Mobile is changing the world - challenges and opportunities are paralleled for the enterprises

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Mobile is changing the world

challenges and opportunities

are paralleled for the enterprises

The emerging of a series of new communications concepts and applications as the next generation
mobile communication technology, mobile Internet and mobile Int
ernet of things are profoundly
changing people's lives and the whole industry.

Mobile acquired rapid growth in developing country, especially in Africa countries, India, China
etc. Due to expensive to buy a PC or construct the infrastructure, the low cost

mobile application
became popular and sharply grow. Many African use mobile Internet to pay, farming or learning.
More opportunities and possibilities are created for the users and services providers. On the other
hand, Mobile brings a lot of potential ch
allenges to the enterprises, especially for the retailers who
want to retain customers, but competition is coming from new players who better understood
mobile devices, search engine optimization,

online marketing and the customer's desire to buy
from them at anytime and anywhere. In the past, the enterprises only need to satisfy the
experience of users based on PC. It is not enough for now, however, users' need based on

mobile devices should be addressed that the consumers request the same

service quality and stable
run as the PC. It will urge the enterprise to catch up with the trend of mobile to develop her
products and services.

The combination of mobile and Internet change the industry chain. A large number of tradition cell
phone man
ufacturers closed down, replaced by the Smartphone market such as iPhone and
android. Many traditional IT giants, like Microsoft and Nokia, are encountering the challenge of
Moreover, some Internet companies declared to produce Smartphone with main

or applications based on mobile,
as they foresee the future of mobile Internet
How to compete
with the emerging application and competitors, by generate new product or change the core
system? Challenges and opportunities are paralleled for the

How to avoid weaknesses and to strengthen technical application’s innovation and reform to find
the opportunities through challenges? What kinds of policies
mobile are needed to create the
opportunities and what points should be addressed?

What kinds of new opportunities or

model will be emerged?
Developing countries how to make use of mobile Internet to boost
economy or improve the

life? We hope that by organizing the Best Practice forum to invite
related businesses and industry

experts to share best practices, and discuss and explore how to
promote the sustainable development brought by mobile.