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& Capability
Sydney Office:
Level 6, 69 Reservoir Street,
Surry Hills, 2010, NSW, Australia
Pakistan Office:
Plot No-43, 11/A-1, PECHS
Block 6, Ground Floor, Karachi,
Contact Persons:

Babar Ali
Director Operations ANZ
Farrukh Bari
CEO - Object Synergy
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The Company
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Featured Services
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Project Management & Delivery Process
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The Company ♦ Organizational Structure
The Company
Object Synergy was founded in 2008 when a privately funded Sydney based start-up successfully moved its
critical product development offshore development centre. Both the local and offshore offices are headed by
Australian staff. Object Synergy is committed to delivering quality services with cost efficiency and flexibility. The
team at Object Synergy has over 10 years experience in both the local Australian market and in running offshore
operations. Object Synergy fosters long term relationships with its clients, whom it calls partners, actively
collaborating with them in implementing technology solutions that increase efficiency, cut down costs and enable
their clients to deliver solutions to the market on time.
Organizatonal Structure
The Company ♦ Global Services
Global Services
Object Synergy is primarily focused on providing IT services through these service offerings:
Product engineering Services
Software Quality Testing
Application Maintenance & Support
User Experience Engineering
Website Design and Development
SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing and Consultancy
The Company ♦ Technology & Experience
Technology & Experience
Object Synergy has been leveraging the use
of various cutting-edge technologies to meet the challenges of its
clients. We
are a technology agnostic company and have implemented business solutions in
environments and
languages ranging from .Net to Delphi. One of our
distinguishing features is technology innovation and
implementation; Object
Synergy provides research and development work to adapt new technologies to the
system it develops for its partners.
We have experience in developing
applications in Dot Net framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, WCF, WPF, Silverlight,
LAMP/WAMP, C++, Delphi and JAVA to name
a few.
Object Synergy has delivered IT services in the areas of Web Application Development, Desktop Applications,
Mobile Applications, System Migration, Testing and Applications Maintenance.
Business Applications
HR and Payroll Solutions
Inventory Management
Web based Applications and
Win32 Applications
Mobile Applications
Facebook Applications
Cross Platform Integration
Application porting from legacy
to latest technologies
E-Commerce Applications
The Company ♦ Technologies We Work With
Technologies We Work With
Microsoft .Net, Java, Delphi, PHP,
C, C++
MS SQL Server, Oracle, Cassandra,
MySQL, XML, PostgreSQL , Oracle, Share Point, MS Dynamics
Integration ( Standard Business Reporting ) and XBRL
, ADOBE Photoshop, ADOBE Illustrator
Dotnet Nuke, Cake PHP, Drupal
User Interface Technologies
Rich Internet Application
Silverlight / AJAX / Flex
Thin Client
Web based
The Company ♦ Resources
Our biggest asset is the people that work for us. Object Synergy has a rigorous screening process where we
select and choose only high achievers with years of measurable experience behind them. Object Synergy’s
resource pool is composed of Systems Developers in different levels. This ranges from Solution Architects to
Team Leads and Senior Developers. We do not make any Junior developer available for selection for offshore
projects. Most of our technical resources are Microsoft Certified Professionals in different expertise areas and
Object Synergy has had a continuous growth rate of over 50% annually and prides itself with a low attrition
rate over the years.
We believe in the significance and strength of a continuous learning process that aims to
imbibe in its people as one of the company’s core values.
The company believes in the principle that happy
employees are productive employees. In the same token, productive employees result in happy and satisfied
Object Synergy is committed to its employees’ long term growth and ensures a healthy working
atmosphere and work-life balance.

Below are the qualifications of our offshore technical resources:
The Company ♦ Resources
Project Manager
Eight (8) years or more experience in the IT Industry; with more than three (3) years experience in Project
Extensive experience in the
whole software development life cycle, from Business Process Analysis to
Design, Development, Delivery Review and Implementation.
Proven experience in handling
multiple teams in different time zones.
Experienced in managing
projects in different levels of complexities.
Trained and practices Agile
Scrum methodology.
PMP Certification.
Strong oral and written
communication skills.
Must be a “people’s person”.
Solutions Architect
Technology gurus who have made
a name for themselves in the local IT market.
Extensive experience in
delivering complex enterprise scale solutions.
At least ten (10) years of
experience in Systems Design and Development.
With extensive experience in
Business Process Analysis and translating the business requirements into
software specifications.
Implemented several design patterns.
Have written white papers or
contribute regularly to technology forums.
The Company ♦ Resources
Team Leads
Have led small, tightly knit
teams to success in past.
With more than seven (7) years
of professional experience in systems development
Have earned certifications like MCP, OCP, MCSD, etc.
Proficient in different
programming languages.
Proficient in database development
using different relational database management systems.
Experienced in developing different applications which include Business Applications, Web based
Applications, Mobile Applications, SMS Applications and Research and Development projects.
Experience in System
Integrations and Cross Platform Integration.
Proficient in Object Oriented
Programming techniques and UML.
Knowledgeable in administration
and configuration of web servers.
Knowledgeable in Web Services
and other software architectural frameworks.
The Company ♦ Resources
Senior Developers
With more than five (5) years
of professional experience in systems development
Have earned Microsoft
certifications like MCP, MCAD, MCSD, etc.
Proficient in different
programming languages.
Proficient in database
development using different relational database management systems.
Experiences in developing
different applications which include Business Applications, Web based
Applications, Mobile Applications, SMS Applications and Research and
Development projects.
Experience in System
Integrations and Cross Platform Integration.
Proficient in Object Oriented
Programming techniques and UML.
Knowledgeable in administration
and configuration of web servers.
Knowledgeable in Web Services
and other software architectural frameworks.
The Company ♦ Resources
Project Team Structure
Featured Services
Featured Services
Product Engineering Service
Object Synergy offers its Product Engineering Service that covers the entire spectrum of the Software
Development Life Cycle.
We provide Dedicated Offshore Teams assigned fulltime to perform product
engineering activities uniquely identified by the clients.
The service offers qualified and certified IT professionals
in different levels and expertise that work directly with clients using readily available development facilities.
Established and proven project management and software delivery processes are implemented to ensure
success of the projects.
Featured Services ♦ Identification & Conceptualisation
Identification & Conceptualisation
The inception phase of product development involves identifying the customers’ needs and creating solutions
through a structured process. Object Synergy can assist you in this critical stage; we can take the lead in
establishing the technological solution and development approach to execute your strategic and product vision.
We can help you develop your roadmap to success.
The services that we provide at the inception stage of the product development are:
Objectively evaluate various options for product implementation and developing high level user requirements and
quantifiable solutions out of the innovative product concept.
Of Concept Development
research and development to address technological complexities involved in the
Developing initial release of the
software design as baseline for the full product development.
Featured Services ♦ Product Engineering Design Services
Product Engineering Design Services
Our track record and experience in various technologies is our advantage in providing product engineering
design services from software architectural design to rich user experience interface design services. Object
Synergy can assist you in developing sound architectural design that can best fit the requirements from your
product vision through our expertise in several software design methodologies and frameworks. With combined
creativity and technical expertise in different user interface technologies we can take the leadership in designing
intuitive, informational, and creative user interface designs that will effectively communicate to the users the
information and functionalities the system wants to convey to its users.
These Product Engineering Design
services can be a separate engagement or can be part of the full product development engagement
Featured Services ♦ Product Development
Product Development
You can leverage our technical expertise in developing highly competitive products.
Our software engineers have
a wide array of development experience in different types of applications implemented in different vertical
We are continuously improving our Product Engineering practices to adapt to the challenges of product
engineering and development.
Below are the engineering practices currently employed by Object Synergy.
– SCRUM Framework
most responsive project management process to adapt to changes and mitigate
risks that are highly possible in
product development projects.
Acceptance test driven development
Release management approach to allow deployment of readily testable code
realistic examples in mapping the software specifications to clearly capture
the business requirement.
Featured Services ♦ Implementation Services
Implementation Services
To complete Object Synergy’s business value
to our partners, we developed a separate Quality Control group that
provides robust and high quality testing services. The testing services we
provide are either
embedded as part of the full product development engagement
and as a separate service, wherein our team
comes in as a third party testing
team providing manual and automated testing.
We at Object Synergy understand the
challenges in the implementation stage of software packages. As part of
our end-to-end solution and to
support the entire Product Engineering Life Cycle, we offer the following
Product Customization and
Integration and
Interoperability Services
Data Analysis and Migration
Application Support and
Maintenance Services
Keeping up with new technologies and
advancements is essential in differentiating your products from competing
products. As a product matures, there is
always a need to evolve to a new version to keep up with the industry
trend. Object Synergy’s Applications
Support and Maintenance services are flexible solutions that not only
development services but also make available production support for critical
business operations through
a dedicated team of resources.
Featured Services ♦ Software Quality Testing
Quality Testing
Object Synergy offers a wide range of
manual and automated software testing services, including quality
development of test plans, software assessment, and test execution and
reporting. We have a team of
test engineers exposed in testing various business and web applications, such
as accounts, taxation and
finance, B2B Ecommerce sites, inventory, human
resources, and insurance applications.
Our Core Testing Services:
1. Functional Testing
2. White Box Testing
3. Regression Testing
Automated Testing Tool capabilities:
1. IBM’s Rational Functional
2. HP Quick Test Pro
Our Quality Control Team follows a test
process that is incorporated in the project life cycle that generally follows
the following steps:
Featured Services ♦ Software Quality Testing
a. Business Requirements
b. System Specifications
c. Software framework & Architecture
d. Project Plan
Development of Test Plan
a. Development of Test Specification
b. Resource Requirements
(Test Environment, Test Engineers, Test Tools, Bug
& Issue
Tracking Tool)
c. Schedule
d. Reporting & Communication Plan
Test Execution
a. Black Box Testing b. White Box Testing
c. Regression Testing
d. Performance Testing
e. Graphical User Interface
& Design Review
f. Usability Testing
g. Installation and Configuration Testing
h. Integration Testing
i. System Testing
j. Load & Scalability Testing
k. Stress Testing
l. Conformance Testing
Assessment & Reporting
a. Test Result Evaluation
b. Test Result Reporting
c. Test Resolution Tracking
Featured Services ♦ User Experience Engineering
Experience Engineering
Object Synergy offers consulting and
development services in User Experience Engineering, either as part of a
product engineering life cycle or completely separate service to provide you
with a customer-centric user
interface designs.
We seamlessly combine the business analysis, marketing and technical disciplines in
developing a well thought out graphical user interface for either a web application, mobile application or
based application.
We are highly skilled in the different user
interface technologies to bring you the cutting edge technologies for a
look and feel and highly effective visual designs and to a more interactive
user experience.
User Experience Engineering (UXE) requires
more than just creative work and technical expertise; it requires
depth in the
understanding of business strategy and users’ goal and depicting it in a well
designed software
application. User
Experience Engineering is part of the architectural design of a software system
where the focal
point is the user. User Experience
Engineering brings the users perspective in the software development
combining usability and visual appeal.
Featured Services ♦ Featured Technologies for User Experience Engineering (UXE)
Technologies for User Experience
Engineering (UXE)
Advance Web Technologies -
(AJAX, Flex, Silverlight)
Windows Presentation Foundation
MFC, DirectX
Elements of User Experience Design
There is nothing like the “first
impression”, creating a positive emotional experience for users through a well
designed software product are key factor in creating a user-centric
design. Perception is real and it is
important to create a visually appealing graphical user interface that
will remove the perception of complexities in
interacting with a software
system. The utmost consideration in
creating a visually appealing design are the target
users’ demographics and the
branding you wanted your software product to be perceived.
It is very crucial how information will be
presented in a software application and the logical flow of the screens or
pages. The hierarchy of information has
to be determined and the dependencies of the information have to
be considered
in designing user flow and interface screens.
Featured Services ♦ Featured Technologies for User Experience Engineering (UXE)
The navigation design of any application is
very important in attaining good user experience. Users must be able
to quickly go to the
different features of any application intuitively without too much thinking on
how to go there.
The users must be able
to know where they are currently and they should be able to go back to what
they were
doing previously through a navigational facility. Every page should
have the basic navigational scheme and one
important factor is consistency in
placement of the navigational elements such as buttons, links, and bread
crumbs. Accessibility is also important
to make the application available to all types of users.
The software system should be able to
provide users with descriptive text and messages. It should not denote
any technical terms that
only a software developer can understand.
Feedback is important to the users so they
will be constantly informed about how the system interacts from the
action they
Project Management and Delivery Process
Project Management and Delivery
SCRUM Process Overview
Scrum is an iterative incremental process
in project management, when used for software development it involves
inspection and adaptation, following an Agile software development methodology.
Agile software
development a leadership philosophy that encourages:
1. Team work
2. Self-organization and accountability
3. A set of engineering best practices that
allow for rapid delivery of high-quality software
4. A business approach that aligns
development with customer needs and company goals.
An efficient project management results in
the successful delivery of a project which delivers high value to the
as per their specifications, in a defined timeframe. A successful project
management is one which is
able to manage four critical elements of a project:
1. Resources (People, Equipment and
2. Time (Task Duration, Dependencies and
Critical Path)
3. Money (Cost, Contingencies and Profit)
4. Scope (Project Size, Goals and
In order to control, monitor and maintain
transparency with the project being handled, Object Synergy uses the
robust framework, Agile Scrum, which propels the project towards early delivery
of real business value
through the frequent and regular delivery of highest
quality software.
Project Management and Delivery Process ♦ SCRUM at Object Synergy:
at Object Synergy
Object Synergy begins the scrum process with product backlog creation involving the creation of product
and functionality description, which is then provided to software developers to obtain the product
time line which is usually negotiable. Once the product backlog is created and approved by both
the client and
Object Synergy, the sprint backlog creation process begins.