Top 5 Benefits of Hiring an SEO Content Writer

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Top 5 Benefits

Hiring an SEO

First, what is SEO or
Search Engine Optimization
? It

of improving the
visibility of a
web page

in searching engines such as Google.

This is to make sure that a website appears on
top of the firs
t page of Google when someone searches a topic using a related keyword or

There are a lot of SEO strategies on how to do that, and hiring an SEO content writer is among
them. These writers are not the ones who write in magazines, newspapers, nov
els, and books. In
fact, SEO content writers do not need to finish a journalism degree or other related courses.

Writing for the web may look easy if the reader does not understand SEO. But this work is not
about creative writing that you learned from sch
ool. This is not just a hobby of writing, or is only
being done by native English speakers. Although of course, you should know how to write in

SEO article writers have extensive experience in writing online, and have clearly understood how
ork. It took years for them to have that kind of solid training. If you have a website or blog
and you need contents, below are the top five benefits if you hire an SEO content writer.

Writing SEO

Just like SEO copywriters

content writers know how to write
friendly article headlines
They have mastered the art of using the right article titles that are attractive to both humans and
search engines. After all, it is still real humans that read words, not robots. As we all

know, the title
captures the attention of readers. A poorly
written headline is like a dirty book cover that people
tend to ignore.

Applying k
eyword optimization

An SEO content writer understands the importance of keyword optimization, which means he
es not jut right words. He writes

words not only in the article title, but within the
content as well. He uses these keywords in the manner that search engines will easily find them,
but without sacrificing the quality of the content. He knows

how to use SEO keyword search tools,
and can optimize your chosen keywords.


web visitors

If a writer can write SEO articles, then your website can
attract targeted web
traffic or
. Note that there are some web visit
ors that are not that useful, especially if you are selling
something on your site. Although these visitors can somehow help you in search engine rankings
or attract other visitors, they are not really your target. Social visitors are also good, but search

engine traffic is the best.


If your writer understands SEO, then you can ask him or her on how your site can rank well in the
search engines. Instead of hiring a so
called SEO expert, you can ask for some useful SEO tips or

By doing this, you can be sure that he will support you all the way. If your site fails,
he may lose a customer. His extra service might not always be for free, though.

Make money faster

This is the best part because this is the main purpose of your w
ebsite, not unless your site is for
charity. If you have tons of targeted
traffic, then you can easily make more money. It can
even be faster than you can think. No doubt, social media is also good to promote products or
services. But social marketing
can be integrated with SEO and should not be considered as its