Arguments of Fact

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Arguments of Fact

The earth orbits the sun.

When facts become arguments

Endangered Species

does the Endangered Species Act save
wild animals?


Is it healthy to eat organic food? Fatty foods?

Energy Production

Is offshore drilling safe? Can we rely on wind and solar power to solve
our energy needs?

Factual arguments can challenge our
beliefs and lifestyles

Talking on a cell phone while driving is just like
listening to the car radio, right?

Richard III

benign or despotic?

Factual arguments counterbalance
narrow or mistaken reports

Arguments of Policy

Your goal might be:

To defend an existing policy

To modify an existing policy

To replace a policy

To create a policy where none exists

Arguments of values

Good or bad?

Desirable or undesirable?

The penny is a costly and irrelevant
form of currency that needs to be eliminated.

Selecting an issue

Choose a topic of interest to you but avoid
one that is common knowledge or has been
exhaustively discussed already (unless you
plan to add a new perspective).