What is AMS Field Force Automation?


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What is AMS Field Force Automation?

If you are looking to keep on top of your vehicle tracking and manage your fleet effectively then
chances are you will be looking to implement software and a system which allows you to do this
easily and that’s where AMS Field Force Automation can often be


More than just a traditional GPS, this system allows you to effectively pinpoint your fleet and
identify key criteria which can allow you to measure the efficiency of your operation and identify
areas where improvements can be made. As such, you
can look to cut costs for your business and
even increase your capacity by refining your fleet network and ensuring that it’s reaching maximum

How can this benefit my fleet vehicles?

AMS Field Force Automation can benefit your fleet vehicles by m
aking them increasingly efficient in
the way that they operate. By allowing you to pinpoint exactly where they are, calculate how long it
takes them to cover a distance, and even look at the fuel consumption you can effectively plan a day
to ensure that yo
ur vehicles are being used in their maximum capacity.

You may also find that
by equipping your fleet vehicles with a GPS you are able to deter would
thieves from potentially stealing your vehicles. The GPS technology allows you to instantly pinpoint

location of your vehicle, ensuring that you can alert authorities if anyone problems occur and
this can be a great deterrent
for would
be criminals.

What features does the system offer?

The AMS Field Force Automation system comes with a range of added fea
tures to deliver real
information to both you and your drivers.
Designed to be incredibly feature
rich, this system is up
date and provides you with some of the most relevant information that you might need

access to.
Some common examples of featur
es of this system include:

Access to relevant information including up
date time, speed, location and direction

Vehicle status information including ignition on/off, acceleration and whether or not the car
is moving

Ability to tailor the pr
ogram to meet your needs and this includes putting in additional extras
such as driver feedback, behaviour and IDs.