changesUpload fileSpecial pagesBrown Bag PresentationsFrom MFIntranetThis page lists presentations at the Mountain View office that are geared toward an audience largerthan just a specific team. A presentation can be on any interesting, revelevant topic, presented by youor a guest speaker. Presentations can be for employees or the broader community.ContentsBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
1 Scheduling Presentations2 Upcoming Presentations3 Audio, IRC and Video3.1 Conference Call Audio3.2 Community Presentations3.3 Internal Presentations4 Previous PresentationsScheduling PresentationsTo schedule a presentation, file an IT Brownbag Request.IT will make sure to:Add to the MoCo Zimbra calendar1.Update the schedule below2.Provide technical assistance3.Upcoming PresentationsAudienceTopic and PresenterDate/TimeDescriptionPublicHow WebQA responds to,plans for, and executes on,new projects - StephenDonnerThursday,December 8,1:30PM PSTI plan on covering how WebQA responds to,plans for, and executes on, new projects (ratherthan existing projects).PublicMozCamp EU & AsiaWrap-upThursday,December 8,4:00 PM PSTThe Contributor Engagement team will present awrap-up of the MozCamp EU and Asia eventsheld in November of 2011. The presentation willgo over the lessons learned from the MozCamps,the feedback from the participants, and someconsiderations for MozCamps being planned for2012 and beyond.If you attended MozCamp EU or Asia and havefeedback, please either provide feedback via thesurveys which were sent out to participants orplease join this brownbag. If you would like toattend future MozCamps and learn about howbetter to work with our community for yourproject or task, please join our brownbag.Brown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
PublicKnowing Where One'sTowel Is (TheNeurobiology of DecisionMaking)- Curtis KoenigFriday,December 9,12PM NoonPSTSomebody who can stay in control of virtuallyany situation is somebody who is said to knowwhere his or her towel is.This presentation will cover the basic biology ofhow our brains operate in stressful situations.Being able to maintain ones composure andmake quality decisions is a skill for life. We willcover how to recognize these situations and thencover strategies for maintaining one's composureand encouraging rational decision making.PublicMobile Test DriversProgram - Alex KeyblFriday,December 9,1:30PM PSTTips on Installation, Getting Started, and FilingBugs to help us change the future of MobilePublicPretotyping: Make Sureyou are building the right'it' before you build it right- Alberto SavoiaTuesday,December13, 12PMNoon PSTAlberto Savoia is currently an EngineeringDirector at Google and has the subtitleinnovation agitator. Alberto is a long time SilconValley entrepreneur and has been working on thenew concept of Pretotyping.Pretotyping: Make Sure you are building theright 'it' before you build it rightPrototypes can help you fail faster, but often notfast enough or cheaply enough. The more youinvest in something the harder it is to let it goand admit it was the wrong thing. Once you havea “proper prototype” working, it’s tempting towork on it a little longer and invest in it a littlemore: “If we add this one feature I am sure thatpeople will finally use it.” Prototypes often turninto productypes – a prototype gone too far – andyou can kiss fail-fast goodbye.Between abstract ideas and “proper prototypes”there are pretotypes. Pretotypes make it possibleto collect valuable usage and market data tomake a go/no-go decision on a new idea at afraction of the cost of pro- totypes: hours or daysinstead of weeks or months, and pennies insteadof dollars. Pretotyping helps you fail fast,recover fast and leaves you plenty of time,money, energy and enthusiasm to explore newtweaks or ideas until you hit on something thatpeople seem to want – the rare and wonderfulright it!Brown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
PublicWebFWD Team -Lightening TalksThursday,December15, 12PMNoon PSTWebFWD Ligntening Talks > Our teams will bein town for 3 days; at this brown bag they willshare some top-of-mind issues they're workingwith now. Read about them at PresentationsWednesday,December14th 12PMNoon PSTPublicIntern PresentationsThursday,December15, 2PM PSTPublicMozilla Ignite appschallengehttp://mozillaignite.orgThursday,December22, 12PMNoon PSTMozilla Ignite is an apps challenge managed inpartnership with the National ScienceFoundation. WE're giving away $500k in prizesto stimulate the development of apps for nextgeneration networks. We'll share details on apps challenge, and ask forfeedback and help on making the challenge aseffective as possible.Audio, IRC and VideoConference Call AudioEven if you can't be physically present you can still listen and participate in discussion. Allpresentations are available on our conference call line. To join in for audio only:Dial 1-800-707-2533 (password 369) or 1-650-215-1282 (extension 92#)Then dial Conference number 8600#Do not dial in if there is video -- there will be an annoying lag between the two.NOTE: Do not use #8600 to dial in if the topic is confidential -- you can't really tell if there's anyonelurking there. Check with the moderator, who will provide a personal extension or other number forthe call.Community PresentationsIf the discussion is for the broader community:IRC: irc:// - discussionVideo: - streamed live over Air MozillaInternal PresentationsInternal presentations are for Mozilla employees and are not distributed in the wider community.Brown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
IRC: irc:// - IRC discussion for internal presentations takes placeon the #brownbag IRC channel. If you need help, we have information about IRC and settingup an IRC client.Video: - If video is streaming for the discussion,visit and the broadcast should open automatically inyour browser.If you prefer to use a standalone player, you can use Quicktime Player, VLC, orWindows Media Player (or any other player capable of playing streaming MPEG-4), tellit to open a URL (this is Command-U or Control-U in Quicktime, not sure what inWMP or others), paste in the following URL:rtsp:// is known to not work with our webcasts. Something about failure to adhere to openstandards or something. ;) (It's a standard MPEG-4 stream)Previous PresentationsSome archived videos are available here, and others are available here. For the former link you'lleither need to be on the local network or connected via VPN. Also see the old presentations onMozilla Developer Connection.List of 2010 PresentationsList of 2009 PresentationsList of 2008 PresentationsList of 2007 PresentationsList of 2006 PresentationsThe list of 2011 presentations is below.AudienceTopic andPresenterDate/TimeDescriptionPublicWebFWD Update -Pascal Finette &Diane BisgeierThursday,December 8,12PM NoonPSTA brownbag about WebFWD itself - wheredo we come from, what did we do, how doesit work, what do we plan. We'll co-presentthis with Pascal in Mountain View & Dianein SF. Bring your food, questions and see usin action. We bring toPython withBedrockWednesday,December 7,2:00 PM PSTJames Long will be giving an update on ourplans to transition to Python,and showing how this will be very beneficialfor many groups of people across Mozilla.He will present a roadmap and timeline forthe transition and explain how we intend tohandle some complications we foresee.PublicZURB Design'snew FoundationWednesday,December 7,Jonathan Smiley, Lead Designer and MattKelly, Lead Engineer at ZURB will walk usBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
platform to rapidlyprototype anddesign anddevelopmentacross multipleplatforms.12:00PMPSTthrough how Foundation helps front enddevelopers and designers quickly build appsthat work across all types of devices. Moreat PrivacySurvive? - Dr. JohnGuelkeTuesday,December 6,12PM NoonPSTDevelopments in technology may pose athreat to privacy, but does it matter? Dr.John Guelke leads a discussion describingthe norms of privacy we have inheritedprotecting our bodies, our homes and ourthoughts. Transmission of information canindeed intrude upon protected areas of ourlives, but not all sharing is a threat toprivacy, or unwanted. In public spaces weall understand that others may judge us forwhat we say and do, and this is perfectlyconsistent with the understanding that once Iam in my home that is no longer fair game.There are some genuinely new problems aswell, such as the creation of a permanentrecord and the possibilities for search. Here,only a rich understanding of what privacy isfor can provide guidance.Dr. John Guelke is Detecter ResearchFellow at the Centre for the Study of GlobalEthics in the University of Birminghamphilosophy department, UK. He works onapplied ethics, security, political philosophyand epistemology.PublicCross-Site RequestForgery - FrederikBraunMonday,December 5,12PM NoonPSTThis talk will cover the basics of Cross-SiteRequest Forgery (CSRF). We will furtherdiscuss the impact such an attack may haveand outline best-practices to remedy CSRFissues.Employees OnlyEU and US SearchAntitrustInvestigationsThursday,November17, 12:15PMPSTHarvey is hosting Hanno Kaiser forbrownbag on the Google investigations. Afew non-Mozilla volunteers from theacademic community will be invited toattend.Hanno F. Kaiser is an antitrust lawyer with aspecial focus on Internet and technologymarkets. He has represented clients beforethe US Department of Justice, the FederalTrade Commission, the EuropeanCommission, and the German Federal CartelBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
Office in transactions involving, forexample, search engines, online advertising,content distribution, online auctions,operating systems, proprietary and opensource enterprise software, digital andanalog chip design and standard setting. Inaddition, Mr. Kaiser has extensiveexperience in medical devices and theinterplay of FDA regulation and the mergercontrol process. In the “bricks and mortar”world, Mr. Kaiser has recently advisedcasino companies, supermarkets, cleanenergy firms, and a variety of financialinstitutions, trade associations and hedgefunds in various national and internationalproceedings.PublicMozilla Labs Appsproject - JaneFinette, Ragavan,Jennifer ArguelloFriday,November18, 12PMNoon PSTRags / Bill and I would like to host a brownbag in Mt View and broadcast on AirMozilla on Wednesday 23rd November atNoon please.We'll presenting our web app story so far.PublicCommunityMarketing Call -Grace JimenezWednesday,November31, 10AMPSTCommunity Marketing CallPublicMDN webinar onIndexedDB - JonasSickingThursday,December 1,9AM PSTJonas Sicking will discuss the reasons anduse cases for Mozilla's implementation ofIndexedDB, and its relationship to otherclient-side data storage options. He'll also gothrough a simple code example of usingIndexedDB.PublicSOPA LegislationDiscussionWednesday,November 9,2PM PSTA few of of invited attorneys andgovernment staff are getting together onWeds at 2pm (PST) to talk about the newSOPA legislation specifically to coordinateour action plans. Elizabeth Stark fromStanford, Alex Fowler, and HarveyAnderson are coordinating this session.PublicBrowserID Privacy& SecurityWednesday,November 9,12PM PSTThe BrowserID project has been movingforward, and we are going to present someinformation on the security and privacyreviews that are ongoing.PublicGetting MoreContributorsInvolved withThursday,November 3,12 Noon PSTDavid Boswell and David Eaves will discusshow to get more contributors involved withMozilla. This brown bag will coverBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
Mozillachallenges faced by contributors today,analysis of data we have about thecontribution process and resources that areavailable to help teams more effectivelybring in new contributors.PublicJenn Ng - HPwebOS Palm UserResearcherWednesday,November 2,12PM PSTJenn will talk about her methods at HP andshare some insights she's found whileconducting research on their productivityand communication applications.Jennifer Ng is an user experience researcherat HP webOS Palm where she leads userresearch for productivity andcommunication applications from fieldstudies, data analysis and usability studies.Before joining HP webOS Palm, Jenniferworked at Nectarine Group as a userexperience designer deeply involved withmobile user experiences including theBarnes & Noble nookCOLOR, Roku,various convergent TV UI design, and photoexperiences. She also worked at the brand-experience design consultancy Method,where she designed experiences for the TV,games, mobile devices, websites based oninsights from deep user research. Involvedwith the web 2.0 community, Jennifer hasalso consulted for various entrepreneurialefforts including Women 2.0, Spongecell,Wize and Stanford leading both design andresearch.Jennifer received her Masters in HumanComputer Interaction from Carnegie MellonUniversity and her Bachelors of Arts inCognitive Science with an emphasis inComputational Modeling from UC Berkeley.Employees OnlySync OutagePostmortem &Lessons LearnedPresenter: MikeConnor & Jeff VierThursday,October 18,4:00PM PSTSpecific outline to follow, but we'll bereviewing the recent Sync outage, talkingthrough actions already lined up and inprogress, and gathering wider feedback andQ&A.Employees OnlyMozilla WorkingWomens Group -Jane Finette, RoweHoffer, MitchellBakerThursday,October 20,11:45AMPSTThis is our 8 week MWWG lunch meeting /preso.Agenda is here: Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
We will require help from IT for the set upand equipment please.Please can you help provide dial ininformation for us.Mitchell will likely run / facilitate this event.PublicUser Research -Findings from Q3Thursday,October 27,12PM PSTWe'll be presenting the findings of 3 casestudies that we preformed over the lastquarter.PublicTobias MarkusFinal PresentationFriday,10/28/2011Time: 1 pmPDTIntern Final Presentation - "Web Tests andQA Community Website"PublicNow You See It:How the BrainScience ofAttention WillTransform the WayWe Live, Work,and LearnMonday,October 31,12:30PMPSTCathy Davidson helped create the Center forCognitive Neuroscience at Duke University,and currently co-directs the annualHASTAC/MacArthur Foundation DigitalMedia and Learning competitions. She hasalso served as a community partner with theMozilla Foundation, running the "Stormingthe Academy" tent at Drumbeat. She hasconducted cutting-edge research on thebrain. She will show how “attentionblindness” has produced one of our society’sgreatest challenges, and at the same time,how schools with curriculums built aroundvideo games to companies that train workersusing virtual environments are overcomingthese obstacles.PublicWebFWDMonday,October 10,2PM PSTWebFWDPublicTwitter'sexperiencebuilding a HTML5 mobile app -ManuelDeschampsWednesday,October 12,12PM PST TheMusical-Asa TellsPostponedJoin us in 10 Forward to hear spokesmodelAsa Dotzler tell the tale of Mozilla, from it'sBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
the Mozilla Storyhumble origins to Godzilla of searchengines! Intended for Interns but great foranyone who is new to Mozilla and lookingto learn more about what makes us tick.PublicLessons Learnedfrom 100+(simulated) AgileTransitions -ElisabethHendricksonThursday,October 6,12:30PMPST(This will take place in 10 Forward) Agilesoftware coach and Entaggle founderElisabeth Hendrickson will discuss learningabout the transition to agile softwaredevelopment through the fictional companyWord Count, Inc. This simulation isdesigned to take a team through a full Agiletransformation in a matter of hours byexposing all of the different issues that canoccur with these transitions in real life.PublicStructure andMotivation of aNew Wiki toBetter EnableOpenness andCollaboration inSustainability -Ward Cunningham,Nike Open-DataFellow and LauraAdams, NikeDigital LeadWednesday,October 5,1PM PSTWe show how advances in web technologiesencourage a fresh approach to wiki sharingthat more closely align with the idealism ofthe early internet.We also argue that a federation of serversbest meets the collective (pre-competive)need for aggregation, interpretation anddistribution of sustainability data.Bio/Background Ward is best known as theinventor of the "Wiki" style of website.Among his many other contributionsincluding being an founder of both the"Extreme Programing" and Software DesignPatterns movements. Recently he has beenworking on small scale federated wiki's: some background on what Ward isdoing at Nike and what Nike is doing with"open data" see New PatentReform Act - ALook from Insidethe Beltway-Derrick Brent andThursday,September29, 1PM PSTDerrick Brent is a senior counsel in theoffice of Sen. BARBARA BOXER,D-CA),Washington, DC Advise the Senator onrange of issues such as constitutionalmatters, civil rights, judicial nominationsBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
Harvey Anderson(including Supreme Court nominations),criminal justice, counter-terrorism,intellectual property, election reform, andtelecommunications. Develop, draft andanalyze legislative proposals. Draft floorspeeches. Significant projects include:manage judicial and U.S. attorneynominations process; develop legislation forgang prevention, school safety and childprotection; advise the Senator on patentreform, FCC reform, military commissionsand foreign intelligence surveillance.PrivateBugzilla andNASA - IreneTollinger & MattSharpeWednesday,September28, 12PMPSTIn this talk Irene and Matt will show us howNASA uses Bugzilla across the agency dobring people safely into space (and muchmore). We will see their heavycustomizations NASA has done on top ofBugzilla to turn it into a data managementsystem used on the International SpaceStation and the Shuttle program.Internal/EmployeesOnlyInterns Show &TellThursday,September22nd, 1:30pm PacificAlex Moss (Legal) Legal exceptionalism atMozilla, Brian Burg (Research) jsprobes: anexperiment in cross-platform browserinstrumentation using JavaScriptPublicAndroid Security -Adrienne PorterFeltThursday,September22th, 12PMPacificAn Evaluation of the Per-ApplicationPermission ModelABSTRACT: Traditional user-basedpermission systems assign the user's fullprivileges to all applications. Modernapplication platforms (like Android andHTML5) use a per-application permissionmodel, in which each application has adifferent set of privileges based on itsrequirements. In theory, the per-applicationpermission model limits the impact ofvulnerabilities to applications' declaredpermissions, informs users of the risks ofapplications, and facilitates a centralizedreview process. We explore whether thesebenefits are being realized in practice byperforming case studies on Android and theGoogle Chrome extension system. This talkwill cover a set studies on Androidapplications and Chrome extensions thatevaluate application permissionBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
requirements, application overprivilege,malware permission usage, and thepermissions leaked by buggy applications. Itwill also include some preliminary resultson user understanding of Androidpermission requests. From these studies, wedistill lessons for the design of futureapplication platforms.(VIDEO) LoggingBrownbag - YvanBoilyWednesday,Septermber21st, 12PMPacificI will be delivering a brown bag on CEFlogging for applications deployed byMozilla.PublicInterns Show &TellMonday,September19th, 3 pmPacificAnnika Heinle (Organizing ReMo:Communications Reps)PublicInterns Show andTellFriday,September9th, 1 pmPacificNick Fitzgerald (Source Code Cartography),Tom Austin (Dom.js and Zaphod), VineethKashyap (Static Flow Analysis of FirefoxExtensions), David Kettler (OMG let's goSHOPPING!), Shawn Gong (Small steps,carrying out the HTML5's)PublicInterns Show &TellThursday,September8th, 1 pmPacificJim Chen (Linux development tools onAndroid & how bugs came to fear them),Adrian Gaudebert (ElasticSearch inSocorro), Shu-yu Guo (Salvaging theTracer: Pimping a Really Old Horse), TimDisney ( bugs suck,contracts rock!)PublicInterns Show &TellWednesday,September7th, 1 pmPacificDon Jang(Flowmonkey:A fast taint trackingengine for JavaScript), Tim Chevalier (TheRust Typestate System), Marina Samuel(Sync Additions & Improvements), DavidKeeler (DNSSEC-TLS or: How I Learned toStop Worrying and Love Acronyms)PrivatePeople TeamMeetingWednesday,September7th, 10:30 amPacificDebbie CohenPublicInterns Show &TellThursday,September1st, 1 pmPacificWilliam Chen (New HTML5 features),Jezreel Ng (Electrolysing Session Restore),Michael Kurze (Grouperfish ML platform in5 weeks)Brown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
PublicInterns Show &TellFriday,August 26th,1 pm PacificSinchan Banerjee (A summer's UXography),Hannes Verschore (Opcodes in IonMonkey),Rezwana Karim(100 Days of summer withaddons), Owen Coutts (Mozmill Results),Marc Jessome (Autolanding BugzillaPatches)PublicOWASP Bay AreaChapter Meeting -Multiple SpeakersThursday,August 25 @6pm Pacificthe state of application security.PublicInterns Show &TellThursday,August 25th,1 pm PacificPaul Stansifer (macros for Rust), AndrewScheff (My Summer with IonMonkey),Riccardo Pelizzi (Cross-Site ScriptingProtection for Firefox)PublicWOSH - Show &Tell of the winningprojects (top 3)(Julie Deroche)FridayAugust 5th,2011 @3:00PMPacificThe top 3 winning teams of WOSH will beat Mozilla to do a live demo and answerquestions about their projects.PublicMitchell Baker-Intern SeriesFridayAugust 5th,2011 @12:30PMPacificA series of brown bags intended for Internsbut open to all. Mitchell will address theinterns and answer any questions they have.PublicIntern JoshCranmer-DXR: Asmarter way ofbrowsing sourcecodeThursdayAugust 4th,2011 @3:00PMPacificDescription: Josh's internship wraps up thisweek, come see what he has been workingon with the Research/Platform team.PrivateChristopher Jung -Mozilla MetricsWednesdayAugust 3,2011 @12:00PMPacificDescription: Intro to Mozilla Metrics andkey Firefox metrics.PublicJohn Slater -CommunityMarketing CallWednesdayAugust 3,2011 @10:00AMPacificDescription: Marketing call to thecommunity.PrivateChristopher Jung -Mozilla MetricsWednesdayAugust 3,2011 @12:00PMPacificDescription: Intro to Mozilla Metrics andkey Firefox metrics.PublicBen Lerner,University ofWashingtonTuesdayAugust 2nd,2011 @1:30PMChallenges and Opportunities for ImprovingBrowser ExtensionsBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
PacificPublicJim Cook /Facilities / ITTeam - SF OfficeMove Brown BagTuesdayAugust 2nd,2011 @12:00PMPacificEverything you need to know and everyquestion answered about your upcomingmove to our new and awesome SF Office!PublicThe Future ofFirefox UserExperience - AlexLimiWednesdayJuly 27th,2011 @12:00PMPacificI'll be showing some of the work the FirefoxUX team has been doing since Firefox 4, avisual design direction, a better model foradd-on integration, the 80/20/2 rule, Hometab / New tab, and Presence in the browser.PublicMark Lentczner -Belay ResearchProject (Googleweb security)Tuesday July26th, 2011 @12:00PMPacificThe Belay Research Project( is exploring theuser experience and systems architecture forsimple, yet secure, interactions betweencomponents on the web and in the browser.Our current prototype, BCAP, enables cloudapplications to build facilities such assharing, accounts, and 3rd party access in away that is both more secure, and moreunderstandable to the user than the currentweb, and easier to code and model by thedeveloper.Mark Lentczner, the Belay tech lead, willpresent their goals, designs, and will demo asecure web-app execution environment..PublicBitcoin: ATechnicalIntroduction -Brian WarnerThursday,July 21, 2011@ 12:00PMPacificBitcoin is a new digital currency system thathas sparked a lot of intense discussion. Thistalk will describe the underlyingcryptographic protocol, the transaction log,block chain, mining, and the proof-of-worksystem. I plan to explain the incentives thatencourage participants to do integrity-checking work on behalf of other users, andwhich make it more economical forattackers to follow the rules than to attemptto disrupt the system. I hope to provideenough information for attendees to evaluateclaims of anonymity and decentralization forthemselves. The talk will be fairly technical,but with lots of diagrams.PublicIntern FinalPresentationsWednesday,July 20, 2011@ 2PMJoin us to bid farewell to the first of theinterns leaving this summer and see whatthey have been up to.Brown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
PacificAbhinav Sharma-Labs Intern. Prospector:Search and Discovery Experiments NikhilMarathe-Platform Intern. Low-level typeddata access in JavaScript Hernan RodriguezColmeiro-Firefox Intern. Shaking FirefoxProtonsPublicHands-On SecurityHacking - CrossSite Scripting -Michael CoatesWednesday,July 20, 2011@ 12:00PMPacificThe infrastructure security holds monthlybrownbags on current threats and securitytopics. July's topic is cross site scripting(XSS). During this hands-on brownbagattendees will learn about cross sitescripting, exploit a vulnerable testingapplication and learn about secure codingprinciples that can be used to prevent XSSvulnerabilities in their applications.Topics: Understanding Cross Site ScriptingExploiting a vulnerable applicationDefensive Design Content Security PolicyNote: The lab component requiresinstallation prior to the brownbag. Pleasevisit for moreinformation.PublicDiary Studies -How to ConductDiary Studies - auser researchtechniqueTuesday, July19, 2011 @12:00PMPacificDiary studies can be a great technique ifyou're trying to understand a user's behaviorover the course of a week or two, but can'tobserve them the whole time. Learn how tomake sure your diary study is successful andhelps you answer your hypothesis. Open toall - not just user experience designers andresearchers.PublicHTML5 Video -Chris HeilmannThursday,July 14, 2011@ 9:00AMPacificThis presentation is part of the Hackswebinar series, which provides webdevelopers with practical information aboutopen web standards.Chris will show an HTML5 video demo thathe created, and talk about and show the codefor it.PublicLabs DemopartyProjectThursday,July 14, 2011@ 12:30PMPacific(Brownbag)Tobias Leingruber is in town from Berlin,and he'll give an introduction of the ongoingDemoparty project, an initiative to fosterartful exploration of open web technologies,building a bridge between Demoscene artistsBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
and HTML5/JS/CSS3/WebGL enthusiasts toshow-off their skills and what browers arecapable of.See some cool demos that people havecreated so far and hear more about ourevents + online competitionTeaser: Pictures of the Helsinki Event andthe Winning DemoIn-OfficeMobile Hacking -Blackhat PartialTrial Run - BlakeTurrentineThursday,July 14, 2011@ 6:00PMPacificThis will be a 3.5 hr presentation of theMobile Hacking course that will be taught atblackhat this year. The course cover aportion of the material slated for the 2 daytraining session. The purpose of thispresentation is to obtain real time feedbackon the quality of the course and the materialfrom audience participants.PublicThe MozillaIdentity Roadmap -Dan MillsWednesday,July 6, 2011@ 12:00PMPacificI'll go over the vision and roadmap foridentity at Mozilla. Everyone interested inwhat direction we're heading in is welcome.PublicKnow your usersand test your ideasas early as possible- User ResearchThursday,June 30, 2011@ 12:00PMPacificPublicStorytime with Asa(Intern Series)Wednesday,June 29, 2011@ 12:00PMPacificOur great Mozilla story teller Asa Dotzlerwill regale you with stories of the high seasof the interwebs, from our humblebeginnings to Firefox 5.PublicWhy we must ask"why" in designingsecure systems -Markus JakobssonWednesday,June 22, 2011@ 12:00PMPacificAbstract:Computer security has a tradition ofresponding to the symptoms of problemswithout taking the time to ask what thesources of the problems are. I will argue thatthis approach has made the userauthentication experience frustrating andvulnerable; enabled phishing; and created atremendous market for malware. I will giveexamples of some well-known approachesthat were designed without a thoroughunderstanding of the underlying problemsand limitations, and how they could beredesigned and improved. In particular, Iwill cover web and app spoofing; mobilepasswords; and bullet-proof detection ofmalware.Brown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
Bio:Dr. Markus Jakobsson is a founder of thesecurity startups RavenWhite and Fatskunk,and Principal Scientist of ConsumerSecurity at PayPal. He has held positions asPrincipal Scientist at Palo Alto ResearchCenter, Principal Research Scientist at RSASecurity, Member of the Technical Staff atBell Labs, Associate Professor at IndianaUniversity and Adjunct Associate Professorat New York University. Dr Jakobsson is avisiting research fellow of the Anti-PhishingWorking Group, and serves on the technicaladvisory boards of Cellfony and Lifelock.His research is focused on socio-technicalfraud; he has contributed to the knowledgeof phishing, crimeware and efficientcryptographic protocols, and is currentlyfocusing his efforts on mobile malware andmobile user authentication. He is an editorof "Phishing and Countermeasures" (Wiley,2006) and "Crimeware: Understanding NewAttacks and Defenses" (Symantec Press,2008). He received his PhD in computerscience from University of California at SanDiego in 1997.For more details and for publications, seewww.markus-jakobsson.comPublicWhy OpenStandards Matter,and Pie- Tantek ÇelikMonday, June20, 2011 @3:30PMPacific,HOLODECKAbstract:Mozilla supports open web standards inimplementation in our products (likeFirefox), in development in open standardscommunities (like W3C, ECMA, IETF,WHATWG, microformats,PortableContacts, ActivityStreams), and inadvocacy (like speaking about andpromoting HTML5, CSS3, DOM, etc.).If you've ever wondered, what makes anopen standard "open", how are openstandards made, why are open standardsimportant to the open web, and why we needto defend open standards against attempts byone or a small number of large companies tosubvert them, come on by.Brown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
Open to any questions about open webstandards.Some background reading: 10 Practices forGood Open Web Standards DevelopmentEmployees OnlyOne Mozilla,Beginning WithBedrock & TalkingAbout Team Needs- Team: Fred,James, Anthony,Chrissie, Laura,Steven, & StasThursday,June 16, 2011@ 12:00PMPacificThis brownbag will open with an overviewof an exciting hack, "What is Bedrock," andthen transition into:What needs/challenges does WebDevhave working on Moz.comWhat needs/challenges does L10Nhave working on Moz.comWhat needs/challenges doesEngagement have working onMoz.comIn an effort to begin discussions about afuture One Mozilla, possibly built onBedrock, and with the goal of growingsolutions and innovation for all teams!PublicHTML5 GameProgrammingCompetitionWinners - NicolasSmith and AvivKeshetFriday, June17, 2011 @11:00AMPacificStudents Nicolas Smith and Aviv Keshet ofMIT are the winners of the HTML5 gamedesign contest we held in January. Comejoin us to welcome Nicolas and Aviv toMountain View where they will bepresenting their game as well as telling us alittle bit about how they designed it.For more information and to play their game"Dots" go to: 5 Launch +How to Participate- Mary ColvigWednesday,June 15, 2011@ 10:00AMPacificPublicMozilla Sync andServices - JenniferArguelloWednesday,June 15, 2011@ 12:00PMPacificThe Sync team will talking about the roadmap and touching on other general MozillaServices.PublicSoftware Testing:User Experience,Collaboration andCats - LanetteCreamerTuesday, June14, 2011 @12:00PMPacificCustomers who are so delighted with aproduct or service that they will tell othersare a magnificent asset which everycompany wishes to retain and attract. Whilewe have many ways to test for code stability,Brown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
features, and functionality, there are not asmany test methodologies that explorereporting on the overall user experience.Workflow testing is the practical approachthat we have applied to testingcollaboratively for the user experience.Workflow testing methodology scales from ause case all the way to testing across theAdobe Creative Suite Master Collections.Having an efficient way to holistically reportthe user experience is an effective way toimprove overall product quality. This isespecially true in multi-user scenarios whichspan many features, different applications,and a myriad of operating systems.In this talk we will share what happened atAdobe, how the same methods used forencouraging collaboration at Adobe wererecently modified to work in an oldfashioned IT department and also forhelping two adult cats adopted from ashelter to get along with a very feisty andancient resident cat.Link to blog post about this talk: 8, 2011CommunityEngagementMeeting - MozillaUser EngagementTeamWednesday,June 8, 2011@ 10:00AMPacificHi All - Would like some help setting up andbroadcasting tomorrow morningsCommunity Engagement Meeting. The infois below. Would be great to have someone toget us all hooked up tomorrow, around 9:45so we're ready to rock at 10.Thanks!PublicBricolage:Example-basedRetargeting forWeb Design -Ranjitha Kumar &team (Stanford)Wednesday,June 8, 2011@ 12:00PMPacificThe Web provides a corpus of designexamples unparalleled in human history.However, leveraging existing designs toproduce new pages is often difficult. Weintroduce the Bricolage algorithm fortransferring design and content betweenWeb pages.Won the Best Paper award at CHI 2011.Brown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
Bricolage employs a novel, structured-prediction technique that learns to createcoherent mappings between pages bytraining on human-generated exemplars. Theproduced mappings are then used toautomatically transfer the content from onepage into the style and layout of another. Weshow that Bricolage can learn to accuratelyreproduce human page mappings, and that itprovides a general, efficient, and automatictechnique for retargeting content between avariety of real Web pages.Check for more info.PublicMozilla Mobile:Find out what weare up to withFirefox forAndroid andFirefox Home -Thomas ArendTuesday, June7, 2011 @12:00PMPacificGet the latest on Firefox for Android andFirefox Home. Learn about Mozilla's"Mobile Vision", user needs and mobilemarket requirements, and understand detailsof our mobile roadmap.PublicRecord & ReplayJavaScript -Gregor RichardsThursday,June 2, 2011@ 2:00PMPacificGregor Richards from Purdue is workingwith us on recording and replayingJavaScript execution during page load. Thisis useful for a wide range of applicationsfrom creating real-world benchmarks all theway to testing and QA.In this informal talk Gregor will describe thetools he created, and give a couple demos.We will record the talk for offline viewing.Employees OnlyOnline Privacy,Cybersecurity,Internet CopyrightProtection &Global Freeflow ofInformation on theInternet. - Daniel J.Weitzner (DeputyChief TechnologyOfficer for InternetPolicy)Wednesday,June 1, 2011@ 12:15PMPacificDaniel J. Weitzner is the Deputy ChiefTechnology Officer for Internet Policy in theWhite House Office of Science andTechnology Policy. His areas ofresponsibility include online privacy,cybersecurity, Internet copyright protection,and the global free flow of information onthe Internet. Prior to joining the WhiteHouse, he was Associate Administrator forPolicy at the United States CommerceDepartment’s National Telecommunicationsand Information Administration (NTIA).Before that, he served as a member of theBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
Obama-Biden Presidential Transition projecttechnology policy team.Prior to his service in the ObamaAdministration, Weitzner founded the MITCSAIL Decentralized Information Group,whose mission is to research social andtechnical aspects of the World Wide Web,taught Internet public policy in MIT’sElectrical Engineering and ComputerScience Department, and was PolicyDirector of the World Wide WebConsortium. While at MIT, he launched theWeb Science Research Initiative with TimBerners-Lee, Wendy Hall, Nigel Shadboltand James Hendler. Weitzner wasco-founder and Deputy Director of theCenter for Democracy and Technology, andDeputy Policy Director of the ElectronicFrontier Foundation. Weitzner has lawdegree from Buffalo Law School, and aB.A. in Philosophy from SwarthmoreCollege. His writings have appeared inScience magazine, the Yale Law Review,Communications of the ACM,Computerworld, Wired Magazine and SocialResearch.PublicPrototyping OpenSource Robots -Evolution of aRobot (TeroKarvinen andKimmo Karvinen)Tuesday, May24, 2011 @12:30PMPacificrobots through iterative approach.PublicIntroduction toexploratory testing- Shmuel GershonThursday,May 19, 2011@ 3:30PMPacificIntroduction to exploratory testing and howits management based on sessions can helporganize and report discovery activities.PublicDomain Seizuresand Implicationsfor FreeExpression andInnovation -Representative ZoeLofgrenThursday,May 19, 2011@ 12:00PMPacificRepresentative Zoe Lofgren will join us fora lunchtime discussion on the implicationsof recent domain seizures and currentlegislative proposals to free expression andinnovation on the web.PublicContributorEngagement andYou - TheWednesday,May 18, 2011@ 12:00PMThe Contributor Engagement team wouldlike to do a brownbag about our plans forthe year and talk about how we can workBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
ContributorEngagement TeamPacificwith other Mozillians to bring more peopleinto the community.Available on Air MozillaPublicBrowsers andRobots - DanielCasnerTuesday, May10, 2011 @12:30PMPacificDaniel Casner from Anybots will bespeaking about the Anybot, and telepresencerobots in general. He'll also be talking abouttheir decision to build a fully in-browserexperience.Some of you may have heard of the robotthat went into RedRock to order a scone.That was an AnyBot, and the controls are allin a Firefox plugin!Rumor has it an AnyBot will accompanyhim... or maybe he's just sending the bot.PublicRyan Snyder -Cha-Cha-ChaChange in WebsiteProcesses, DavidBowie Never SangThis OneFriday, April29, 2011 @2:00PMPacificAt this brown bag, we'll be presenting ournew website creation & retirement(end-of-life as it were) processes: child of the 80s, Ryan Snyder will strikeup a tune about change and talk us throughwhat to expect, and field questions andgather feedback.High-class heckling is welcome, but pleasedon't feed the animals :)PublicAndrewHalberstadt andMehdi Mulani-InternPresentationsFriday, April29, 2011 @1:00PMPacificOur Winter Automation and FirefoxEngineering interns, Andrew and Mehdi willmake their final presentations and discusswhat they have been working on for the lastfew months.PublicTara Whelan -Privacy, WiFi, andGeolocationFriday, April29, 2011 @12:00PMPacificTara is the IT Technologist from Canada'sOffice of the Privacy Commissioner, andwill be talking about Privacy issuessurrounding WiFi and Geolocation (inparticular the Google Wardriving issue).PublicAsa Dotzler- ATale of MozillaThursday,April 28,2011 @2:30PMPacificAsa will be telling his infamous Tale ofMozilla, from it's humble beginnings toGodzilla of Search Engines...this talk is for agroup visiting us from University SpaceResearch Association.Brown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
Employees OnlyCameron Lewis -Personal dataprivacy and Boardof Trade ModelThursday,April 28,2011 @1:00PMPacificCameron Lewis is the Statz CEO. He hasbeen a key manager in some of the largestInternet service companies - Netscape,, and Medscape - and hasbrought to market breakthrough medicalproducts, including PatientKeeper, Perspecta3D, and VuStik. He holds patents invisualization software and hardware, alongwith filings in medical and trading systems.Cameron grew online sales 8x at Netscape,led the merger of Medicalogic withMedscape that created a $1B company, and,as Director of Internet Operations, increased membership 400%.As a board member of Rocky MountainBiologicals, he helped guide the company'searly growth. Cameron has been focused onimproving outcomes for patients, web users,and consumers throughout his career andstrongly believes that Statz gives consumersthe necessary leverage in assuring thatbusinesses use private data with integrityand preserve the dignity of consumers.Cameron will discuss Statz, personal dataprivacy and Board of Trade model.PublicDavid Grossman -Internet Policy onthe Hill: CurrentTrends & IssuesTuesday,April 26,2011 @1:00PMPacificDavid Grossman will provide us with histhoughts on current Internet policy issuesbeing discussed on the Hill, including netneutrality and privacy.David serves as Senior Technology PolicyAdvisor to Representative Anna G. Eshoo(D-CA). Grossman joined the office inJanuary 2011, having most recently servedas Technology Counsel to the Democraticstaff of the House Small BusinessCommittee. Previously he worked asmanager of government affairs for theConsumer Electronics Association (CEA).Grossman began his career as a researchanalyst at Kellogg, Huber, Hansen, Todd,Evans & Figel, P.L.L.C., a law andconsulting firm specializing intelecommunications. Grossman holds aMaster’s Degree in Public Policy fromGeorge Mason University and a BA inPolitical Communication from GeorgeBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
Washington University’s School of Mediaand Public Affairs.Employees OnlyMark Surman &Nathaniel James -Knight-MozillaNews TechnologyPartnership (aka"MoJo')Thursday,April 21,2011 @12:00PMPacificCome learn about the Knight-Mozilla NewsTechnology Partnership (aka "MoJo') fromMark Surman and Nathaniel JamesWe envision news organizations everywhereare fully tapped into the technology andculture of the web. The next time there's amajor story—like the recent events inTunisia or Egypt—news organizationsaround the world will be using people,software, and ideas that came out of Knightand Mozilla's collaboration with newsorganizations.Through an open innovation process, we’llplace 15 fellows inside news organizationsaround the world. Working with the newshacker community, we’ll inspireorganizations across the news industry toadopt open web technologies.We are gearing up to launch the first of threeopen innovation challenges. Get up to dateand see how you can help out. Read up onMoJo at House -Freedom on theNet: Trends inInternet FreedomAcross 37CountriesTuesday,April 19,2011 @3:00PMPacificAs the recent uprisings across the MiddleEast have shown, information technologyfacilitates political change. For that veryreason, authoritarian regimes areintensifying their controls over the internet.Freedom House is now issuing its secondreport, Freedom on the Net, on levels ofinternet freedom around the world, whichrates internet access, censorship, and userrights in 37 countries and assesses keytrends in freedom of digital media.Representatives from Freedom House willjoin us to present the report’s main findingsand have a Q & A session with the audience.Employees OnlyOlivier Giroux -GPU architectureMonday,April 18,2011 @The modern GPU is a single-chipsupercomputer that supports an optionalgraphics mode. For example, NVIDIA'sBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
1:00PMPacificcurrent high-end GPU is a shared-memorySMP computer with 16 dual-coreprocessors, 6 dual-channel memorycontrollers and a low-latency crossbarswitch between them. This approach to GPUarchitecture represents an order ofmagnitude increase in computationalhorsepower available in all PC systems, atany price point, and a return to the pace ofMoore's Law. On April 18th come and listento Olivier Giroux, a Senior Architectworking on NVIDIA's GPU processor core,present more details of this architecture andsubtly hint at its future.PublicSteven Garrity - ABrief History ( - NOWWITH MORESCREENSHOTS!Tuesday,April 12,2011 @12:30PMPacific"I (Steven from silverorange) will give avisual walk-through of the history of and websites toprovide some context and background onhow we got to the website(s) we havetoday."PublicJames Long gitftwTuesday,April 12,2011 @10:00AMPacificI'll be presenting my proposal to to git tomorrow @10AM PSTin ten forward. It will be broadcasted and you can dial in. Pleasejoin us for some fun discussion.PublicTarek Ziadé -PythonThursday,April 7, 2011@2:00-5:00PMPacificPackaging, Improving Mozilla's use ofpython, also the good at the badPublicMike Morgan -Writing for theWebWednesday,March 30,2011 @12:00PMPacificLearn about what works and what doesn'twork when writing for the web. I'll sharewhat I've learned about web writing, runthrough some examples and we'll do a groupexercise on how to simplify a web page.Most of this content is derived from my blogpost here: I plan on expanding on thesetopics and offering a few additionalexamples.PublicErin Knight &Philipp Schmidt -Badges andWebcraft, buildingan openMonday,March 28,2011 @12:00PMPacificThis talk will be about their work at P2PUMozilla School of Webcraft.Brown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
infrastructure forweb developercertificationPublicLisa Crispin -Agile Testing andDevelopmentFriday,March 25,2011 @12:00PMPacificLisa Crispin is a well known author, bloggerand expert in thearea of Agile Methods and especially how toconduct software testing within agiledevelopment teams. In this brown bag, Lisawill discuss what Agile testing is and whatare the current best practices in agile testing.It is hoped that this information will spurinteractive questions and dialog on howthese concepts can contribute and beincorporated in our new quicker cadencedevelopment model.Employees OnlyPress Tour UpdateMelissa Shapiro &JohnathanNightingaleWednesdayMarch 162011 3:00PMWhat's New Video for Desktop:'s New Video for Mobile: Baron - Q &A SessionWednesday,March 9th @1:00pmPacificWe're planning a Q & A session with theCSS working group, whichis meeting at our office in Mountain Viewthis Monday-Wednesday, to let Mozillaemployees ask questions of the group.PublicRich Skrenta -Blekko, SlashtagSearching andSearch EngineWednesday,March 9th @12:00PMPacificBlekko ( is coming in totalk about their search engine, and why it'sgreat - should be a good talk.PublicWilliam Quivigerand PierrosPapadeas - TheMozilla RepsProgram (akaReMo)Tuesday,March 8th @1:00PMPacificIn our effort to grow and strengthen theMozilla contributor base, the ContributorEngagement team is launching a series ofnew initiatives to further engage with andrecruit new contributors. One of theseinitiatives is "Mozilla Reps" (aka ReMo), aprogram that aims to provide the necessarytools and resources for passionateMozillians to become "official" Mozillarepresentatives (or MozReps) in theircountry or region and to help themrecruit/mentor new contributors. Pierros andBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
William will present the vision, structureand objectives of the program, as well as theinfrastructure behind it and the roadmap for2011. We'll make sure to leave a lot of timefor Q&A!PublicPyPy Mozilla Talk- Armin Rigo,MaciejFijalkowski, AlexGaynorMonday,March 7th @2:45PMPacificThe PyPy project has recently gathered a lotof attention for itsprogress on speeding up the Pythonlanguage -- it is the fastest, most compatibleand most stable 'alternative´ Pythoninterpreter:most Python benchmarks run muchfaster than with CPython or Psycothe real-world PyPy compilertoolchain itself (200 KLocs) runstwice as fastfull compatibility to CPython (morethan Jython/IronPython)In this talk we will focus on how we reachedthis goal in a truly ouroboros manner byimplementing many pieces in RPython, asubset of Python that our toolchain analyzesand compiles to C:our Python interpreterpluggable GCsthe JIT itself, including x86/ARMbackendsEmployees OnlyEben Moglen -Thoughts andObservationsFriday,March 4th @12:30PMPacificMoglen started out as a computerprogramming language designer[1] and thenreceived his bachelor's degree fromSwarthmore College in 1980, where he wonthe Hicks Prize for Literary Criticism. In1985, he received a Master of Philosophy inhistory and a JD from Yale University. Hehas held visiting appointments at HarvardUniversity, Tel Aviv University and theUniversity of Virginia since 1987. In 2003he received the EFF Pioneer Award. InFebruary 2005, he founded the SoftwareFreedom Law Center. Moglen is closelyinvolved with the Free Software Foundation,serving as general counsel since 1994 andboard member from 2000 to 2007. Ascounsel, Moglen was charged withBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
enforcing the GNU General Public License(GPL) on behalf of the FSF,[4] and laterbecame heavily involved with draftingversion 3 of the GPL. On April 23, 2007 heannounced in a blog post that he would bestepping down from the board of directors ofthe Free Software Foundation. Moglenstated that after the GPLv3 Discussion Draft3 had been released, he wanted to devotemore time to writing, teaching, and theSoftware Freedom Law Center.[5] InFebruary 2011, he founded the FreedomBox Foundation, whose goal is to write freesoftware that enables widely distributedsocial networking that runs on tinyautomated individual home computers.[6][7]PublicGhislain Fourny -XQuery as aScriptingLanguage for theBrowserWednesday,March 2nd @12:30PMPacificOver the last decade, the browser hasbecome a full-fledged programming andexecution environment. Besides, becauseHTML is a cousin of XML, XMLtechnologies can be almost readily adaptedfor client-side programming. This hasalready been done in many browsers forXSLT. We suggest to also bring XQuery tothe browser. XQuery is a family of W3Cstandards tailored for processing andupdating XML content. Since XQuery isalready used for writing server-side Webapplications (business logic and databasequerying), using it as a client-sideprogramming language considerablysimplifies the technology stack, with a singlelanguage for all layers, and XML as a dataexchange format between them.Today, the most widespread language forprogramming the browser is JavaScript.Browser vendors have made tremendousprogress on its execution speed, and this willprobably continue in the next years. Takingadvantage of this situation, using GWT, wecross-compiled an XQuery engine toJavaScript, making XQuery code insidescript tags executable in modern browserswithout any installation. During this talk, wewill introduce an API for programming thebrowser in XQuery and demo the latestversion of our prototype. Matthias BrantnerBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
and Daniela Florescu will also join us forthe Q&A after.PublicGame On Winners:Marble Run -Making MarbleRunTuesday,March 1st @12:15PMPacificThe winners of the Game On 2010competition will be in the office on Tuesdayfrom Austria to share about their winninggame, Marble Run.Employees onlyColin Clark -Nothing HardBaked: Buildingthe Inclusive WebFriday,February25th @1:00PMPacificWe've all experienced the frustration andexclusion of using an application that isawkwardly designed or poorly suited to ourpreferred device. In this talk, I'll try toredefine accessibility as a usability problem,exploring some of the limitations we'veinherited from traditional, desktop-centricapproaches to accessibility and userinterface design. I'll also show a few of thetechniques used in Fluid Infusion to supportopen web user interfaces that can morereadily adapt to the needs of both developersand end-users alike.PublicRob Hawkes -Analysingsentiment onTwitterThursday,February24th @12:30PMPacificWhat can the analysis of sentiment onTwitter show about its users? Does ituncover patterns between sentiment andgeographic location? Is it even morally rightto analyse people in this way? In this talk Iintroduce my latest project, and hopefullyshed some light on some of these questions.PublicRobert Nyman -The CureWednesday,February23rd @1:00PMPacificAn introduction to the canvas element, whatit can do and how it can cure a certainproblem.EmployeeEngagement Team- Go-to-MarketLaunch Plans:Firefox 4 Desktopand MobileWednesday,February23rd @12:00PMPacificAn overview of the upcoming campaigns forthe Firefox 4 mobile and desktop launchesincluding awesome demos, fun interactivegames, and much more. Plus, an overviewof the markets that Firefox 4 is entering andthe state of our competitors. Presentationavailable here.PublicMark Boas -GroovePlayerTuesday,February22nd @12:00PMPacificMaking listening to music fun again. Whatwe can learn from the humble recordplayer by recreating the vinyl experience.Featuring Audio Data APIs, WebGL andNostalgia.Brown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM
Employees OnlyJanuary 21st BoardSlide Review/Gary KovacsMonday,February 7th@ 12:00PMPacificMoCo meeting on Monday, February 7th.PublicThe Mozilla OpenData Competition:A Review andNext Steps/Christopher JungThursday,January 27th@ 12:00PMPacificWe will review our first competition, goingthrough the winning visualizations and someof the key insights drawn from the 32submissions.We will then solicit feedback/suggestions aswe plan the future of such eventsPublicGet to know theFirefox InputDashboard!/Aakash DesaiThursday,January 20th@ 12:00PMPacificWe'll cover various methods of searching,triaging and viewing feedback There will also be a briefexplanation on how the dashboard hashelped so far and some gaps it hasn't helpedin.Employees OnlyUpcoming PrivacyPlan for Firefox /Alex Fowler, SidStammWednesday,January 19th@ 12:00PMPacificThis brown bag will focus on our plan forprivacy within Firefox, including animplementation of Do Not Track.Public - Series #1of Mozilla Salons(10 Forward)Join ProfessorJonathan Zittrain,StanfordUniversity LawStudents andMozillians for aroundtablediscussion/salonTuesday,January 11th@ 2:30PMPacificA brownbag for everyone interested indiscussing difficult problems on the Internetand privacy. If you have any questions,contact Sara Yap - syap@mozilla.comRetrieved from ""This page was last modified on 8 December 2011, at 21:13. This page has been accessed 9,237times.About MFIntranetBrown Bag Presentations - MFIntranet of 3012/12/11 1:03 PM