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Drupal Theme Developer's Guide (Drupal 5 and before (Drupal 6 theming)
Drupal handbook pages that outline the basics of theming in Drupal. Overview plus step-by-step tutorial.
Drupal API Site (Drupal 5 themeable functions)
Developer's reference handbook that documents all of Drupal's internal API. Of particular interest to themers are the lists of themeable
functions. These can be utilized to override Drupal's default output by, in PHPTemplate themes, placing override statements in the
theme's template.php fi
le and corresponding code in the theme's tpl.php fi
Drupal Theme Garden
Switch a live website to use contributed Drupal themes. Allows you to test drive almost all Drupal themes on an existing site complete
with content.
OSWD (Open Source Web Designs)
Site containing full web designs, primarily HTML/CSS, that are free to download and use. Before downloading from the site, it's best to
have enough web design and Drupal understanding in order to evaluate the soundness of the designs as well as how easily the design
may be converted to Drupal.
Live webinars on a regular basis covering developer-level topics. Most sessions are available later as downloadable screencast movie

les (QT mostly). Some lessons include test fi
les, example websites and links. Quite a few lessons covering theming, including one by
the author of Pro Drupal Development book which uses a freely downloadable chapter from that book as a guide.
Pro Drupal Development (Apress books chapter 8
Great from-scratch-to-theme coder's view of theming in Drupal. Will give you a behind the scenes look at the bones of theming which can
be extremely helpful when trying to build a theme from scratch, dissect contributed themes for modifi
cation, or drupalize a non-drupal
straight HTML/CSS theme. Freely available as a sample download from
cial Drupal Website
Central repository for everything Drupal. Comprises all offi
cial downloads of Drupal (including themes and modules), documentation
(handbook pages), support forums, links to Drupal resources and a whole lot more. Great starting point for any Drupal-related inquiry.
Tip: inside of Google search bar, use Google's site-specifi
c search tool by syntax to limit your search to results on Drupal
Website for Lullabot, a Drupal development company. Site includes in-depth articles on helpful topics. Most helpful are their regular
audio podcasts and semi-regular video podcasts. You can download them from the site or subscribe to them via iTunes.
The Art Lab, Drupal School
A series of archived webcasts, some available for download, on various topics. As of last week they say that they will be producing more
starting with regular Tuesday podcasts. You can download on site or subscribe via iTunes. The site also has helpful non-Drupal
webcasts on topics related mostly to graphic design and video production software.
Low-cost CSS text editor with advanced coding and preview features. Indispensable if you spend many hours navigating, writing or fi
CSS code.
Web Developer (toolbar) extension (add-on) for Firefox browser
Adds various web developer tools in a toolbar for use on live web pages. Use to strip CSS, outline CSS objects, etc. etc.
Firebug extension (add-on) for Firefox browser
Grafts to your Firefox window and allows you to quickly identify and change CSS and web scripting elements with live preview.
Indispensable for fi
nding where an element is being styled and for previewing changes without having to affect your live site. Also helpful
in looking at others' code to determine how an effect is achieved.
Basic, free, text editing software that contextualizes various coding languages (PHP/CSS/HTML included) so that line numbers, different
colors and dropdowns for individual functions are available. Makes editing the template fi
les in Drupal a bit easier. It also has a
comparison tool which compares two documents and highlights the differences-- handy for comparing either a customized template to the
original or templates from two different themes to illuminate how they work differently. Software put out by the company that owns BBEdit.
Many OSX Drupalers swear by Textmate for text editing documents including coding languages. It is not free but is pretty affordable. I
have not used so cannot provide an evaluation but to state I've seen many many coders using this.