SHOE X Website - A Drupal Based E-Commerce Marketplace

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SHOE X Website - A Drupal Based E-Commerce Marketplace
1.0 Background P. 3
2.0 Project Overview P. 4
3.0 Goals & Requirements P. 8
4.0 Modules P. 10
SHOE X Website - A Drupal Based
E-Commerce Marketplace
1.0 Background
Section 1.1
SHOE X Project Background
SHOE X is a drupal
based e-commerce
website fostering a niche
culture of sneakerheads
whose vocabulary ranges from Air Max to Zigtech. SHOE X is a
dedicated marketplace for users to buy, or sell rare and exclusive
sneakers and other urban apparel.
SHOE X’s aim is to not only create a network of

and shoe enthusiasts, but to also help people find rare shoes,
and offer sellers an avenue to sell their prized possessions.
While Nike and other shoe brands are re-releasing classic and
innovative designs from the past, users can find rare originals
and custom shoes for sale on SHOE X. There are no listing fees,
as the site’s income stems from an 8% commission from all sales.
In the first month alone, SHOE X received nearly 600 orders.
SHOE X’s Home Page
2.0 Project Overview
Section 2.1
• Active Collab
• Discussions
• File Repository
• Jira for bug tracking
• GoogleDocs for collaborative document sharing
• Skype & Google Hangouts for real time video collaboration
Drupal 6, at the time, 7 still was not capable of this out of the
box functionality.
Acquia Cloud. Database: Mysql V5.5.24. Webserver: Apache. OS:
Ubuntu. PHP V5.3.2
Team & Structure
Section 2.2
SHOE X Popular Page
Why Drupal?
In the fall of 2012, the founders of SHOE X were looking for a
solid platform that would allow them to quickly implement a
lifestyle marketplace. The main goal was to develop a Drupal
based website fostering a marketplace for avid
They chose the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) as
they knew the technology would meet their business needs and
web requirements.
From a business perspective, the Drupal CMS offered a proven
and robust e-commerce platform on which SHOE X could ensure
a secure marketplace for buyers and sellers. Drupal guarantees
easy scalability as traffic and transactions increase. Additionally,
being an open sourced product meant it carried no licensing fees
which helped SHOE X keep its cost low in comparison with non-
open sourced products.
2.0 Project Overview
The creators of SHOE X were looking for a web development
partner with experience creating marketplaces using the
Drupal CMS platform. During their research, they found that
Appnovation had key examples of Drupal based e-commerce
sites in their portfolio. Appnovation comes highly recommended
as they are one of Acquia’s Enterprise Select Partners. Regarded
as one of the world’s top open source development shops and
having produced over 100 different Drupal sites, Appnovation
was natural fit for the SHOE X team.
Appnovation really enjoyed the challenge of working within the
enthusiastic and devoted world of
. This project
opened Appnovation’s eyes to a market that seems larger than
Section 2.2
Section 2.3
Why Appnovation?
2.0 Project Overview
Drupal provides the ability to perfectly blend e-commerce
functionalities with social community attributes into one
interactive marketplace. This makes it easy to accommodate the
needs of buyers, sellers and those just there to browse. Being
modular and flexible in development, Drupal is a very attractive
choice providing near limitless customizations. Finally, as one of
the premiere open source software platforms on the market,
Drupal is well known for both its tough security and strong
community support.
Section 2.3
2.0 Project Overview
Product for sale on
Section 3.1
3.0 Goals & Requirements
Site Functionalities & Business Goals
The stakeholders at SHOE X outlined very clear objectives. They
wanted a self-sustaining marketplace with a simple interface.
They realized some users were avid collectors with plenty of
shoes, some customized shoes as a service, and some whose aim
was to build their repertoire. No matter the user types, account
holders all had the ability to market their listings by designing
a storefront and sharing their products via social media. In all,
Appnovation needed to satisfy a few demands, ease of use
through user interface, different user types, and develop a self-
managing website.
Sample SHOE X
Section 3.1
3.0 Goals & Requirements
Users come in 3 forms: buyers, sellers, and admirers. Buyers
can search or browse through specific product categories
from Air Jordans to Nike Air Foamposits; sort through listings
based on criteria such as newest shoes, most popular, and
sale items; search for specific products or even browse by
brand. Buyers can contact sellers directly, favorite a store, add
products to their wishlist, and even report a listing in case of any
misconduct. Sellers have the ability to sell shoes individually or
create a store with multiple items and a storefront.
SHOE X offers two types of free accounts,
The Pro account allows users to create a store with multiple
items as well as a custom storefront. All stores are uniform in
design with the ability to upload your own storefront image.
With the Basic account, users receive all the same privileges
except the customizable storefront. Images and details such as
shipping, payment, product information, and refund policies are
determined by the vendor. Sellers can promote their products
with the site’s social integration, allowing products to be shared
easily on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest.
As mentioned earlier, the site’s income is derived from an 8%
commission from each sale. As transactions are completed,
SHOE X calculates the commission it will receive and bills sellers
on a monthly basis. However, vendors do not need to wait for
payment; once the payment method is approved, sellers will
receive payment almost instantaneously. Users can checkout
and purchase goods with Paypal, Visa and most other major
credit cards. Users must have an account with SHOE X in order
to make purchases. By modifying Paypal’s Adaptive Payments
module and the Ubercart suite, SHOE X is able to split payments
for up to 6 vendors. Typically Ubercart checkouts are limited to
one vendor.
SHOE X About Us page

– A module suite that allows a site to becomes a store.
Extended functionality to accommodate multiple sellers.

- Views were used throughout the site to show related
content. Default Views were set up to allow for various Views within
the Panels interface to fill out content on certain pages.

Apache Solr
- A third party system for their search functionality.
This provides for a site-wide search which can be customized to
exclude nodes, node types, and even configure bias settings.

– Allows the site to divide itself into sections/context. With
minimal code, blocks can dynamically be displayed on sections.

- Used to create a multitude of content types.

Facebook Social
– Allows users to sign in via Facebook.
Major Contributed Modules
Section 4.2
4.0 Modules
4.0 Modules
Custom Modules
Section 4.2
A custom module was implemented for each components of the
site. The out of the box functionality was not enough to fulfill
site requirements. The main modified module was “become a
seller / store” which extended the core Ubercart functionality
to a multi-seller capable platform mentioned earlier. Typically,
Ubercart only allowed for one seller, which often is the site itself.
Hosted on Acquia cloud. SHOE X has Solr built in, so there was
no need to set up server with instance of Solr.

Paypal Adaptive Payments
- Allows payments to be split between
sellers. Handles purchases from multiple sellers (up to 6) in one checkout.

Paypal Website Payment Standards
- Allows payments to be sent to
1 seller only. Comes out of the box with Ubercart but we customized
it so that the right seller will get the payment upon successful checkout.

- Allows SHOE X to collect commission on a monthly
basis. During the seller registration, a Beanstream profile ID will be
assigned to the seller which will be used by the system to bill the
seller monthly (only if the seller made a sale).

– Adds a ‘Bolt It’ button onto the page

SHOE X_apply
– Handles the seller application workflow

SHOE X_billing
– Handles seller account billing cycle

SHOE X_helper
– Deals with SHOE X’s administrative settings, tools
and reports.

SHOE X_navigation
– Handles category navigation

SHOE X_stats
– Outputs graphic statistics, graphs and charts

SHOE X_stock
– Improves Ubercart’s product stock and product
attribute handling

SHOE X_invoice
– Handles all aspects of SHOE X’s invoicing methods
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