GoPro Is a document process and customer relationship management solution

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The company

Software company

ISV, founded in 1993

Operations in Iceland, UK, Estonia, Denmark, Germany and Bulgaria

Extensive partner network in Europe

Cooperation with IBM since 1996

10 times nominated or received Beacon Award

Validated for IBM Government Framework

The GoPro solution

Is a document
, process

and customer relationship management solution

All in one

out of the box solution

16 years of experience in developing solutions for the public and private sector

The Market

70 % central / local government

30 % GB and growing

500 companies/organizations in over 15 countries use GoPro today

Big market share in Scandinavia

Very successful key projects in the UK

GoPro Partner Network

Technology Stack






Mid market

Users No.




Lotus Domino


Lotus Notes

FileNet P8



Firm Technology with Roots in Lotus Notes

Lotus Forms, Lotus




GoPro for Enterprise Business

Accelerating Solution for

Smarter Governments

With GoPro


IT Hardware and Operations Infrastructure

Government Framework Software Foundation

IBM Government Industry Framework

Government Industry
Specific Extensions

Government Industry Solutions

The IBM Government Industry Framework

and solution
accelerators to speed

Best practices and
specific usage
patterns to lower risk

Support for adoption of
open and industry

A choice of business
applications from IBM
business partners

An approach to align
technology with
business needs


Industry Framework

IBM and Business Partner Industry Solutions

address your business problems through:

Industry and subject matter expertise

Applications, tools, methodologies, and
Defined IP

Global delivery model

The framework approach provides speed, flexibility, and choice
in deploying solutions while reducing cost and risk

GoPro for IBM Government Framework

For GoPro, the IBM Government Industry
Framework is one of the most important IBM
initiatives. GoPro is committed to IBM’s initiative
to help governments address the complex
challenges they face in today's difficult economic
climate. The IBM Government Industry
Framework provides an architecture that
interconnects different solutions, so customers
can meet challenging business goals with
specialized technology that connects and
interacts to solve complex business problems."


Dadason CEO of GoPro Ltd

GoPro for IBM Government Framework

IBM Government Industry Framework and

SOA validated solution

GoPro provides government officials with a
electronic workplace
, with all required


, as well as
integrated collaboration
functions for comprehensive
case management

Tax and Revenue

Internal Revenue Directorate of Iceland

Social Services and Social Security

Nordic Copyright Bureau
Gardabaer Municipality

Safety and Security

Metropolitan Police Service of London

Service Oriented Architecture
compliant case
management solution

integrated, secure
, quality case management, faster
and at lower risk.


case, correspondence and
document management capabilities

Designed for and in

with local and national

Helps Public Sector agencies to streamline and

improving citizen services

GoPro can
reduce time and costs
of service
provision by reuse and automation of standard
functions to replace manual processes

GoPro can


of service
delivery by providing a Portal User Interface
24 x 7 self service capability

GoPro can deliver
compliant and consistent

service delivery
, by use of pre approved and

automated service provision

GoPro Portal Case Management

Cases can range from a simple citizen enquiry to a multiphase process
touching several agencies and departments.

GoPro Portal Case Management

Enhances the IBM P8 FileNet platform with
comprehensive out
box functionality
for public sector case and document management

Provides highly user friendly and flexible user experience,
public sector best practices

on 16 years experience and 500+ case management

Designed to allow
rapid deployment,
customization and integration

Built on IBM Technologies, GoPro utilizes:

Web 2.0 Portal UI

(WebSphere Portal Server)

All processes and content stored in
FileNet P8 (BPM, CE)

Optionally, Tivoli, Lotus ,
InfoSphere MDM and Entity Analytics

Information on Demand

IBM Government Framework and SOA

GoPro: Built on IBM technology

GoPro integration with Lotus

Composite application
and integration services

Social software for

Collaborative content
and team services

Unified communications
and real
collaboration services

Mail, calendaring and
collaborative applications

Human workflow and

Competitive Differentiators

Open Service Oriented Architecture

Portal based UI

User centric and context observant user experience

Smart user guidance system

Tightly integrated with IBM ECM and BPM


Framework Component and SOA
f validated

Unique combination of comprehensive out of the box
capabilities and customization flexibility

Smarter Government: GoPro for the IRD

Internal Revenue Directorate of Iceland

Challenge: Meeting higher standards at lower cost

Managing a large volume of critical information in

compliance with regulations

Tracking and retrieving information fast and efficiently

Meeting increased service demands

Compliance with regulations on information disclosure

Solution: GoPro from Start to Finish

A fully electronic IRD

GoPro case and process management consolidates

all information

Instant overview of case status

Automated business processes

Benefits: Increased service and operational efficiency

Significant time savings on information search and sharing

Single view of the taxpayer ensures fast, efficient service

Automatic legal deadlines ensure timely processing

Auditing capabilities track case progress and document trails

“GoPro is very valuable to us.
, case

and contact
management is simpler, accessing
information is easier, and
information security has increased
with traceability and central
storage, not to mention the time
saved when searching for and
retrieving information.”


, document
manager for the IRD

Smarter City: GoPro for Gardabaer

Challenge: Providing full online self service to residents

Provide information about services and events

Increase quality and availability of service

Enhance local democracy and consultation with residents

Solution: Citizen Service Portal with GoPro

Instant "single view of the citizen" in GoPro

Citizen service portal fully integrated with internal

GoPro backend

Applications and service requests transmitted in

electronic form

Benefits: Better service at lower cost

All stakeholders have complete overview of their cases and services

Increased operational transparency and democratic participation

74% of applications and service requests today in electronic format

Able to reduce opening hours by half a day per week

Gardabaer Municipality

Smarter Government: GoPro for the NCB

Challenge: Paying Artists for Intellectual Property

Manage rights to record and distribute music

(CDs, DVDs, internet etc)

Tracking of payments to relevant parties

(artists, industry)

Consolidation of relevant information by artist

Solution: Sharing knowledge is good for business

GoPro case and process management solution

Instant status and queries for customers and members

Benefits: Payback 1 Million Danish kroner annually

Consolidation of all relevant information across formats

(mail, docs, database)

Complete tracking of cases, right at employees fingertips

5% reduction in case handling time, with improved levels

of service

Nordic Copyright Bureau

“With GoPro we can consolidate
all information related to a given
case, whether it
s mail,
documents or database

and it is good business”,



Manager of Member Services at

Smarter Public Safety: GoPro for MET

Challenge: Information management for FoIA compliance

Search for and disclose information quickly

Keep track of all requests, deadlines and payments

Ensure continuity of service in the event of staff absence

Solution: GoPro Integrated Case Management System

Integrated, systematic document processing and tracking

in monitoring and reporting with complete audit trail

step workflow support and sophisticated search

Interoperability with EDRM systems

Benefits: Quality service and improved compliance

Effectively monitors service, performance and compliance

Highlights problem areas and compiles statistics and audit reports

Manages appeals and retrieves information using keywords and classifications

Metropolitan Police Service in London

Smarter Government: GoPro for MEAC

Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

Challenge: Adopt a digital document register and archives

Comply with the Public Information Act of Estonia

Register and archives must be accessible via the

agency's website

Exchange information between departments

Solution: GoPro portal
based document management

Advanced Case Management system enables

digital document control

Digital signatures and portal interface ensure

security and accessibility

Benefits: Improved overview and compliance

Paperless transactions ensure better overview and prevent document loss

Reminders have raised the quality of case transactions

Faster inter
departmental document exchange

Cases can be created
automatically by the underlying
business process engine or
manually registered. Relevant
meta data is registered. The case
type determines the workflow that
the case will follow and a number
of other parameters, like
keywords, leading organization

A number of standard views are available
that present objects (cases, contacts,
tasks, documents, etc.) according to
predefined parameters. This example
displays only the cases that this user is
responsible for. The view can be sorted
based on the columns, e.g. case number,
case name, type, status, etc.

© GoPro 2008

A number of work queue overviews are
provided that show the active work
items e.g. cases, phases, tasks and
documents. The icons on the top bar
give the option to show work items for
the whole organization, own
organizational unit, and own individual
work items. This screen shows cases
for the organization.

Documents, e.g. emails, Office
documents, memos, etc. are added to
cases and workflows from the task portlet
via right
click. Office documents inherit
the meta data from the context, e.g. case
number, address information, etc

The contact register stores contact
information, which can then be used in relation
to cases and documents. E.g. a contact can be
an applicant in a case and the address
information is used for communication with
the applicant. A contact view shows the
organized as individuals,
organizations and contacts within an
organization. All cases that a person is
associated with are shown under their contact
document. The case can be expanded to show
all related workflow steps and documents.

© GoPro 2008