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Impact of Search on Going to College

Search is a trusted, valued and highly utilized resource among college
students. It enables them to find the products and information they
are looking for and
to discover new information they may not have
even known ab

Search Impacts College Decision

79% of students rely on keyword search for

Initial information (curriculum, degree programs,
admissions/application materials)

Financial aid, scholarships, student loans,

College life, campus info, etc.

Resources col
lege students preferred when researching college:

Keyword Search 82%

Friends/Family 71%

Books 48%


Yahoo! Search Marketing 2006

Search Engines are the #1 Way Users Find Web sites:

85% Search engine results

55% Link from another Web site

50% Email f
rom a friend or family member

46% Typed the Web address/URL

42% Word of mouth

34% Print advertisement


Forrester’s Research, Inc.


Google (AOL, Ask Jeeves, Lycos, Earthlink)

Yahoo (AltaVista,



Search Engine Optimization
e science and art of
optimizing the
chances th
at the site places well

a Web search.


Through the use of proven search marketing tactics, you can help
elevate your site’s presence in the search engines, increase volume of
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Search Advertising

Paid: Immediate and controlled results (day trading)

Google AD Words Paid Advertising (conference call today)

Find your Target Audience: Place the
Texas Tech

name in
front of student
s at the exact moment they are raising their
hand and searching for a specific program/degree you offer

Control Costs: Only pay if a potential student sees your ad,
clicks, and goes to your website.

via Daily Spending Limit.

Geographic Targeting: Desi
gn a campaign to only show your
ad to students in a specific area/areas

Demographic Targeting: Hand
select various websites to run
Texas Tech ads on in order to hit your target (diversified)
demographic (Site Targeting)

Budget: Universities that run with
Google Ad Words spend
anywhere from $300

$5,000 / day on Google.

Natural Search Engine Optimization

Free: Long term (retirement planning)

Site design

Writing for Web

Meta and other coding

earch engines love .edu’s! We


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: Lisa Low, Ryan Pharis