Step by Step Instructions:

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Step by Step Instructions:

Access your website control panel by adding /

to the end of your website url
Example: www.

Locate Settings under

and click on it:

Once in the Settings Section, you have accesses to several

boxes that will enhance your
Search Engine Optimization.

Agency Name

In the ‘Agency Name’ box you want to include the agency name you would like associated
with your website.

For example, your url might be, but your agency name is Tra
vel Experts.
You would want put the ‘Travel Experts’ in the Agency Name field.

When you click on the checkbox that says

“Include Agency Name in Page Titles”
you are
telling the sites that you want your agency name to show

in the title bar of

page throughout your site:

** Please note:

f you have already added Title Tags to each of your website pages, this
feature will

those title tags.

he title tags of your pages can often
help in increasing your raking with search engi
And because the words in the title tag are what appear in the clickable link on the sea
engine results page (SERP).

Logo Alt Text

‘Alt Text’ or ‘Alternative Text’ is what appears in the little yellow box when your mouse
hovers over an imag
e on a website

(Example 1)

(Example 1)

Alt text on an image can help web spiders ‘see’ what the image is since they are looking for
text instead of pictures. You can add Alt text to your Logo, so it will appear on your website,
one of two ways:


e in your agency name into the box that says “Image ALT Text”


lick the checkbox

that says ‘Use Agency Name for Alt Text’.

Meta Data and Keywords

The Description meta field is displayed in the Search Results page of some search engines
(Example 2)
. Therefore this field should accurately describe your site in a way that will
encourage people to click on the links in the Search Results.

(Example 2)

We have already built in ‘default’ meta data for you, but you can update it for your site in
the Se
ttings’ page:

The Keywords field is used for providing a list of keyword suggestions to search engines
with which they can rank your page.

can use the “Auto
generate keywords” option
which will automatically generate keywords from the most common
ly used words in the text
of the page.

From the Settings page, you can adjust the keywords for your entire site. We have included
‘default’ keywords for you:

You can also flush or auto
generate keywords for your entire site on this page:

Generated Keywords for all pages will

all auto
generated keywords for
your site.

Generate Keywords for all pages will

keywords for your site.

Keyword Suggestion Tools

There are a number of tools available online that can help yo
u find the best keywords to use
. Here are a
few of them


Google's Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool


Trellian Free Keyword Discovery



Nichebot Classic


Ontology Finder