Aurea Place Development Plan

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Aurea Place Development Plan

June 2012








Aurea Place in

Street, Flora Hill is one of the City of Greater Ben
digo’s best
opportunities for a higher density



This report forms the development plan for the site.
This Development plan is

to ensure that the development is consistent with the strategic direction of the
Bendigo Planning S
. This development plan is also consistent with stat
e and
local policies, which have been used to form a framework to guide further detail in
later stages of development.

This report focuses on the vision and key features of the development of Aurea

Aurea Place has been planned and designed to meet

the objectives of the
City of Greater Bendigo’s Planning Scheme.


A full redevelopment context
was prepared in May of this year and can
accessed to provide further detail.

The site is already well linked to both
the CBD and the university, remaining well
under 3km distance no matter which means you use for travel.

The Osborne street site is situated on a large parcel of land surrounded by Retreat
road, Cook Street and Osborne Street
, In Flora Hill
. The site is o
wned by Latrobe
University and the buildings on the site are presently used for student

The site is located in

an area with
excellent amenity in place including the following


Spring Gully Primary school.

A kindergarten and m
aternal health facility, in average condition.

Recreational walking track along the creek.

Sporting facilities.

Small shopping strip including a butchers, bakers, laundry mat & take away

A general store.

Bus stops on Retreat Road.

The site
features opportunities and constraints that include the following

Traffic issues
: Osborne Street is a main linkage to Re
treat rd. Retreat road
has a constant amount of traffic
. The potential for increased traffic
congestion is high.

The athletics centre
has limited parking facilities; this impacts on the traffic
and parking in the area.

The Athletics centre occasionally hosts noisy events.

Vegetation on the site is mature and may need to be retained.

The Heritage building is of significance and will need
to be retained.

According to the Bendigo community profile the Flora Hill area has
significantly less residents working full time. This is linked to the resident
student population. Providing
more commercial development such as
shops, restaurants,
bakery and office space will create more job opportunities

In Flora Hill area only 60.3 per cent of the residents live in a family household.
This is almost 7 per cent

less than the whole of Bendigo,

gain this is linked
to the studen
t population.

44% of houses in Flora Hill are rented.
The creation of student
accommodation is essential in the growth of the university and the

While viewed as a constraint the Heritage building
on site
can also create an
unity as a commu
nity space for the development


All of the existing buildings will be demolished, besides the old caretakers

A range of lot sizes is proposed including attached dwellings, smaller medium
density lots and traditional.


focus is placed on low maintenance living, with minimal gardens on the
house lots

A large expanse of open space is proposed to retain the character of the area

and provide green

spaces for residents

The main access points for the site are located on R
etreat road, traffic
minimalizing infrastructure will be employed to discourage through road use.

A state of the art early learnin
g and maternal health centre is a central focus
in this development.

3.1 Vision and Objectives


Create a
focused destination

we want this to be a place that
people go to.

Set a new standard of community living

we think that this is unique for

Activate multiple forms of transport

we want people to walk and use their
bikes more.

Create a
welcoming and accessible walk able space for communities.

Complement the university precinct

we want to tap into the vibrancy of
university life.

Enhance connectivity of adjacent

we want share the space
with existing


Provide open space and community facilities

we are going to provide
parkland, playgrounds and bike paths.

Emphasize low maintenance highly mobile lifestyles

we don’t think that
people want to spend their weekends mowing lawns.

Enhance existing li
nkages and encourage active mobility

we want to make it
easier to choose to ride and walk and encourage further development of foot
and bike paths.

Offer alternative student accommodation

we want to encourage students to
integrate within Bendigo’s commun

3.2 Urban Design

In order to meet the vision and objectives, best practice planning, urban and
landscape design has been applied. The Following principles have guided the urban

Community Fr
amework and Character

A new standard of community

Traditional community framework

Leave and improve something old and create something new

Developing plenty affordability housing for residents and students

alternative student accommodation).

Promoting a sense of community, attract young family m
oving in

Enhance connectivity of adjacent

Welcoming retail shops and offices community

Access and Movement

n accessible and integrated community

Integrated movement network

Activate multiple forms of transport

Create a welcoming and
accessible walk able space for communities.


Space and Pedestrian network

A green connected community


A combined open space and movement network

Emphasize low maintenance highly mobile lifestyles

The urban design includes the

A network of commercial shops such as the café shops, retail shops and
offices in Osborne street area.

An Early learning and maternal Health Care.

A network of pedestrian and cycle pathways throughout the site including the
adjoining public roa
ds that will be closed.

A range of lifestyle opportunities through providing for a diversity of housing
and lot sizes including affordable and medium density housing located near
high amenity areas. Such as a diverse range of accommodation including 2
droom terrace apartments, units and standard housing.

The establishment of an integrated open space networks that links key open
space and community destinations (Osborne street, Hesse land and Edwards
road) and combines pedestrian and cycle movement, envi
objectives and recreation functions.

Specifically, the Development Plan incorporates the following:

uilding a community rather than a development that places a supermarket
chain at its heart.

o make Aurea Place a destination that would benefit

not only its residents
but also the surrounding community as well.

In order to place community in the

of this primarily residential
development we decided that the site should provide a service for the

A state of the art early learning a
nd maternal health

is the ideal facility
for this site.

The early learning and maternal health

provides employment
opportunities for student populations in the area as well as encourages
families to join this community and utilize the unique
lifestyle on offer.

Aurea Place will be highly attractive to students and people with modern busy
lifestyles. The blocks are compact with minimal garden spaces
, to provide
more recreational time for residents.


residents will
be living in a sterile concrete

they will
share in extensive recreational open
space, which

will provide further
community connectivity and engagement.

Once the community is established space has been retained for convenience
based retail bu
sinesses such as a

Our development will provide opportunities for people to choose modes of
transport whether that is walking, riding a bike, driving a car or using public

We will build 29 houses, 13 Town houses, 77

Units, 1 Maternal
h/children care centre and 1 convenience retail cafe on the Osborne

Design Cues for Aurea Place

3.3 Landscape Design

A green streetscape

from Osborne Street to Hesse Land area. We will build a
traffic light for pedestrian crossing.

convenience based lifestyle

with public open spaces for residents and
children who will be attract
ed to

this area.

The network of open spaces not only
protect and enhance the significant
areas of native vegetation they will also provide open spaces that

allow for
passive and active recreation and children’s play.

3.4 Traffic Engineering

From inspection at the Osborne Street site it was decided that the expansion
of Phoenix Road travelling through the site would not impact on the location
as far as tr
affic management issues and by redirecting the exit of the traffic
flow would have minimal impact onto retreat road when introducing an exit
with higher prominence.

An expansion of the Osborne Street entry to the site would also have no
impact for traffic

management issues. Access to Hesse Land will be improved
to become more prominent with further signage, a zebra crossing with
crossing lights leading from Cummins Place to Phoenix Road at the Osborne
site. This will have minimal impact to Osborne Street t
raffic flow.


An upgrade of Phoenix Road by expanding the roadway through the site.

A redirection of the exit form Osborne Street to Retreat Road will take place.

The introduction of an exit with higher prominence out of the site.

Cummins Place will be improved and developed to be of a higher

An upgrade to the access from Cummins Place to Phoenix Road by
introducing a zebra crossing with pedestrian lights.

3.5 Vegetation Management

As this site has been previously
developed no indigenous native vegetation is

The site has been vegetated with a mix of European and Natives
. Where
possible mature trees will be retained.

Large open spaces will be retained in the centre of the development for

3.6 Sto
water Management and Treatment


The topography of the site leads drainage directly down the middle of the
block. The drainage flow which is established by the ridgelines to the north
and south of the site will be managed so it is aligned with a

paths and roads
on the development.

Very little of this flow path will be altered from its original state. One ridgeline
does run through the development from the west to east of the site further
down the south of the site. This flows the drainage on th
e site towards Cook

To manage this flow of water on the site a concrete piped drainage network
could be easily installed. Other installations such as filtration trenches and
swale drains could also be considered in this water flowage situation.

The image above, developed by Thomas Zahle, shows this drainage flow path that
runs directly down the middle of the site towards Retreat Road directed by the two
ridgelines in the red.

3.7 Services


The Flora Hill area currently has sufficient

connectivity. According to
the National Broadband Network action to install the rollout will commence
around 2014 in the Flora Hill Region. Shaded in green in the image below is
the estimated internet c
overage of the Bendigo region in 2014


With the site formerly accommodating fully functioning residential living,
electricity on the site is already facilitated.

Powercor currently provides all electricity to the Flora Hill site and will
ntinue into the future.

The development is currently surrounded by an overhead

there will need to be improvements within the site to facilitate the blocks in the


It is strongly assumed that there is
water supply to the site and if it is needed
for any new developments in the site an expansion will be easily constructed.


Gas is available to the site with a gas main close by.

Any proposed development will have access to gas because of the vicinity
this gas main.


It is strongly assumed that there is sewerage disposal fully connected to the

ew developments an

expansion will be easily constructed.

3.8 Infrastructure Provision

The future growth that is expected in all areas
within the context of this
document will be slow to moderate growth; these locati
ons need to be
accommodated for

Retreat Road bordering the west side of the Osborne Street campus will be
minimally affected by the additional mass of vehicles travelling no
rth to south
and back.

The Hesse Land site will have minimal effects to the traffic congestion on the
road way and Strath Hill will need to be altered as stated below.

All sections of
road way around the sites is managed

by Vic Roads, the
sections of new
and redeveloped roadway will need to be funded by the
developer of the sites and or Vic Roads.

All of the following road infrastructure projects have been identified to be crucial
elements to servicing the area for present and future growth.

An upgrade of
Phoenix Road by expanding the roadway through the site to
accommodate two lanes of traffic one each way.

A redirection of the exit from Osborne Street (north) to Retreat Road (west)
will take place.

The introduction of a higher prominent exit out of the si
te on Retreat Road.

Cummins Place will be improved and developed to be of a higher

An upgrade to the access from Cummins Place to Phoenix Road by
introducing a zebra crossing with pedestrian lights.

An upgrade and complete redevelopment of
Hesse Avenue to produce an
aesthetic and viable road access to the Hesse Land.

Road access will be constructed on the Strath Hill site in accordance with Vic
Roads to and from the proposed development on the site to balance the
traffic flow.


Future commercial development of the La Trobe University Precinct land comprising
four sites at Osborne Street, Hesse Avenue, Edwards Road, and Strath Hill; is
subject to the provisions of the State Planning Policy Fr
amework (SPPF) and Local
Planning Policy Framework (LPPF) as prescribed under Sections 10.03, 20.01 and
20.02 of the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme respectively (DPCD n.d.).

4.1 State Planning Policy Framework (SPPF)

With particular regard to commercial
development, Clause 17.01
1 of the Scheme
encourages such development within existing or planned activity centers. Clause
1 of the Scheme also encourages the development of convenience shopping
to service the needs of local residents in new residenti
al areas within or adjacent to
existing commercial centers.

4.2 Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF)

With particular regard to commercial development, Clause 21.07
1 of the Scheme
(the Municipal Strategic Statement, or MSS) makes reference to the ‘The C
ity of
Greater Bendigo Commercial Land Strategy 2004’ (the Land Strategy). The Land
Strategy has identified that by 2021, up to 15,660m2 of additional retail floor space
may be distributed among village centers such as Strath Village/Strath Hill; and that
6,000 m2 of additional retail floor space will be between local (neighborhood)

With particular regard to commercial development and retail development
specifically, no Local Planning Policy (LPP) has been established under Clause 22 of
the Scheme.

However, an LPP has been established affecting any proposal for
residential development of the Hesse Avenue site. Clause 22.14 identifies the site to
be within an area defined as ‘Flora Hill Precinct 4 (FH4)’, and provides a future
character desire, where
by; ‘The spacious qualities of the streetscapes will be
maintained’. Any proposal for residential development should address the objectives
and design responses prescribed by Clause 22.14. Furthermore, Clause 22.27 of
the Scheme comprises a Licensed Premi
ses Policy offering policy guidance
regarding any proposal for the development of new licensed premises. The policy
specifically discourages new licensed premises within a residential zone, or within
100 meters of a Residential zone.

4.3 Zoning and Overla


The map at figure 8 shows the existing land use zones as applied to the four La
Trobe University sites, and throughout the La Trobe University Precinct. For a more
detailed explanation of relevant land us zones, refer to Appendix A.

Parts of the precinct
are also subject to the requirements of development overlays
addressing Environmental Significance (ESO), Significant Landscape (SLO), and
Land Subject to Inundation (LSIO); however none of the La Trobe University sites
are directly affected (DPCD n.d.a).
A Wildfire Management Overlay (WMO) affects
the Edwards Road site. A map of development overlays is shown at Appendix B.


In conclusion, this development plan:

Satisfies the planning controls under the Bendigo Planning Scheme including
Local and State
Planning Policy Frameworks.

Caters for and supports the predicted population growth in the City of

Has an urban and landscape design that is responsive to
the site and
surroundings and complements adjoining land uses.

Infrastructure such as roads and amenities caters for future developments in
the suburb of Flora Hill.

development provides a unique opportunity for Bendigo to provide a
more modern and sus
tainable lifestyle for res
idents than
Bendigo has had

This will be achieved through compact block sizes in a higher density