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Benefits of Social Bookmarking









The benefits of social bookma
rking as a
business tool

What are the benefits of social bookmarking
in relation to search engine rankings?

Are there benefits of social bookmarking as a
business strategy?


In today's business landscape just about any business
needs to have an
internet presence. Business owners
not only need to understand and be good at their own
profession but it is becoming a requirement to be be
familiar with concepts like; search engine
optimization, page rankings and the benefits of social

rch engines (a tool used to search for and index
information on the internet) make use of automated
programs usually called bots, from the word robot.

One of the ways a website will get a high score with
search engine bots is the amount of backlinks it h
as. A
backlink is basically a link from another website to
your own. Backlinks are also sometimes referred to as
incoming links or inbound links. Two other factors that
influence the ranking a search engine will give your
site are the the relevance of the
the backlinks and the
ratio between inbound (or backlinks) and outbound

By relevant links we mean links from sites that contain
similar content to the one being linked to. The more
common themes the search engine finds on both sites
the higher it
will rank the target site. Regarding the
ratio between inbound and outbound links; search
engine bots prefer sites with more links in to a site than
out from it as this shows that the site is providing
useful content, causing others to want to link to it.

A really good way to generate quality backlinks is to
make use of social bookmarking websites. These sites
contain lots of links to other websites that are arranged
by category. Many users visit these sites in order to
search for information and be direct
ed to relevant

So if you want to be really competitive in today's
technology world you need to familiarize yourself with
search engine practices, how to improve your sites
ranking and the benefits of social bookmarking

In the world of business
today almost all businesses
need to have a presence on the internet. Owners of
businesses need to not only be skilled in their own
field but also need to be good at and understand how
to optimize their sites for search engines, how to score
high in page ra
nkings and the benefits of social

Bots (from the word robot) are automated programs
that perform routine tasks that then don't have to be
done by humans. Search engines, the tool used to find
and categorize information on the internet, make
xtensive use of bots.

A good way to score high with search engine bots is to
have a lot of backlinks on your website. Essentially a
backlink, also known as an incoming or inbound link,
is a link to your site from another website. Other
factors influencing

the ranking your site will get from
the search engine bot are the relationship between
backlinks (inbound) and out bound links as well as the
relevance of the links.

Relevant links in a nutshell are links from sites with
content similar to that on your o
wn. If a search engine
finds a lot of similar subject matter on both sites it will
assign a higher rank to the site being linked to. The
relationship between in and outward bound sites is
important because search engine bots favor sites that
have more link
s coming in from than out to other
sites. This tells them that the site contains some useful
information that makes owners of other sites want to
make use of.

Social bookmarking websites are an excellent way to
create backlinks to your own site. They cate
large amounts of links and as a results are visited by a
lot of people looking for information on a particular

To truly compete in this new world of technology it
really helps if you are familiar with the way search
engines work, ways to i
mprove site ranking and the
benefits of social bookmarking.

Almost any business competing in today's environment
requires an internet presence. Anyone who runs a
business now need to not only understand their own
industry very well but also learn how to m
ake their
websites score high on search engine page rankings,
how the search engines work and any benefits of social

Search engines are tools that search the internet for
information and then categorize and rank it. They make
use of automate
d programs called bots to to this. A bot
is a program that performs routine jobs that would
otherwise have to be done by humans.

One good way to get a high score with a search engine
bot is to to have many backlinks to your website. A
backlink can also be

known as an incoming link or
inbound link. It is simply a link from someone elses
website to you own. Search engines also assign higher
scores to websites according to the relevance of the
links and the ratio of inbound to outbound links.

Relevant likes
are simply links between two websites
with similar content or subject matter. If search engines
discover information with similar themes on both sites
they will give a higher score to the site that is linked to.
The ratio between in and outward bound link
s is
important because this tells the bot how useful people
are finding the content on your site. One of the ways
they measure this is if there are more links coming into
your site than going out as this is a measure of people
finding your site useful.

n excellent way to get backlinks to your site is to
make use of social bookmarking sites. These sort huge
amounts of links and arrange them by subject. Because
of this many users visit them to look for information on
a particular subject,

It will really
help you to be competitive in this new
business age if you become familiar with how search
engines work, how to get better site rankings and the
benefits of social bookmarking.