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Ms. Bunn


There are 4 lobes of the brain

The frontal lobe

top front

The parietal lobe

middle section

The temporal lobe

below the parietal

The occipital lobe

back of the brain

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The brain

Frontal lobe

The frontal lobe is located in the front of
the brain

it controls reasoning, motor
skills, higher order thinking and
expressive language

Your frontal lobe will not be fully
developed until you are 24 years old

The frontal lobe receives messages
from other lobes and utilizes the
information to carry out body

Parietal lobe

The parietal lobe is located in the middle
of the brain

controls processing tactile
sensory information

such as pain,
pressure, and touch

The somatosensory cortex is located
here, which is essential for the body to
processes your senses


hear, taste, touch, smell

Temporal lobe

The temporal lobe is located at the
bottom of the brain

this is where you
will find the primary auditory cortex

which means that it is responsible for
interpreting sounds and language we
hear (the word auditory refers to sound)

The hippocampus is located here as

which is associated with memories

Occipital lobe

The occipital lobe is located in the back
of the brain and is associated with
interpreting visual stimuli (what we see)

The primary visual cortex is located
here, and this is where information is
received and interpreted from the retina
of the eye

Brain stem

The brain stem is divided into 2 parts

the hindbrain
and the midbrain

The hindbrain connects the spinal cord to the brain

The medulla is located directly above the spinal cord
and controls many vital autonomic functions such as
heart rate, breathing and blood pressure.


connects the medulla to the cerebellum
and helps coordinate movement on each side of the

Check out the photo on the next page

The reticular formation is a neural network located in
the medulla that helps control functions such as
sleep and attention.


Brain stem

The midbrain is the smallest region of the
brain that acts as a sort of relay station for
auditory and visual information.

The midbrain controls many important
functions such as the visual and auditory
systems as well as eye movement.
Portions of the midbrain called the

and the


involved in the control of body movement.



The cerebellum is also known as the “little
brain”, lies on top of the

behind the
brain stem.

The cerebellum is comprised of small lobes
and receives information from the balance
system of the inner ear, sensory nerves,
and the auditory and visual systems. It is
involved in the coordination of motor
movements as well as basic facets of
memory and learning.


Left brain

brain thinking

According to the theory of left
brain or
brain dominance, each side of the
brain controls different types of thinking.
Additionally, people are said to prefer
one type of thinking over the other. For
example, a person who is "left
is often said to be more logical,
analytical and objective, while a person
who is "right
brained" is said to be more
intuitive, thoughtful and subjective.

Which side of your brain is

Go to the following website and take the

bring your results to class with a
plan for how this information can help
your learning

Have fun

see you in class