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An overview

technology and business are
becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't
think anybody can talk meaningfully about
one without the talking about the other

Bill Gates

In this presentation…

You will learn:

A brief intro on data mining and warehousing

What tools are needed

Using the data strategically to enhance service with

Which approach your business should take

A few brief facts

Data Warehousing is the act of storing data

Data Mining extracts specific information from the
warehouses for analysis

This gives businesses a way to access a vast amount of
data from a central storage location

Business intelligence data mining uses the data to
make better informed business decisions

What you need

Data Warehouses:

Enterprise Warehouse


Data Mart
divisions of corporations

Virtual Warehouse

Cloud technology,
view only data

Data Mining

Extreme Markup Language (XML)

Artificial Neural Network

Using all of the data

Predict the trends of consumers

Market segmentation

Loyalty Programs

Helps prevent fraudulent information from being
passed down

Can be broken down in departments to analyze
numbers and information within a business

What are your options?

Data Warehousing

options range in
brand, storage capacity and software

Data Mining

software options use
different algorithms adaptable to what
businesses need

Budgetary considerations come in a
wide variety

Pick and choose the right
combination for cost, yet
still keep

What to take from this

A few facts on Data Mining and Warehousing that are
important to understanding the topic

How your business can effectively use the vast amount
of data out there while enhancing relationships with

What tools your business needs to gain an advantage