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School of Architecture,
Computing and Engineering


Welcome to the School of Architecture, Computing and
Engineering one of the largest academic Schools within
the University of East London.

Our staff and postgraduate research students are
undertaking cutting
edge research in engineering and

The School has a number of Research Centres within
the fields of Architecture, Informatics, Sustainability,
Software Engineering, Security and Digital Forensics, E
Learning, Geo
Information Studies and Design

Links with industry professionals are also very important
to us. We work closely with a range of industrial partners
and professional bodies to ensure our graduates have the
appropriate skills and knowledge to be highly employable.

Examples of such industry experts include Microsoft,

, all of whom work with our School
addressing conferences and delivering joint lectures.

We are also a Microsoft IT and CISCO academy, and a
member of the Apple University programme.

Computer Science
and Information

Our postgraduate computing
programmes provide the
opportunity to develop knowledge
in specialised areas such as
business information systems,
computer networking, internet
technologies, software
engineering and communications
systems security.

MSc Business Information Systems

MSc Business Information Technology (via Distance Learning)

MSc Data Mining and Knowledge Management

MSc Information Security and Computer Forensics

MSc Information Technology

MSc Internet Systems Engineering

MSc Technology Management

Professional Doctorate in Information Security

MSc Information Security and Computer Forensics

(Block Mode

1 week per module delivery)

This programme offers a breadth of knowledge
and understanding that spans network security
to Internet law, the programme will stimulate a
rigorous and critical approach to an
understanding of:

Computer security, threats and vulnerabilities such
as viruses and malicious codes

Internet Law

Report, collect and secure crime scene procedures

Security management

Seizure and examination of computer systems


A person is missing

A company’s network
was saturated before
the public
announcement of a
major new initiative

Child porn has
been placed on
your Web server

An Insider attacked another

government agency

using your agencies

IP address range

Senior management

computers have been

accessed remotely.

Large sums

of money from

the bank have

been transferred

A large amount of

encrypted traffic

was sent to

A spy has been

found within your


On April 1 every customer
file was encrypted

Cybercrime Scenarios

Civil Engineering

ACE has over 100 years’ experience
of teaching engineering. We have
developed programmes which are
designed to equip you with the
practical skills and knowledge
essential to a successful career in
the field. Our programmes are
informed by industry professionals
and include a keen emphasis on
laboratory and practical work that
will reinforce the theories and
practices learnt in the classroom.

MSc Civil Engineering

This programme addresses the needs of engineers
engaged in the planning, design and construction of
a variety of civil engineering works.

contained modules are organised around various
areas of civil engineering. Within each module
theory and design are studied together in order to
solve practical problems.

You will learn how to accurately analyse data, how to
use various computer design packages and how to
develop and enhance effective project management

Your choice of modules and dissertation topic allow
some specialisation.

MSc Geotechnics and
Engineering Management

This programme will provide the opportunity for
students to develop specialised expertise in the
area of Geotechnics and Engineering Management.

It will provide a deep technical knowledge and
understanding of the most up to date practices and
theories across the geotechnical engineering and
management areas of civil engineering

You will be introduced to practical techniques for
analysing and solving related problems which may
arise in various Civil Engineering projects.

MSc Structural

This programme will provide a sound
knowledge and training in
structural engineering, including
both the broad concepts involved
in construction, design and
analysis as well as specialist skills.

Practical work and lectures will
introduce you to both practice and

After successful completion of the
programme, you will be eligible for
membership of either the
Institution of Civil Engineers or the
Institution of Structural Engineers.


The Electrical and Electronic
Engineering programmes
at UEL have proved to be
extremely popular for
many years. We have
developed Master’s
programmes that are
innovative and challenging
and will give you the
opportunity to develop
your existing
understanding and skills to
an advanced level.

MSc Computer Systems Engineering (Control Systems)

MSc Computer Systems Engineering (Integrated Systems)

MSc Computer Systems Engineering (Software Systems)

These suite of programmes offers an opportunity to learn
about current and future technologies.

The programmes incorporates a range of specialist areas

Image processing

Mathematical modelling

Software applications

Artificial intelligence

Computer communications

ASIC / VLSI design methodologies

MSc Mobile Communications

This programme provides theoretical and
practical understanding of hardware and
software technologies and techniques related to
mobile communication systems and networks.

It gives you an in
depth knowledge of the
technology appropriate to mobile communication
systems, the hardware and software interaction
and development.

You are provided with knowledge and skills for
employment in mobile communications and
related fields in radio frequency engineering, as
well as academic grounding for further research.


Over the past two years, and following
the integration of the Sustainability
Research Institute (SRI) into the
School, there has been a growing set
of activities around developing both
undergraduate and postgraduate
portfolios in this area.

We have expanded our collaborations
with the Centre for Alternative
Technology (CAT) in Wales and have
developed new links with the Eden
Project in Cornwall.

MSc Environmental Adaptation and Sustainable Engineering

MSc Environmental Adaptation and Sustainable Engineering: Resources
and Materials

MSc Environmental Adaptation and Sustainable Engineering: Water,
Waste and Land

MSc Environmental Adaptation and Sustainable Engineering: Energy and

MSc Environmental Adaptation and Sustainable Engineering: Business,
Economics and Society

MSc Environmental Adaptation and Sustainability

MSc Environmental Adaptation and Sustainability: Business, Economics
and Society

MSc Environmental Adaptation and Sustainability: Energy and Buildings

MSc Environmental Adaptation and Sustainability: Resources and

MSc Environmental Adaptation and Sustainability: Water, Waste and

These exciting new
programmes are run in
collaboration with the Eden
Project and CAT and have
an emphasis on adaptation
and sustainability.

Reflecting increasing concern
for environmental issues on
a global basis, you will have
access to the considerable
range of resources and
expertise available.

Each teaching module consists
of two, 5
day block delivery


Our Architecture programmes are
recognisable by their ‘hands
on’ approach to architecture,
working with the physical
exploration of materials and the
processes of site and context.
As a counterpart to our
preoccupation with the
physical, the school also has a
number of dedicated Computer
Studios which explore more
theoretical and virtual models
of architecture.



MSc Architecture : Computing and Design

MA Architecture : Interpretation and Theories

MA Architecture : Sustainability and Design

MA Architecture : Urban Design

. Architectural Design




programme furthers your
creative development through
looking at ways of harnessing
practice techniques and
experience to find poetic readings
and make a more architectural
response. It is organised on the
Atelier system for design work,
with options in supporting
subjects. This allows for the full
development of your skills,
knowledge and creativity.

MA Architecture:
Urban Design

The programme sets out to explore and
develop new forms of urban practice
in cities undergoing rapid change.

It aims to develop responsive positions
that are both specific and responding
to the particularities of context,
topographical, social, cultural
economic and political.


The School’s research is driven by three main aims:

to develop practical solutions to real
world problems;

to foster knowledge transfer partnerships within the engineering
and technology communities;

and to ensure that our study programmes enable our students to
contribute to research in ways that are both challenging and

Research groups within ACE include:

• Built Environment Research Group

• Communication, Control and Electrical Power Research Group

• Design, Materials and Manufacturing Research Group

• Distributed Software Engineering

• Information Security and Digital Forensics.

We are successfully leading two European Regional
Development Fund projects, on Sustainability (Eureka)
and m
Commerce (m
com), assisting local

meeting the challenges in these key areas.

Our research teams are active within the EU FP7 project,
Pandora, developing and investigating an Advanced
Training Environment for Crisis Scenarios, and they
collaborate with colleagues within the e
Centre based at
the University of Greenwich


Guest lecturers from industry
contribute to our taught
programmes throughout the year.

These are unique opportunities for
you to consider real industry
challenges and case studies, and
to develop real solutions, under
the guidance of an industry

Our students have a strong track
record of success. Our
employability rating is excellent,
with 87% of UEL graduates
gaining suitable employment or
entering further study within six
months of graduating.


We have a wide range of facilities available to

Civil engineering and hydraulic laboratories

Network and multimedia labs with a wide
range of specialist software

A dedicated lab to complement our CISCO
professional qualification

Electrical and electronic engineering

Surveying labs with the latest GIS software

built AVA centre, designed by one of
our own leading architects

Digital output laboratory

Woodworking and sculpture workshops

Exhibition and gallery space.


Our Student Village, located at our Docklands Campus,
provides purpose
built accommodation for around 1,200
students in a stunning waterfront setting.

Campus facilities
include two well
launderettes, two
bars, a refectory,
coffee shop, Students’
Union shop and


Our programmes have achieved wide recognition.

Our degrees are accredited by the following

professional bodies:

• Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors

• Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation

• Institute of Engineering Technology

• Institution of Civil Engineers

• Institution of Structural Engineers

• Institution of Highway Incorporated Engineers

• Joint Board of Moderators

• Royal Institute of British Architects