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Interactive Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

three percent of Internet users have used a search engine to answer a specific
question. Each month, millions of searches using the terms “job” or “career” are made on
the top search engines. Pa
performance listings guarantee that an ad will be seem,
but it is also important that a client’s site rank high in natural search listings. A Web site
must be optimized to achieve the highest possible ranking on a search engine. Although
no one can

guarantee specific rankings, we can make adjustments to improve a Web
sites ranking. Our SEO services include:

A report of the client’s pre
optimization ranking

Keyword research and selection

A report detailing a strategy for altering page titles, meta t
ags, descriptions and
page content to incorporate appropriate keywords

Submission of the Web site to main search engines

Monitoring of client’s search engine ranking


,000 initial fee ($1000 per quarter for continued monitoring). Adjustments to
he Web site based on the report will be estimated upon request.

Tips for selling SEO:

If possible, review the client’s Web statistics. This will give you a good idea of
how much traffic is generated from search engines and what keywords are being

se a couple of major search engines to perform some obvious keyword
searches. If your client’s competitors come up significantly higher in the search
or if your client’s site doesn’t appear within a few pages, this is probably a good

There are a

lot of SEO scams out there. Never guarantee a high ranking

natural search this is ultimately controlled by the search engine. SEO is not a
replacement for building a strong brand.

Clients without strong employer brands with benefit the most from S
EO, since job
seekers will not be looking specifically for them.