Kronos, Java, and Web Browser Security


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Kronos, Java, and Web Browser

Chris Wilkins

What is Java?


party software installed on PCs (also a
programming language)

It is the underlying technology that powers
modern programs including utilities, games,
and business applications

Java runs on more than 850 million personal
computers and on billions of devices

Java Issues

Java is used by Kronos, Nolij, and other UGA

Kronos, and other systems, require a specific
version of Java (Java 6 vs. Java 7)

Oracle releases frequent updates to Java due
to security issues

Kronos and other systems do not release
updates as frequently

Java Issues

UGA’s current Kronos system only supports
Java 6

Oracle will stop supporting Java 6 this month

UGA is currently upgrading to the latest
version of Kronos

The new version of Kronos supports Java 7

After the Kronos Upgrade

After the Kronos upgrade later this month, all
of these Java issues will go away, right?

Unfortunately, no.

One of the bigger Java issues will go away (Java 6
vs. Java 7)

However, Java continues to make international
headlines with newly discovered security issues

This will continue, requiring frequent Java updates
to your PC


If possible, do not use the Kronos Java interface

Kronos offers a non
Java user interface

This interface works well for employees and

Add punches, leave, & comments

Approve/Signoff time cards

For advanced Kronos access, unit payroll employees
must use the Java user interface (create new records,
account change, hourly rate change, etc.)


Chris Wilkins