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Deutsches Elektronen
Synchrotron DESY

Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres

22603 Hamburg, Germany


The European

Ray Laser Project


Ray Free
Electron Laser

Ch. Gerke, T. Boeckmann, M. Clausen, J. Hatje, H. Rickens

Process Control:

Object Oriented Model for Offline Data

uses Oracle Forms and Stored Procedures to
generate a GUI for the developer of EPICS database files (*.db)

Different tools using different
techniques generate different
configuration files.

The DESY Oracle relational
database is used as a common

Each application (corresponding
to different configuration files)
has a different set of tables
defined in the database.

Tables for different points of
interest are linked by columns
IO_name which contain symbolic
names for the relevant input or
output channel, respectively.
This same name is usually taken
from the R&D drawings.

IO configurator

uses Java classes to
represent the tree structure of field bus
systems. Hibernate is used to make the
objects persistent in the Oracle database

In a first step there are “prototypes” defined for
each project.


group several records together

define some field values

declare some parameters

can be nested

“feel” a bit like OO

Secondly “instances” are defined for the
appropriate prototypes. This usually just involves
assigning a value to a prototype’s parameter.

Instances “feel” a bit like OO

The database definition provides
default values for the EPICS
database files

EPICSORA defines
deviating values on
several levels

The values different from the
default values are written to the
database file for the IOC

Classes and abstract classes
used to define the tree
properties of field bus systems.

The abstract classes contain
properties and methods useful
for all field bus systems.

The concrete classes are
specific for the field bus system
in use. At present we are
implementing the Profibus field

It takes information entered by the engineer and from the GSD
(General Station Description files) to produce the configuration and
parameterization files to be loaded to the Profibus Master.

A CSS plugin for the Profibus
field bus system is using the tree
viewer of JFace.

-input: boolean
-digital: boolean
-ch_size: int
-ioName: String
-children: Node
-parent: NodeParent